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removed redundant gnucash dependencies

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1<!ENTITY gnucash SYSTEM "../gnucash.xml">
2<!ENTITY gnucash-intro SYSTEM "gnucash-intro.xml">
3<!ENTITY gnucash-inst SYSTEM "gnucash-inst.xml">
4<!ENTITY gnucash-exp SYSTEM "gnucash-exp.xml">
5<!ENTITY gnucash-config SYSTEM "gnucash-config.xml">
6<!ENTITY gnucash-desc SYSTEM "gnucash-desc.xml">
7<!ENTITY gnucash-version "1.8.8">
8<!ENTITY gnucash-download-http ";.tar.gz">
9<!ENTITY gnucash-download-ftp ";.tar.gz">
10<!ENTITY gnucash-size "7.4 MB">
11<!ENTITY gnucash-buildsize "150 MB">
12<!ENTITY gnucash-time "3.18 SBU">
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