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2<title>Introduction to GnuCash</title>
4<screen>Download location (HTTP): <ulink url="&gnucash-download-http;"/>
5Download location (FTP): <ulink url="&gnucash-download-ftp;"/>
6Version used: &gnucash-version;
7Package size: &gnucash-size;
8Estimated Disk space required: &gnucash-buildsize;</screen>
10<para>GnuCash is a personal finance manager.</para>
12<screen>gnucash depends on:
13<xref linkend="gnome-print"></xref>
14<xref linkend="libglade14"></xref>
15<xref linkend="db-3.3.11"></xref>
16<xref linkend="gal"></xref>
17<xref linkend="libcapplet"></xref>
18<xref linkend="gtkhtml"></xref>
19<xref linkend="libghttp"></xref>
20<xref linkend="bonobo14"></xref>
21<xref linkend="guppi"></xref>
22<xref linkend="guile"></xref>
23<xref linkend="slib"></xref>
24<xref linkend="gwrap"></xref>
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