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Created an SVN tag of the BLFS-6.3-rc1 release

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  • book/bookinfo.xml

    rf51265c3 r2970123  
    4343  <revhistory>
    4444    <revision>
    45       <revnumber>&version;</revnumber>
    46       <date>&pubdate;</date>
    47       <revremark>Development Release</revremark>
     45      <revnumber>6.3-rc1</revnumber>
     46      <date>2008-05-12</date>
     47      <revremark>Seventh release</revremark>
    4848    </revision>
  • book/foreword.xml

    rf51265c3 r2970123  
    1414  </sect1info>
    16   <title>Foreword to Version 6.2.0</title>
     16  <title>Foreword</title>
    1818  <!--
    7878  -->
    80   <para>Version 6.2.0 is the complement to the LFS 6.2 book. More time has
    81   elapsed between the release of the previous version (6.1) and this one than
    82   in any other release cycle. Much of this is due to the fact that LFS 6.2
    83   took much longer to be released than was originally anticipated. Many new
    84   packages have been introduced in the 6.2.0 version, as well as many
    85   updates, refinements and additions to the existing packages.</para>
     80  <para>BLFS version 6.3 is the complement to the LFS 6.3 book. It has been
     81  15 months since the last release of BLFS and almost nine months since LFS-6.3
     82  was released. Though we would like to release BLFS versions as quickly as
     83  possible after an LFS release, this version lagged a bit due to Editor
     84  inactivity. However, early on in 2008 several new Editors were brought on
     85  board which helped stimulate a flurry of activity.  Many new packages have
     86  been introduced in the 6.3 version, as well as many updates, refinements and
     87  additions to the existing packages.</para>
    8789  <para>The BLFS book now provides build and configuration instructions for
    88   almost 400 packages. Some of the new packages introduced in this version are:
    89   autotooled XOrg, HAL, D-BUS, GStreamer (now broken out into separate plugin
    90   packages), usbutils, libquicktime, GraphViz, K3b, dvd+rw-tools, NSS, Libidn,
    91   GAIM, Poppler, SeaMonkey, XChat, Audacious, cairo and unixODBC. Major updates
    92   include GNOME-2.14.3 (with several new GNOME packages such as Totem,
    93   gnome-mount and gnome-volume-manager), KDE-3.5.6, Firefox-1.5.x,
    94   Thunderbird-1.5.x, and most of the mainline server packages. As always, the
    95   list of packages that have been upgraded or added as well as configuration
    96   and build command changes are annotated in the
    97   <xref linkend="changelog"/>.</para>
    99   <para>Unfortunately, BLFS activity was semi-stagnant for several months
    100   after (and shortly before) the LFS 6.2 release. Therefore, many of the
    101   packages are somewhat dated (compared to previous BLFS versions). This
    102   brings us to why the versioning scheme has changed. This release is 6.2.0
    103   as we fully anticipate releasing another version (6.2.1) just as soon as
    104   possible. The 6.2.1 release will also be based on the LFS-6.2 book, but
    105   will include updated packages, and fixes for any errors which may be
    106   discovered in 6.2.0.</para>
     90  over 500 packages (many more than that if you want to count each individual
     91  package in the autotooled X Window instructions. Some of the new packages
     92  introduced in this version are:
     93  Dash, ksh, D-Bus bindings, Wireshark (formerly named Ethereal), rxvt-unicode,
     94  Gutenprint (formerly name Gimp-Print), Pidgin (formerly name Gaim), GnuTLS
     95  (and many of its dependencies), Qt version 4.x, GnuPG version 2.x, and
     96  Amarok. Major updates include GNOME-2.18.3 (with several new GNOME packages),
     97  KDE-3.5.9, Firefox-2.x, Thunderbird-2.x, and most (if not all) of the
     98  mainline server packages. As always, the list of packages that have been
     99  upgraded or added as well as configuration and build command changes are
     100  annotated in the <xref linkend="changelog"/>.</para>
    108102  <para>As always, the main thrust of BLFS development will be to support
    109   the changes in the current LFS development book, but any changes or
    110   updates to the BLFS development book (that are compatible with LFS 6.2)
    111   will also be merged into the BLFS 6.2 branch. This way, a 6.2.1 version
    112   of BLFS should be released fairly soon, and should provide a very current
    113   and stable Linux platform.</para>
     103  the changes in the current LFS development book, but we're releasing this
     104  version of BLFS so that builders of the stable LFS book can continue on
     105  into BLFS with known good instructions that should be 100% compatible to
     106  provide a semi current and very stable Linux platform.</para>
    115108  <para>Enjoy!</para>
    117110  <blockquote>
    118111<literallayout>Randy McMurchy
    119 January 31, 2007</literallayout>
     112May 11th, 2008</literallayout>
    120113  </blockquote>
  • general.ent

