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05/06/2021 08:15:00 PM (3 years ago)
Ken Moffat <ken@…>
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Update qtwebengine to 2021-05-03.

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  • introduction/welcome/changelog.xml

    r70896c42 r685b8672  
    4444     <para>May 6th, 2021</para>
    4545     <itemizedlist>
     46       <listitem>
     47         <para>[ken] - Patch qtwebengine-20210401 for latest fixes. Fixes
     48         <ulink url="&blfs-ticket-root;14999">#14999</ulink>.</para>
     49       </listitem>
    4650       <listitem>
    4751         <para>[renodr] - Update to ICU-69.1. Fixes
  • x/lib/qtwebengine.xml

    r70896c42 r685b8672  
    1414  <!ENTITY qtwebengine-size          "306 MB">
    1515  <!ENTITY qtwebengine-buildsize     "5.1 GB (154 MB installed)">
    16   <!ENTITY qtwebengine-time          "101 SBU (Using parallelism=4)">
     16  <!ENTITY qtwebengine-time          "100 SBU (Using parallelism=4)">
    8080        The tarball linked to below was created from the 5.15 git branch
    8181        and the 87-branch of the chromium submodule (which is forked from
    82         chromium). See the GIT-VERSIONS file in the tarball for details of
    83         the latest commits.
     82        chromium). See the GIT-VERSIONS file in the tarball (after applying
     83        any patches) for details of the latest commits.
    8484      </para>
    8585    </warning>
    120120      is private to Qt until they choose to release it.
     122      NOTE: the 3rdparty/chromium tree may contain more patches than have been
     123      merged into the current 5.15.x branch. Any patches after what was in the
     124      last 'update chromium' merge in qtwebengine may break the build.  When Qt
     125      is close to releasing a paid-for 5.15 version, items from 5.15.x get merged
     126      into 5.15.
    122128      After merging the contents of the qtwebengine and src/3rdparty git extracts,
    123129      in the top level please create a GIT-VERSIONS file summarising the HEAD
    130136      tarball, go down to src/3rdparty and untar the submodule tarball.
    131137      Decide on what to call the result and create a full xz tarball using tar -cJf.
     139      UPDATE: Since we have to host the tarball, and it is over 300MB, it makes
     140      sense to create a patch for subsequent fixes (for the first version, 314KB
     141      including the updates to the GIT-VERSIONS file).  For future updates, view
     142      the current updates patch to see the previous commits. When the new commits
     143      have been applied, rename the updated version to 'b', but untar the
     144      unpatched tarball as 'a' and then diff a to b in the usual manner to get
     145      all updates since the tarball was created.
     147      For our own releases, probably best to create a fresh tarball.
    132149         end of note for editors -->
    196213               that the tarball names names differ
    197214          <ulink url="&patch-root;/qtwebengine-everywhere-src-&qtwebengine-version;-ICU68-2.patch"/> -->
    198           <ulink url="&patch-root;/qtwebengine-&qtwebengine-version;-build_fixes-1.patch"/>
     215          <ulink url="&patch-root;/qtwebengine-&qtwebengine-version;-build_fixes-2.patch"/>
     216        </para>
     217      </listitem>
     218      <listitem>
     219        <para>
     220          Required patch:
     221          <ulink url="&patch-root;/qtwebengine-&qtwebengine-version;-upstream_fixes-1.patch"/>
    199222        </para>
    200223      </listitem>
    272295    </para>
    274 <screen><userinput remap="pre">patch -Np1 -i ../qtwebengine-&qtwebengine-version;-build_fixes-1.patch</userinput></screen>
     297<screen><userinput remap="pre">patch -Np1 -i ../qtwebengine-&qtwebengine-version;-build_fixes-2.patch</userinput></screen>
     299    <para>
     300      Next apply a patch for security and other fixes:
     301    </para>
     303<screen><userinput remap="pre">patch -Np1 -i ../qtwebengine-&qtwebengine-version;-upstream_fixes-1.patch</userinput></screen>
    276305<!-- start of commands for git versions only -->
    277306    <para>
    278       Although the patch has ensured that git is not invoked during the build,
     307      Although the first patch has ensured that git is not invoked during the build,
    279308      the build system has labyrinthine rules of byzantine complexity, and in
    280309      particular trying to build without two <filename>.git</filename> directories
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