Introduction to mozilla Download location (HTTP): Download location (FTP): Version used: &mozilla-version; Package size: &mozilla-size; Estimated Disk space required: &mozilla-buildsize; Estimated Build time: &mozilla-buildtime; Estimated Install size: &mozilla-installsize; Mozilla is a browser suite, the opensource sibling of Netscape. It includes the browser, composer, mail client and an IRC client. A calendar component is also being built but it is not yet integrated into the stable mozilla releases. mozilla depends on: , , , , , , , , , . Download the patch for various minor fixes to the build. Download the spellchecker (a Mozdev project). The above patch also enables building of the spellcheker. If you have difficulties in building mozilla, check out the mozilla hint for detailed information at . Individual patches are also available at the same location. The instructions that follow install the entire suite. To select specific components, refer the hint.