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Fix typos (patch from Guy Dalziel).

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  • basicnet/connect/connect.xml

    r305178d r104733c  
    2626  DHCP, you will need a DHCP client in order to connect to it.</para>
    28   <para>PPP stands for Potint-to-Point Protocol. It is data link protocol
     28  <para>PPP stands for Point-to-Point Protocol. It is data link protocol
    2929  commonly used for establishing an authenticated IP connections over
    3030  a phone line with a modem, or over radio waves with a cellular phone. There
  • basicnet/netprogs/cvs.xml

    r305178d r104733c  
    8181    <para><application>CVS</application> will invoke a default text editor to
    8282    create a commit message if the <parameter>-m "Commit message"</parameter>
    83     parameter was not used when changes are committed to a respository.
     83    parameter was not used when changes are committed to a repository.
    8484    <application>CVS</application> looks for the following text editors, in the
    8585    order shown below, during configuration to determine the default. This
  • basicnet/netprogs/subversion.xml

    r305178d r104733c  
    218218    <!-- <note>
    219219      <para>The <computeroutput>fs-base-test</computeroutput> is known to fail
    220       with issues surrounding the Berkely database installation. As mentioned
     220      with issues surrounding the Berkeley database installation. As mentioned
    221221      earlier, it is not yet fully understood why this test fails.</para>
    222222    </note> -->
  • general.ent

    r305178d r104733c  
    6 <!ENTITY day          "20">                   <!-- Always 2 digits -->
    7 <!ENTITY month        "05">                   <!-- Always 2 digits -->
     6<!ENTITY day          "27">                   <!-- Always 2 digits -->
     7<!ENTITY month        "06">                   <!-- Always 2 digits -->
    88<!ENTITY year         "2009">
    99<!ENTITY copyrightdate "2001-&year;">
    1010<!ENTITY copyholder   "The BLFS Development Team">
    1111<!ENTITY version      "svn-&year;&month;&day;">
    12 <!ENTITY releasedate  "May &day;th, &year;">
     12<!ENTITY releasedate  "June &day;th, &year;">
    1313<!ENTITY pubdate      "&year;-&month;-&day;"> <!-- metadata req. by TLDP -->
    1414<!ENTITY blfs-version "svn">                  <!-- svn|[release #] -->
  • general/genlib/libusb.xml

    r305178d r104733c  
    135135    <para>Fine-tuning of permissions is also possible by creating extra rules,
    136136    matching on something like this (on one line).  The vendor and product can
    137     be found by searchng the <filename
     137    be found by searching the <filename
    138138    class='directory'>/sys/devices</filename> directory entries or using
    139139    <command>udevinfo</command> after the device has been attached.  See the
  • general/genutils/gtk-doc.xml

    r305178d r104733c  
    3232    <para>The <application>GTK-Doc</application> package
    33     contains a code documentor. This is useful for extracting specially formatted
     33    contains a code documenter. This is useful for extracting specially formatted
    3434    comments from the code to create API documentation. This
    3535    package is <emphasis>optional</emphasis>; if it is not installed, packages will
  • general/prog/gcc.xml

    r305178d r104733c  
    250250    <para>The three <command>sed</command> commands are the same ones used
    251     during the build of LFS. A fourth one in LFS is ommitted intentionally,
     251    during the build of LFS. A fourth one in LFS is omitted intentionally,
    252252    due to the bootstrap build.</para>
  • general/prog/other-tools.xml

    r305178d r104733c  
    703703      and object levels, both for embedding C/C++ data types and functions into
    704704      <application>Felix</application>, and for embedding
    705       <application>Felix</application> into exitsing C++ architectures. The
     705      <application>Felix</application> into existing C++ architectures. The
    706706      <application>Felix</application> compiler is written in Objective Caml,
    707707      and generates ISO C++ which should compile on any platform.</para>
    17901790      <filename class='extension'>.class</filename> files.
    17911791      <application>BCEL</application> is already being used successfully in
    1792       several projects such as compilers, optimizers, obsfuscators, code
     1792      several projects such as compilers, optimizers, obfuscators, code
    17931793      generators and analysis tools.</para>
  • general/sysutils/hal.xml

    r305178d r104733c  
    375375      <!-- (for BLFS editors only: they mention policy-kit as a future
    376376           solution, but, from the description, policy-kit looks like
    377            an XML-ized sudo-like confguration parser, which has nothing
     377           an XML-ized sudo-like configuration parser, which has nothing
    378378           common with the "default mount options" problem. -->
    379379      In KDE and Xfce, if the built-in default mount options are not suitable,
  • general/sysutils/lzma-utils.xml

    r305178d r104733c  
    198198        <term><command>lzmainfo</command></term>
    199199        <listitem>
    200           <para>is used to show infomation stored in the LZMA compressed file
     200          <para>is used to show information stored in the LZMA compressed file
    201201          header.</para>
    202202          <indexterm zone="lzma-utils lzmainfo">
  • gnome/core/config.xml

