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mutt-1.9.3, babl-0.1.42, gegl-0.3.28. Also mention perl module Tk as an optional runtime dependency for some texlive scripts.

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2<!DOCTYPE para PUBLIC "-//OASIS//DTD DocBook XML V4.5//EN"
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8<para role="recommended">
9 <xref role="runtime" linkend="python2"/> is used by many scripts.
10 <xref role="runtime" linkend="ruby"/> is used by some scripts, mostly within
11 mtx_context which is part of <application>conTeXt</application>, but also
12 for one or two others, such as match_parens, which are generally useful.
13 The perl module <ulink url="">Tk</ulink>, which
14 requires <xref role="runtime" linkend="tk"/>, is used by one of the scripts
15 for ptex (Japanese vertical writing), can be used by a conTeXt texfind script,
16 and is needed for texdoctk (a GUI interface for finding documentation files
17 and opening them with the appropriate viewer).
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