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2<title>Configuring <application>dillo</application></title>
4<sect3><title>Config files</title>
5<para>Site-wide configuration can be done using <filename>/etc/dillorc</filename>.
6This can be edited to define proxies and the default home page.</para>
9<sect3><title>Configuration Information</title>
10<para><application>Dillo</application> stores its configuration in per-user
11files in their <filename class="directory">~/.dillo</filename>
12directory. These files are created automatically when
13<command>dillo</command> is run.
14By default <application>dillo</application> has cookies turned off, to turn
15cookies on, edit the file <filename>~/.dillo/cookiesrc</filename>.
16The <filename>~/.dillo/bookmarks.html</filename> file is created
17and added to by <application>dillo</application>. It can also be edited
18with any html or text editor.</para>
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