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texlive: a few minor improvements before I start on the TL2015 changes

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  • introduction/welcome/changelog.xml

    r17474ba r1e7ef03  
    4848      <para>June 22th, 2015</para>
    4949      <itemizedlist>
     50        <listitem>
     51          <para>[ken] - Text cleanups in texlive (binary and source) before
     52          starting the 2015 changes, and correct the bogus shm/ directory when
     53          talking about how to install the non-wide ncurses (so, I guess nobody
     54          ever tried that).</para>
     55        </listitem>
    5056        <listitem>
    5157          <para>[ken] - Move asymptote to the typesetting chapter.</para>
  • pst/typesetting/texlive.xml

    r17474ba r1e7ef03  
    275275        <listitem>
    276276          <para>
    277             (kpathsearch) exists to look up a file in a list of directories.
     277            (kpathsearch) exists to look up a file in a list of directories
     278            and is used by <command>kpsewhich</command>.
    278279          </para>
    279280          <indexterm zone="texlive libkpathsea">
  • pst/typesetting/tl-installer.xml

    r17474ba r1e7ef03  
    7979    <para role="recommended">
    8080      <xref linkend="gs"/> is dynamically loaded by dvisvgm, which is used by
    81      <application>asy</application>.
     81     <application>asy</application>, and also by <application>asy</application>
     82     itself.
    8283    </para>
    8384    <para role="recommended">
    8485      <xref linkend="xorg7-lib"/> and
    8586      <xref linkend="libxcb"/> are needed for inimf, mf, pdfclose, pdfopen and
    86       xdvixaw. But if you are using asy, or using <application>TeX</application>
     87      xdvi-xaw. But if you are using asy, or using <application>TeX</application>
    8788      to create a PDF file, you will need an <xref linkend="x-window-system"/>
    8889      (for PDF files, this is to support a PDF viewer of your choice, for example
    9293      the optional non-wide-character ncurses library (for "some binary-only
    9394      application") from the bottom of the <application>Ncurses</application>
    94       page in LFS is needed for which is used by
    95       <application>xindy</application>
    96     </para>
    97     <para role="recommended">
    98       If you are building on 32-bit x86, the binary version of asy needs <ulink
     95      page in LFS is needed by <application>asy</application> (only for i386)
     96      and also for which is used by <application>xindy</application>
     97    </para>
     98    <para>
     99      The binary versions of <application>asy</application> need <xref
     100      linkend="glu"/> and <xref linkend="freeglut"/>.
     101    </para>
     102    <para role="recommended">
     103      If you are building for i386, the binary version of asy needs <ulink
    99104      url="">FFTW</ulink>, <xref linkend="glu"/> and <ulink
    100105      url="">libreadline-5.2</ulink>
    101106      : this only requires <filename></filename> which can be
    102       manually copied from the <filename class="directory">shm/</filename>
     107      manually copied from the <filename class="directory">lib/</filename>
    103108      directory after running <command>configure</command> and <command>make</command>
    104109      and then symlinked as <filename></filename>.
     110    </para>
     111    <para>
     112      As always with contributed binary software, it is possible that the required
     113      dependencies may change when the installer is updated.
    105114    </para>
    106115    <!-- text for runtime deps, shared with texlive and pass 1 -->
  • pst/typesetting/typesetting.xml

    r17474ba r1e7ef03  
    2525  source, or because they only want a part of the package, or perhaps because
    2626  they wish to get updates as soon as those are available (the source is only
    27   updated annually). These people should follow the <xref
     27  updated annually, but the binaries and associated TeX files are updated for
     28  approximately 10 months). These people should follow the <xref
    2829  linkend="tl-installer"/> instructions,. After installing, they can run
    2930  <command>tlmgr</command> to update their system.</para>
    3839  supporting files. This almost-complete install can then be used to build the
    3940  remaining parts of <application>texlive</application>, <xref
    40   linkend="asymptote"/>, <xref linkend="xindy"/> and <xref linkend="biber"/>.
     41  linkend="asymptote"/>, <xref linkend="biber"/> and <xref linkend="xindy"/>.
    4142  </para>
    5152  <filename class="directory">/usr/lib</filename> for convenience.</para>
     54  <para>Also, please note that texlive is released annually, and updating from the
     55  previous year to the current year is no longer supported. If for some reason
     56  you wish to keep versions for multiple years, for most things you can mount the
     57  old or new system at /opt/texlive and fix up your PATH as necessary. However
     58  doing that will not preserve any changes in <filename
     59  class="directory">texmf-local</filename> and if you build from source and try to
     60  run a newer version of <application>biber</application> with an older version of
     61  <application>biblatex</application> it is unlikely to work.</para>
    5363  <xi:include xmlns:xi="" href="tl-installer.xml"/>
    5464  <xi:include xmlns:xi="" href="texlive.xml"/>
  • xincludes/texprogs.xml

    r17474ba r1e7ef03  
    1717          or the various html, man, or pdf files within the subdirectories of
    1818          <filename class="directory">&texlive-year;/texmf-dist/</filename>.
     19          Using <command>texdoc pdflatex</command> ( replace
     20          <emphasis>pdflatex</emphasis> with the command name ) may also be
     21          useful.
    1922          </para>
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