    r305178d r104733c  
    3535  </note>
    37   <para>Ensure all libraries can be found by udating the linker's cache (as
     37  <para>Ensure all libraries can be found by updating the linker's cache (as
    3838  <systemitem class="username">root</systemitem>):</para>
  • kde/add/kdemultimedia.xml

    r305178d r104733c  
    8787    <itemizedlist spacing="compact">
    8888      <listitem>
    89         <para>Reqiured patch (for FFmpeg support): <ulink
     89        <para>Required patch (for FFmpeg support): <ulink
    9090        url="&patch-root;/akode-&akode-version;-FFmpeg_fixes-1.patch"/></para>
    9191      </listitem>
  • kde/add/kdepim.xml

    r305178d r104733c  
    3232    <application>KDE</application> programs for managing personal information.
    3333    Programs include a contact manager, calendar, mail utilities, newsreader,
    34     X.509 certificat manager, and sticky notes.</para>
     34    X.509 certificate manager, and sticky notes.</para>
    3636    <bridgehead renderas="sect3">Package Information</bridgehead>
    5959    <itemizedlist spacing="compact">
    6060      <listitem>
    61         <para>Reqiured patch: <ulink
     61        <para>Required patch: <ulink
    6262        url="&patch-root;/kdepim-&kde-version;-charset-1.patch"/></para>
    6363      </listitem>
  • kde/core/kdelibs.xml

    r305178d r104733c  
    6060    <itemizedlist spacing="compact">
    6161      <listitem>
    62         <para>Reqiured patch: <ulink
     62        <para>Required patch: <ulink
    6363        url="&patch-root;/kdelibs-&kde-version;-charset-1.patch"/></para>
    6464      </listitem>
  • kde/devel/kdebindings.xml

    r305178d r104733c  
    5959    <itemizedlist spacing="compact">
    6060      <listitem>
    61         <para>Reqiured patch: <ulink
     61        <para>Required patch: <ulink
    6262        url="&patch-root;/kdebindings-&kde-version;-python-1.patch"/></para>
    6363      </listitem>
    6464      <listitem>
    65         <para>Reqiured patch: <ulink
     65        <para>Required patch: <ulink
    6666        url="&patch-root;/kdebindings-&kde-version;-ruby-1.patch"/></para>
    6767      </listitem>
  • multimedia/libdriv/faac.xml

    r305178d r104733c  
    117117     option (look for "#if 0" near "case OBJTYPE_FLAG:", this is line
    118118     697 in frontend/main.c as of FAAC-1.26) or fixes the documentation
    119      so that it dosn't mention the disabled option. -->
     119     so that it doesn't mention the disabled option. -->
    121121    <para><command>sed -i ...</command>: This command removes documentation
  • multimedia/libdriv/libdvdcss.xml

    r305178d r104733c  
    7373      <para>In certain circumstances the 'inputenc' package in the
    7474      <application>LaTeX</application> installation may not work properly
    75       duing the build, causing it to hang up. If this happens, issue
     75      during the build, causing it to hang up. If this happens, issue
    7676      <userinput>quit</userinput> at the <application>LaTeX</application>
    7777      prompt and then issue the following command at the shell prompt:</para>
  • multimedia/libdriv/nas.xml

    r305178d r104733c  
    128128    <para><option>XPLIB=</option>: This option is necessary to prevent the
    129     build system fom trying to link to an unused and deprecated library.</para>
     129    build system from trying to link to an unused and deprecated library.</para>
    131131  </sect2>
  • multimedia/libdriv/xine-lib.xml

    r305178d r104733c  
    138138    <!-- switch no longer needed
    139139    <para><option>\-\-with-external-ffmpeg</option>: This switch enables use of
    140     an external <application>FFmpeg</application> library.  The internaly built
    141     library produces poor resuts with some video files.</para>-->
     140    an external <application>FFmpeg</application> library.  The internally built
     141    library produces poor results with some video files.</para>-->
    143143    <!-- See BLFS ticket 2476 for more info on the ffmpeg option.  -->
  • postlfs/config/profile.xml

    r305178d r104733c  
    216216      can uncomment the last section to put a dot at the end of your path. This will
    217217      allow executables in the current working directory to be executed without
    218       specifiying a ./, however you are warned that this is generally considered a
     218      specifying a ./, however you are warned that this is generally considered a
    219219      security hazard.</para>
  • server/mail/postfix.xml

    r305178d r104733c  
    133133      <sect4>
    134         <title>Berkely DB</title>
    136         <para>To use <application>Berkely DB</application> with
     134        <title>Berkeley DB</title>
     136        <para>To use <application>Berkeley DB</application> with
    137137        <application>Postfix</application>, use the following
    138138        arguments:</para>
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