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11/04/2018 11:51:19 PM (5 years ago)
Ken Moffat <ken@…>

perl modules branch: Specify that the dependencies should be built in alphabetical order (dependencies of an earlier dependency of a package are not listed for the package), and if testing all tests for a module and its dependencies should be run (i.e. deps such as Test::Fatal are not listed for a module if already listed for one of its dependencies). Clean up dependencies in the DateTime area to match this pattern.

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  • general/prog/new-perl-modules.xml

    r7188483c r65fb5c2  
    6767    <para>
     68      Where an alphabetically-earlier dependency of the same module pulls in a
     69      dependency, it is not mentioned for the later dependencies of the same
     70      module. You should build the listed dependencies in order.
     71    </para>
     73    <para>
    6874      It is generally worth running the tests for perl modules, they often
    6975      can show problems such as missing dependencies which are required to
    70       use the module.  In some cases, such dependencies are marked as
    71       '(for the testsuite)'.
    72     </para>
    74     <para>
    75       It is possible to automatically install the current versions of a module and
    76       all missing or too-old dependencies using CPAN. See the end of this page for
    77       details.
     76      use the module.  Here, the editors have attempted to separate those
     77      dependencies which are only required for running testsuites, but they
     78      will not be mentioned for a module where one of its dependencies uses
     79      that module for its own testsuite.  That is to say, if you intend to
     80      run the testsuites, please run them for each dependency of the module.
     81    </para>
     83    <para>
     84      It is possible to automatically install the current versions of a module
     85      and <emphasis>all</emphasis> missing or too-old dependencies
     86      <emphasis>recommended by upstream</emphasis> using CPAN. See the end of
     87      this page for details.
    7888    </para>
  • general/prog/perl-deps/perl-datetime-format-strptime.xml

    r7188483c r65fb5c2  
    5050        <!-- This pulls in perl-datetime-locale, perl-datetime-timezone,
    5151             perl-params-validationcompiler, perl-specio and perl-try-tiny -->
    52         <xref linkend="new-perl-package-deprecationmanager"/>, also
    53         <xref linkend="new-perl-test-fatal"/>,
    54         <xref linkend="new-perl-test-warnings"/> (both for the testsuite)
     52        <xref linkend="new-perl-package-deprecationmanager"/>
     53        <!-- if running testsuites, perl-package-deprecationmanager  pulls
     54             in perl-test-fatal and perl-test-warnings which this one needs
     55             for its testsuite -->
    5556      </para>
  • general/prog/perl-deps/perl-datetime.xml

    r7188483c r65fb5c2  
    4747      <para role="required">
    4848        <xref linkend="new-perl-datetime-locale"/>,
    49         <xref linkend="new-perl-datetime-timezone"/>,
    50         <xref linkend="new-perl-namespace-autoclean"/> and
    51         <xref linkend="new-perl-params-validationcompiler"/>, also
     49        <!-- perl-datetime-locale pulls in perl-namespace-autoclean -->
     50        <xref linkend="new-perl-datetime-timezone"/>, also
     51        <!-- perl-params-validation-compiler is pulled in by both
     52             perl-datetime-locale and perl-datetime-timezone -->
    5253        <!-- perl-params-validationcompiler pulls in perl-specio -->
    5354        <xref linkend="new-perl-cpan-meta-check"/>,
  • general/prog/perl-deps/perl-namespace-autoclean.xml

    r7188483c r65fb5c2  
    5151        <xref linkend="new-perl-namespace-clean"/>,
    5252        <!-- namespace-clean pulls in b-hooks-endofscope which this requires -->
    53         <xref linkend="new-perl-sub-identify"/>, also
    54         <xref linkend="new-perl-test-requires"/> (for the testsuite)
     53        <xref linkend="new-perl-sub-identify"/>
     54        <!-- for the testsuite, test-requires is pulled in via b-hooks-endofscope
     55          which pulls in module-implementation -->
    5556      </para>
  • general/prog/perl-deps/perl-params-validationcompiler.xml

    r7188483c r65fb5c2  
    5151        <xref linkend="new-perl-specio"/>; also
    5252        <xref linkend="new-perl-test-without-module"/>,
    53         <xref linkend="new-perl-test2-plugin-nowarnings"/>, and
    54         <!-- test2-suite provides Test2::Vo -->
    55         <xref linkend="new-perl-test2-suite"/> (all three for the testsuite)
     53        <xref linkend="new-perl-test2-plugin-nowarnings"/> (both for the testsuite)
     54        <!-- test2-suite provides Test2::Vo and is pulled in by test2-plugin-nowarnings -->
    5655      </para>
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