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2<title>Command explanations</title>
[6f74ff1]4<para><command>-prefix /opt/qt-&qt-version;</command> : This command sets up
[f45b1953]5the install destination.</para>
[6f74ff1]7<para><command>-qt-gif</command> : This command adds support for gif
[f45b1953]8files to the libraries.</para>
[6f74ff1]10<para><command>-system-libpng -system-libmng -system-zlib
11-system-libjpeg</command> : This command forces the library to use the
[f45b1953]12shared libraries that are on your system instead of recreating its own
13set of support libraries for these functions.</para>
[6f74ff1]15<para><command>-no-g++-exceptions</command> : This command disables
[ab8a3cb]16the exceptions coding generated by the <application>C++</application> compiler.</para>
[6f74ff1]18<para><command>-thread</command> : This command compiles the library
[f45b1953]19to support multi-threading.</para>
[6f74ff1]21<para><command>ln -sfn /opt/qt-&qt-version; /opt/qt</command> : This command
[ab8a3cb]22standardizes the location of the <application>qt</application> libraries
23to the <filename></filename> entry
[f45b1953]24described below.</para>
[6f74ff1]26<para><command>ln -s /opt/qt/lib/
27/opt/qt/lib/</command> : This command allows configure scripts
[ab8a3cb]28to find a working <application>QT</application> installation.</para>
[6f74ff1]30<para><command>cp -r doc/man /opt/qt/doc</command> : This command
[2b36b6b]31installs the man directory which is missed by make install.</para>
[6f74ff1]33<para><command>cp -r examples /opt/qt/doc</command> : This command
[2b36b6b]34installs the examples directory which is missed by make install.</para>
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