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  • general/sysutils/fcron.xml

    r6397333 r4de7ca7  
    6666      A text editor
    6767        (default is <command>vi</command> from the vim package),
    68       <ulink url="&blfs-book;/postlfs/linux-pam.html">linux-pam</ulink>, and
    69       <ulink url="&blfs-book;/postlfs/pst/docbook-utils.html">docbook-utils</ulink>
     68      <ulink url="&blfs-book;postlfs/linux-pam.html">linux-pam</ulink>, and
     69      <ulink url="&blfs-book;postlfs/pst/docbook-utils.html">docbook-utils</ulink>
    7070    </para>
    170170      <option>--with-dsssl-dir=<replaceable>&lt;/path/to/dsssl-stylesheets&gt;</replaceable></option>:
    171171    May be used if you have
    172     <ulink url="&blfs-book;/postlfs/pst/docbook-utils.html">docbook-utils</ulink>
     172    <ulink url="&blfs-book;postlfs/pst/docbook-utils.html">docbook-utils</ulink>
    173173    installed.
    174174    Currently, the dsssl stylesheets are located at
  • introduction/important/building-notes.xml

    r6397333 r4de7ca7  
    162162    one of the dependent components is available will result in a failure.
    163163    This condition usually arises because the upstream developer has not
    164     properly designated all the prerequsites needed to accomplish a step in the
     164    properly designated all the prerequisites needed to accomplish a step in the
    165165    Makefile.</para>
    430430  </sect2>
    432432  <sect2 id="libtool">
    433433    <title>Libtool files</title>
    452452  </sect2>
  • introduction/important/starting.xml

    r6397333 r4de7ca7  
    3030     <para>
    31         A sever is the simplier category. Generally this consistes of a web
     31        A server is the simpler category. Generally this consists of a web
    3232        server such as the
    33         <ulink url="&blfs-book;/server/apache.html">Apache HTTP Server</ulink>
     33        <ulink url="&blfs-book;server/apache.html">Apache HTTP Server</ulink>
    3434        and a database server such as
    35         <ulink url="&blfs-book;/server/mariadb.html">MariaDB</ulink>.
     35        <ulink url="&blfs-book;server/mariadb.html">MariaDB</ulink>.
    3636        However other services are possible. The operating system
    3737        embedded in a single use device falls into this category.
    4141        On the other hand, a workstation is much more complex. It generally
    4242        requires a graphical user environment such as
    43         <ulink url="&blfs-book;/lxde/lxde.html">LXDE</ulink>,
    44         <ulink url="&blfs-book;/xfce/xfce.html">XFCE</ulink>,
    45         <ulink url="&blfs-book;/kde/kde.html">KDE</ulink>, or
    46         <ulink url="&blfs-book;/gnome/gnome.html">Gnome</ulink>
     43        <ulink url="&blfs-book;lxde/lxde.html">LXDE</ulink>,
     44        <ulink url="&blfs-book;xfce/xfce.html">XFCE</ulink>,
     45        <ulink url="&blfs-book;kde/kde.html">KDE</ulink>, or
     46        <ulink url="&blfs-book;gnome/gnome.html">Gnome</ulink>
    4747        (systemd versions of LFS only) based on the
    48         <ulink url="&blfs-book;/x/installing.html">X Window graphical environment</ulink>
     48        <ulink url="&blfs-book;x/installing.html">X Window graphical environment</ulink>
    4949        and several graphical based applications such as the
    50         <ulink url="&blfs-book;/xsoft/firefox.html">Firefox web browser</ulink>,
    51         <ulink url="&blfs-book;/xsoft/thunderbird.html">Thunderbird email client</ulink>,
     50        <ulink url="&blfs-book;xsoft/firefox.html">Firefox web browser</ulink>,
     51        <ulink url="&blfs-book;xsoft/thunderbird.html">Thunderbird email client</ulink>,
    5252        or
    53         <ulink url="&blfs-book;/xsoft/libreoffice.html">LibreOffice office suite</ulink>.
     53        <ulink url="&blfs-book;xsoft/libreoffice.html">LibreOffice office suite</ulink>.
    5454        These applications require many (several hundred depending on
    5555        desired capabilities) more packages of support applications and
    147147    <para>
    148        Note that the last three commands inthe script are commented out. These
    149        are useful if those directories are mounted as separate partitons on the
     148       Note that the last three commands in the script are commented out. These
     149       are useful if those directories are mounted as separate partitions on the
    150150       host system and will be mounted when booting the completed LFS/BLFS system.
    151151    </para>
    159159    <para>
    160         Another issue pointed out by the scriptis where to store downloaded
     160        Another issue pointed out by the script is where to store downloaded
    161161        package files. This location is arbitrary. It can be in a regular
    162162        user's home directory such as ~/sources or in a global location like
    168168    <para>
    169         A last convenince feature presented here is to streamline the process
     169        A last convenience feature presented here is to streamline the process
    170170        of entering the chroot environment. This can be done with an alias
    171171        placed in a user's ~/.bashrc file on the host system:
  • introduction/welcome/conventions.xml

