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update to qt-3.0.6, openoffice inst correction, move prefix of mozilla to /usr

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2<title>Installation of mozilla</title>
4<para>Install mozilla by running the following commands (don't forget to
5bunzip2 the patch file first):</para>
7<para><screen><userinput>export MOZILLA_OFFICIAL="1" &amp;&amp;
8export BUILD_OFFICIAL="1" &amp;&amp;
9export MOZ_INTERNAL_LIBART_LGPL="1" &amp;&amp;
10cd extensions &amp;&amp;
11rm -rf spellcheck &amp;&amp;
12tar -xjf ../../mozilla-&mozilla-version;-spellchecker.tar.bz2 &amp;&amp;
13cd .. &amp;&amp;
14patch -Np1 -i ../mozilla-&mozilla-version;.patch &amp;&amp;
15./configure --prefix=&mozilla-prefix; \
16 --enable-default-mozilla-five-home \
17 --with-x --with-system-zlib \
18 --with-system-jpeg --with-system-png --with-system-mng \
19 --enable-xft --enable-crypto \
20 --enable-java-supplement \
21 --disable-jsd --disable-accessibility \
22 --disable-tests --disable-debug \
23 --enable-optimize=-O3 --disable-dtd-debug \
24 --disable-logging --enable-reorder \
25 --enable-strip --enable-elf-dynstr-gc \
26 --enable-cpp-rtti --enable-extensions=all,spellcheck \
27 --enable-svg
28make &amp;&amp;
29make install &amp;&amp;
30install -d &mozilla-prefix;/include/mozilla-&mozilla-version;/security &amp;&amp;
31cp -Lf dist/private/security/*.h dist/public/security/*.h \
32 &mozilla-prefix;/include/mozilla-&mozilla-version;/security &amp;&amp;
33install -d &mozilla-prefix;/lib/mozilla-&mozilla-version;/openoffice &amp;&amp;
34cp -f dist/lib/libembed_base_s.a dist/lib/liblber50.a \
35 dist/lib/libmozreg_s.a &mozilla-prefix;/lib/mozilla-&mozilla-version;/openoffice &amp;&amp;
36ln -nsf mozilla-&mozilla-version; &mozilla-prefix;/include/mozilla &amp;&amp;
37ln -nsf mozilla-&mozilla-version; &mozilla-prefix;/lib/mozilla &amp;&amp;
38ln -sf mozilla &mozilla-prefix;/bin/netscape &amp;&amp;
39cd &mozilla-prefix;/lib/mozilla-&mozilla-version; &amp;&amp;
40export LD_LIBRARY_PATH="&mozilla-prefix;/lib/mozilla-&mozilla-version;" &amp;&amp;
41export MOZILLA_FIVE_HOME="&mozilla-prefix;/lib/mozilla-&mozilla-version;" &amp;&amp;
42./regxpcom &amp;&amp;
43./regchrome &amp;&amp;
44touch `find &mozilla-prefix;/lib/mozilla-&mozilla-version; -name *.rdf`</userinput></screen></para>
49<title>Optional Extra Switches</title>
51<para>Each of these switches can be added to the configure line in order to
52have the described effect on the mozilla compile.</para>
54<para><userinput>--disable-mailnews</userinput>: Disable the mail and news
57<para><userinput>--disable-ldap</userinput>: Disable LDAP Support,
58recommended if mail is disabled.</para>
60<para><userinput>--enable-calendar</userinput>: Build the calendar client.
61You will need to download the calendar source via cvs since it is not included
62with the release source.
63(Warning, this option is not yet stable).</para>
65<para><userinput>--enable-xterm-updates</userinput>: This option is
66for enabling the xterm title with the current command when compiling.</para>
68<para><userinput>--enable-plaintext-editor-only</userinput>: Disable support
69for HTML editing.</para>
71<para><userinput>--enable-default-toolkit=gtk2</userinput>: In theory
72mozilla now supports both gtk 1.2 and gtk 2.0. To enable gtk2 support, use
73this option. People have however had problems getting a usable gtk2
74built even with this and patches. There is also support for other toolkits
75available but this support is known to be unstable. If you want to try one,
76we suggest doing a normal build first and then only trying the other
77toolkits when you know you can get a standard build to work.</para>
79<para>According to the financial institutions, the following hack makes your
80browser insecure. You have been warned. Many sites use an MS-IE specific tag
81(autocomplete=off) to prevent autocomplete from working in some forms. This
82tag is now supported in mozilla to appease the financial institutions. As per
83the requirements of the financial institutions, they will not even accept a
84solution where this a preference option. However our opinion is that it should
85be in the hands of the user. To enable autocomplete to bypass
86this restriction, we need to make a slight modification in the code.</para>
88<para>Open the file <filename>extensions/wallet/src/wallet.cpp</filename> in
89the mozilla source tree and search for the line:
90<screen>#define WALLET_DONT_CACHE_ALL_PASSWORDS</screen>
91Then delete or comment out the line. If anyone tells you MS-IE is user
92friendly, give them this example! Note that unlike the patch referred to in
93the hint, the patch on the BLFS website does not contain this hack so you
94will need to enable it manually if you want it use it or download it from the
95hint site.</para>
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