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2<title>Introduction to mozilla</title>
4<screen>Download location (HTTP): <ulink url="&mozilla-download-http;"/>
5Download location (FTP): <ulink url="&mozilla-download-ftp;"/>
6Version used: &mozilla-version;
7Package size: &mozilla-size;
8Estimated Disk space required: &mozilla-buildsize;
9Estimated Build time: &mozilla-buildtime;
10Estimated Install size: &mozilla-installsize;</screen>
12<para>Mozilla is a browser suite, the opensource sibling of
13Netscape. It includes the browser, composer, mail client and an IRC client. A
14calendar component is also being built but it is not yet integrated into the
15stable mozilla releases.</para>
17<screen>mozilla depends on:
18<xref linkend="freetype2"/>, <xref linkend="xfree86"/>, <xref linkend="zip"/>,
19<xref linkend="expat"/>, <xref linkend="ATK"/>, <xref linkend="Pango"/>,
20<xref linkend="pkgconfig"/>, <!-- <xref linkend="fontconfig">, -->
21<xref linkend="GLib2"/>, <xref linkend="GTK2"/>, <xref linkend="libIDL"/>,
22<xref linkend="lcms"/>, <xref linkend="libjpeg"/>, <xref linkend="libmng"/>,
23<xref linkend="libpng"/> and <xref linkend="which"/></screen>
25<para>Download the patch for various fixes to the build from
26<userinput><ulink url="&hfile-root;"/></userinput>. The patches begin with
27<userinput>mozilla-&mozilla-version;</userinput>. Note that none of the
28patches are required, all are optional. Refer to the notes at the top
29of the patch file to figure out if you need the patch.</para>
31<para>Note that the mozdev spellchecker instructions have been removed since the API
32for spellchecker was changed and it is currently broken.</para>
34<para>Download the spellchecker (a Mozdev project).
35<screen><ulink url="&hfile-root;/mozilla-&mozilla-version;-spellchecker.tar.bz2"/></screen>
39<para>If you have difficulties in building mozilla, check out the mozilla
40hint for detailed information at <ulink url=""/>.
41The instructions
42that follow install the entire suite. To select specific components, refer
43to the hint.
45Also if you are looking to install some exotic extensions,
46check <ulink url=""/>
47if there are any instructions.
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