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Firmware - add latest intel microcode, and note that AMD Fam17h is in a separate file (although most models are not updated).

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  • introduction/welcome/changelog.xml

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    4444    <listitem>
     45      <para>June 7th, 2018</para>
     46      <itemizedlist>
     47        <listitem>
     48          <para>[ken] - Update to (intel) microcode-20180425 (this only affects
     49          some Broadwell E machines (previous microcode withdrawn) and Gemini
     50          Lake Pentium/Celeron (new microcode).  Fixes
     51          <ulink url="&blfs-ticket-root;10844">#10844</ulink>.</para>
     52        </listitem>
     53      </itemizedlist>
     54    </listitem>
     56    <listitem>
    4557      <para>June 5th, 2018</para>
    4658      <itemizedlist>
  • postlfs/config/firmware.xml

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    100100    <para>Intel provide frequent updates of their microcode. It is not uncommon
    101101    to find a newer version of microcode for an Intel processor even two years
    102     after its release. New versions of AMD firmware are less common.</para>
     102    after its release. New versions of AMD firmware are rare and usually only
     103    apply to a few models, although motherboard manufacturers get extra updates
     104    which maybe update microcode along with the changes to support newer CPUs
     105    and faster memory.</para>
    104107    <para>There used to be two ways of loading the microcode, described as 'early'
    131134     <para>The first step is to get the most recent version of the Intel
    132135     microcode.  This must be done by navigating to
    133      <ulink url=''/>
     136     <ulink url=''/>
    134137     and following the instructions there.  As of this writing the most recent
    135138     version of the microcode is <filename>microcode-20180312.tgz</filename>.
    211214      url='&sources-anduin-http;/linux-firmware/amd-ucode/'/>.
    212215      The family is always specified in hex. Families 10h to 14h (16 to 20)
    213       are in microcode_amd.bin.  Families 15h and 16h have their own containers.
     216      are in microcode_amd.bin.  Families 15h, 16h and 17h have their own containers.
    214217      Create the required directory and put the firmware you downloaded into
    215218      it as the <systemitem class="username">root</systemitem> user:</para>
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