    rf51265c3 r2970123  
    77<!ENTITY month        "05">                   <!-- Always 2 digits -->
    88<!ENTITY year         "2008">
    9 <!ENTITY version      "svn-&year;&month;&day;">
     9<!ENTITY version      "6.3-rc1">
    1010<!ENTITY releasedate  "May &day;th, &year;">
    1111<!ENTITY pubdate      "&year;-&month;-&day;"> <!-- metadata req. by TLDP -->
    12 <!ENTITY blfs-version "svn">                  <!-- svn|[release #] -->
    13 <!ENTITY lfs-version  "development">          <!-- version|testing|unstable|development] -->
     12<!ENTITY blfs-version "6.3-rc1">                  <!-- svn|[release #] -->
     13<!ENTITY lfs-version  "6.3">          <!-- version|testing|unstable|development] -->
    1414<!ENTITY last-commit  "$Date$"> <!-- Automatic update -->
    2020<!ENTITY maintainer-address   "randy@&lfs-domainname;">
    22 <!ENTITY downloads-root       "">
     22<!ENTITY downloads-root       "">
    2323<!ENTITY downloads-project    "http://downloads.&lfs-domainname;">
    24 <!ENTITY sources-anduin-http  "http://anduin.&lfs-domainname;/sources/BLFS/svn">
    25 <!ENTITY sources-anduin-ftp   "ftp://anduin.&lfs-domainname;/BLFS/svn">
    26 <!ENTITY files-anduin         "http://anduin.&lfs-domainname;/files/BLFS/svn">
     24<!ENTITY sources-anduin-http  "http://anduin.&lfs-domainname;/sources/BLFS/6.3">
     25<!ENTITY sources-anduin-ftp   "ftp://anduin.&lfs-domainname;/BLFS/6.3">
     26<!ENTITY files-anduin         "http://anduin.&lfs-domainname;/files/BLFS/6.3">
    2727<!ENTITY hints-root           "http://www.&lfs-domainname;/hints">
    28 <!ENTITY patch-root           "http://www.&lfs-domainname;/patches/blfs/svn">
     28<!ENTITY patch-root           "http://www.&lfs-domainname;/patches/blfs/6.3">
    2929<!ENTITY errata               "http://www.&lfs-domainname;/blfs/errata/&blfs-version;/">
    3030<!-- <!ENTITY lfs-root             "http://www.&lfs-domainname;/lfs/view/&lfs-version;"> -->
  • introduction/welcome/changelog.xml

    rf51265c3 r2970123  
    4646      <itemizedlist>
    4747        <listitem>
     48          <para>[randy] - Released BLFS-6.3-rc1.</para>
     49        </listitem>
     50        <listitem>
    4851          <para>[dj] - Removed JDK source installation instructions
    4952          because of unavailable security patches.</para>
    16701673      <itemizedlist>
    16711674        <listitem>
    1672           <para>[ag] - Removed the script. Avoid to export
    1673           the PS1 variable, and modified it. Thanks to David Jensen for the
     1675          <para>[ag] - Removed the script and avoid exporting
     1676          the PS1 variable. Thanks to David Jensen for the
    16741677          suggestions and to Craig Jackson for the report.</para>
    16751678        </listitem>
    16761679        <listitem>
    1677           <para>[ag] - Added a warning in mutt instructions, about linking mutt
    1678           against GnuTLS.</para>
     1680          <para>[ag] - Added a warning in the mutt instructions about linking
     1681          mutt against GnuTLS.</para>
    16791682        </listitem>
    16801683        <listitem>
  • introduction/welcome/credits.xml

    rf51265c3 r2970123  
    176176      <listitem>
    177         <para>Fetchmail and WvDial:
     177        <para>Fetchmail:<!-- and WvDial: -->
    178178        <emphasis>Paul Campbell</emphasis></para>
    179179      </listitem>
    265265      <listitem>
    266266        <para>Archive::Zip, cracklib, JDK6, ksh, libdrm, libpcap, Mesa,
    267         <!-- ncpfs, -->
    268         netfs, OpenOffice-2, pppd (update), RP-PPPoE, Samba-3, Subversion,
     267        <!-- ncpfs, --> <!-- RP-PPPoE, -->
     268        netfs, OpenOffice-2, PPP (update), Samba-3, Subversion,
    269269        Xorg-7 and xterm:
    270270        <emphasis>DJ Lucas</emphasis></para>
    310310      <listitem>
    311         <para>Gutenprint (originally was Gimp-Print), libusb, FAAC, FAAD2
     311        <para>Gutenprint (originally named Gimp-Print), libusb, FAAC, FAAD2
    312312        and TIN:
    313313        <emphasis>Alexander E. Patrakov</emphasis></para>
    336336      <listitem>
    337337        <para>fontconfig, gcc, <!--jdk,--> seamonkey, nas, openoffice, ispell,
    338         mailx, ImageMagick, hd2u, tcl, tk and bind-utils:
     338        mailx (formerly named Nail), ImageMagick, hd2u, tcl, tk and bind-utils:
    339339        <emphasis>Tushar Teredesai</emphasis></para>
    340340      </listitem>
    376376      </listitem>
    378       <!-- <listitem>
     378      <listitem>
    379379        <para><emphasis>Archaic</emphasis>
    380380        for trouble shooting the mozilla section by performing multiple builds
    381381        and for providing a description of the various mozilla extensions.</para>
    382       </listitem> -->
     382      </listitem>
    384384      <listitem>
    485485      </listitem>
    487 <!--
    488487      <listitem>
    489488        <para><emphasis>Billy O'Connor</emphasis>
    491490        his comments on that section.</para>
    492491      </listitem>
    493 -->
    495493      <listitem>
  • introduction/welcome/version.xml

    rf51265c3 r2970123  
    1616  <title>Book Version</title>
    18   <para>This is BLFS-BOOK version &version; dated &releasedate;. This is the
    19   development branch of the BLFS book, currently targeting the LFS development
    20   book. If this version (&version;) is older than a month, it's likely that
    21   your mirror hasn't been synchronized recently and a newer version is probably
    22   available for download or viewing. Check one of the mirror sites at
    23   <ulink url="http://www.&lfs-domainname;/mirrors.html"/> for an updated
    24   version.</para>
     18  <para>This is BLFS-BOOK version &version; dated &releasedate;. This version
     19  is intended as the complement to the LFS-&lfs-version; book.</para>
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