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Updated dependencies and locale-related instructions on the Links page.

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  • basicnet/textweb/links.xml

    rbae1665 r65b031d  
    6565    </itemizedlist>
    67     <bridgehead renderas="sect3">Do I Need the Patch and Do I Have to Enable
    68     Graphics Support?</bridgehead>
    70       <para>In text mode, <application>Links</application> cannot be
    71       configured to use UTF-8 encoding for the terminal input/output. This
    72       limitation renders <application>Links</application> useless as a
    73       text-based browser in UTF-8 locales. See general discussion of this
    74       type of issue in the <xref linkend="locale-not-valid-option"/> section
    75       on the <xref linkend="locale-issues"/> page. The patch fixes all these
    76       issues with an exception of Chinese locale, when there isn't an available
    77       character set.</para>
     67    <bridgehead renderas="sect3">Do I Need the Patch?</bridgehead>
     69      <para>In text mode, unpatched <application>Links</application> cannot be
     70      configured to use UTF-8 or other multibyte encodings for the terminal
     71      input/output. This limitation renders <application>Links</application>
     72      useless as a text-based browser in multibyte locales. See general
     73      discussion of this type of issue in the
     74      <xref linkend="locale-not-valid-option"/> section
     75      on the <xref linkend="locale-issues"/> page.</para>
     77      <para>The patch adds the <quote>UTF-8 I/O</quote> configuration option.
     78      With this option enabled, <application>Links</application> first renders
     79      the page using an 8-bit character set configured by the user, and then
     80      converts from this character set to UTF-8. The opposite conversion is
     81      applied to user input. This approach works if there is an 8-bit character
     82      set that contains all the characters that the user considers to be
     83      important. Such character set does not exist, e.g., for Chinese
     84      hieroglyphs, or when it is required to display both Cyrillic and Greek
     85      characters.</para>
     87    <bridgehead renderas="sect3">Do I Have to Enable Graphics Support?</bridgehead>
    7988      <para>In graphical mode, <application>Links</application> displays text
    8089      correctly even in UTF-8 locales, if all characters exist in the built-in
    81       font used by <application>Links</application>. Form submission in UTF-8
    82       locales is handled correctly when running in X11-based (but not
    83       framebuffer-based) graphical mode.</para>
     90      font used by <application>Links</application>. This font contains
     91      Basic Latin, Latin-1 Supplement (without superscripts and vulgar
     92      fractions), Latin Extended-A, Latin Extended-B (partially), Greek,
     93      Cyrillic and Hebrew characters. Form submission in non-ISO-8859-1
     94      locales is handled correctly when running in X11-based graphical mode.
     95      Input handlers for other graphics drivers (fb, directfb, svgalib) either
     96      misinterpret non-ASCII characters in the input, or don't allow them
     97      at all.</para>
     99      <para>The patch has no effect on <application>Links</application>
     100      behavior in graphical mode.</para>
    85102    <bridgehead renderas="sect3">Links Dependencies</bridgehead>
    87     <bridgehead renderas="sect4">Optional</bridgehead>
    88     <para role="optional"><xref linkend="gpm"/>,
    89     <xref linkend="openssl"/>,
    90     <xref linkend="libpng"/>,
    91     <xref linkend="libjpeg"/>,
    92     <xref linkend="libtiff"/>,
    93     <xref linkend="pcre"/>,
     104    <bridgehead renderas="sect4">Recommended</bridgehead>
     105    <para role="recommended"><xref linkend="gpm"/>, and
     106    <xref linkend="openssl"/>.</para>
     107    <!-- pcre was used in previous versions only, for javascript
     108    <xref linkend="pcre"/>
     109    -->
     110   <bridgehead renderas="sect4">Optional</bridgehead>
     111    <para role="optional">Support of graphical mode requires at least one of
     112    <xref linkend="gpm"/> (to be used with a framebuffer-based console),
     113    <ulink url="">SVGAlib</ulink>,
    94114    <!-- SDL support is removed upstream until someone fixes it
    95115    <xref linkend="sdl"/>,
    96116    -->
    97     <ulink url="">SVGAlib</ulink>,
    98117    <ulink url="">DirectFB</ulink>, and
    99     <xref linkend="x-window-system"/></para>
     118    <xref linkend="x-window-system"/>. For decoding various image formats,
     119    <application>Links</application> can utilize
     120    <xref linkend="libpng"/>,
     121    <xref linkend="libjpeg"/>, and
     122    <xref linkend="libtiff"/>.</para>
    101124    <para condition="html" role="usernotes">User Notes:
    140163    <para><option>--enable-graphics</option>: This switch enables support
    141     for graphics mode. You will either need to install the
    142     <application>X</application> Window System or enable frame buffer support in
    143     your kernel and install <xref linkend="gpm"/>.</para>
     164    for graphics mode.</para>
    145166  </sect2>
  • introduction/welcome/changelog.xml

    rbae1665 r65b031d  
    4545      <para>March 11th, 2008</para>
    4646      <itemizedlist>
     47        <listitem>
     48          <para>[alexander] - Reworded explanations and verified
     49          dependencies on the Links page.</para>
     50        </listitem>
    4751        <listitem>
    4852          <para>[randy] - Updated to paps-0.6.8.</para>
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