    r6397333 r4de7ca7  
    9797    <para>When packages are created, the authors depend on prior work.  In
    9898    order to build a package in BLFS, these dependencies must be built prior to
    99     the desired package.  For each package, any prerequsite packages are listed
     99    the desired package.  For each package, any prerequisite packages are listed
    100100    in one or more separate sections:  Required, Recommended, and Optional.</para>
    102102    <bridgehead renderas="sect3">Required Dependencies</bridgehead>
    104     <para>These dependencies are the minimum prerequsite packages required to
     104    <para>These dependencies are the minimum prerequisite packages required to
    105105    build the package.  Omitted from the list are packages in LFS and required
    106106    dependencies of other required packages.</para>
  • postlfs/config/console-fonts.xml

    r6397333 r4de7ca7  
    157157    <para>
    158       When you find a font which to wish to use, as the
     158      When you find a font which you wish to use, as the
    159159      <systemitem class="username">root</systemitem> user) edit
    160160      the appropriate configururation file. 
    232232      By default <application>terminus-fonts</application> will try to create
    233233      several types of font, and it will fail if <command>bdftopcf</command>
    234       from <!--<xref linkend="xorg7-app"/>--> has not been installed. The configure
     234      from the 
     235      <ulink url="&blfs-book;x/x7app.html">Xorg Applications</ulink>,
     236      section of BLFS
     237      has not been installed. The configure
    235238      script is only really useful if you go on to install
    236239      <emphasis>all</emphasis> the fonts (console and X11 bitmap) to the
  • postlfs/config/devices.xml

    r6397333 r4de7ca7  
    127127    scanner <application>udev</application> rules are put into place when
    128128<!--    installing <xref linkend='sane'/>.</para></note>-->
    129     installing  <ulink url='&blfs-book;/pst/sane.html'>sane</ulink>.</para></note>
     129    installing  <ulink url='&blfs-book;pst/sane.html'>sane</ulink>.</para></note>
    131131  </sect2>
  • postlfs/config/firmware.xml

    r6397333 r4de7ca7  
    8383    <xref linkend="wget"/>, and
    8484  <!--  <xref linkend="git"/>, -->
    85     <ulink url="&blfs-book;/general/git.html">git</ulink>
     85    <ulink url="&blfs-book;general/git.html">git</ulink>
    8686    </para></note>
  • postlfs/security/openssh.xml

    r6397333 r4de7ca7  
    9090    <bridgehead renderas="sect4">Optional</bridgehead>
    9191    <para role="optional">
    92       <ulink url="&blfs-book;/postlfs/linux-pam.html">linux-pam</ulink>,
     92      <ulink url="&blfs-book;postlfs/linux-pam.html">linux-pam</ulink>,
    9393      <ulink url="&blfs-book;x/installing.html">x-window-system</ulink>,
    9494      <ulink url="&blfs-book;postlfs/mitkrb.html">MIT Kerberos</ulink>,
  • postlfs/security/sudo.xml

    r6397333 r4de7ca7  
    7878    <bridgehead renderas="sect4">Optional</bridgehead>
    7979    <para role="optional">
    80       <ulink url="&blfs-book;/postlfs/linux-pam.html">linux-pam</ulink>,
     80      <ulink url="&blfs-book;postlfs/linux-pam.html">linux-pam</ulink>,
    8181      <ulink url="&blfs-book;postlfs/mitkrb.html">MIT Kerberos</ulink>,
    8282      <ulink url="&blfs-book;postlfs/openldap.html">openldap</ulink>
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