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10/08/2003 05:34:17 AM (21 years ago)
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missing links - chapter 23

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  • introduction/welcome/changelog.xml

    r4e2fb270 r71c83f3  
     14<listitem><para>October 7th, 2003 [igor]: Added missing http/ftp
     15links (part VI).</para></listitem>
    1417<listitem><para>October 7th, 2003 [tushar]: Add patch and modify tripwire
    1518instructions for gcc3 compilation.</para></listitem>
  • server/other/bind/bind.ent

    r4e2fb270 r71c83f3  
    44<!ENTITY bind-config SYSTEM "bind-config.xml">
    55<!ENTITY bind-desc SYSTEM "bind-desc.xml">
    6 <!ENTITY bind-buildsize "90 MB">
    76<!ENTITY bind-version "9.2.2">
    8 <!ENTITY bind-download-http "">
     7<!ENTITY bind-download-http ";/bind-&bind-version;.tar.gz">
    98<!ENTITY bind-download-ftp ";/bind-&bind-version;.tar.gz">
    109<!ENTITY bind-size "4.8 MB">
     10<!ENTITY bind-buildsize "90 MB">
    1111<!ENTITY bind-time "0.89 SBU">
  • server/other/dhcp/dhcp.ent

    r4e2fb270 r71c83f3  
    11<!ENTITY dhcp SYSTEM "../dhcp.xml">
    2 <!ENTITY dhcp-intro SYSTEM "dhcp-intro.xml">
    3 <!ENTITY dhcp SYSTEM "dhcp.xml">
    42<!ENTITY dhcp-intro SYSTEM "dhcp-intro.xml">
    53<!ENTITY dhcp-inst SYSTEM "dhcp-inst.xml">
    64<!ENTITY dhcp-exp SYSTEM "dhcp-exp.xml">
     5<!ENTITY dhcp-config SYSTEM "dhcp-config.xml">
    76<!ENTITY dhcp-desc SYSTEM "dhcp-desc.xml">
    8 <!ENTITY dhcp-config SYSTEM "dhcp-config.xml">
     7<!ENTITY dhcp-version "3.0pl2">
     8<!ENTITY dhcp-download-http ";.tar.gz">
     9<!ENTITY dhcp-download-ftp ";.tar.gz">
     10<!ENTITY dhcp-size "852 KB">
    911<!ENTITY dhcp-buildsize "29.6 MB">
    10 <!ENTITY dhcp-version "3.0pl2">
    11 <!ENTITY dhcp-download-http "">
    12 <!ENTITY dhcp-download-ftp "">
    13 <!ENTITY dhcp-size "852 KB">
    1412<!ENTITY dhcp-time "1.98 SBU">
  • server/other/leafnode/leafnode.ent

    r4e2fb270 r71c83f3  
    33<!ENTITY leafnode-inst SYSTEM "leafnode-inst.xml">
    44<!ENTITY leafnode-exp SYSTEM "leafnode-exp.xml">
     5<!ENTITY leafnode-config SYSTEM "leafnode-config.xml">
    56<!ENTITY leafnode-desc SYSTEM "leafnode-desc.xml">
    6 <!ENTITY leafnode-config SYSTEM "leafnode-config.xml">
    7 <!ENTITY leafnode-buildsize "14 MB">
    87<!ENTITY leafnode-version "1.9.43">
    98<!ENTITY leafnode-download-http ";.rel.tar.bz2">
    109<!ENTITY leafnode-download-ftp ";.rel.tar.bz2">
    1110<!ENTITY leafnode-size "614 KB">
     11<!ENTITY leafnode-buildsize "14 MB">
    1212<!ENTITY leafnode-time "0.11 SBU">
  • server/other/openldap/openldap.ent

    r4e2fb270 r71c83f3  
    33<!ENTITY openldap-inst SYSTEM "openldap-inst.xml">
    44<!ENTITY openldap-exp SYSTEM "openldap-exp.xml">
     5<!ENTITY openldap-config SYSTEM "openldap-config.xml">
    56<!ENTITY openldap-desc SYSTEM "openldap-desc.xml">
    6 <!ENTITY openldap-config SYSTEM "openldap-config.xml">
    7 <!ENTITY openldap-buildsize "126 MB">
    87<!ENTITY openldap-version "2.1.22">
    9 <!ENTITY openldap-download-http "">
     8<!ENTITY openldap-download-http ";.tgz">
    109<!ENTITY openldap-download-ftp ";.tgz">
    1110<!ENTITY openldap-size "2.0 MB">
     11<!ENTITY openldap-buildsize "126 MB">
    1212<!ENTITY openldap-time "3.90 SBU">
  • server/other/openssh/openssh.ent

    r4e2fb270 r71c83f3  
    33<!ENTITY openssh-inst SYSTEM "openssh-inst.xml">
    44<!ENTITY openssh-exp SYSTEM "openssh-exp.xml">
     5<!ENTITY openssh-config SYSTEM "openssh-config.xml">
    56<!ENTITY openssh-desc SYSTEM "openssh-desc.xml">
    6 <!ENTITY openssh-config SYSTEM "openssh-config.xml">
    7 <!ENTITY openssh-buildsize "28.6 MB">
    87<!ENTITY openssh-version "3.7.1p2">
    98<!ENTITY openssh-download-http ";.tar.gz">
    109<!ENTITY openssh-download-ftp ";.tar.gz">
    1110<!ENTITY openssh-size "780 KB">
     11<!ENTITY openssh-buildsize "28.6 MB">
    1212<!ENTITY openssh-time "0.32 SBU">
  • server/other/rsync/rsync.ent

    r4e2fb270 r71c83f3  
    33<!ENTITY rsync-inst SYSTEM "rsync-inst.xml">
    44<!ENTITY rsync-exp SYSTEM "rsync-exp.xml">
     5<!ENTITY rsync-config SYSTEM "rsync-config.xml">
    56<!ENTITY rsync-desc SYSTEM "rsync-desc.xml">
    6 <!ENTITY rsync-config SYSTEM "rsync-config.xml">
    7 <!ENTITY rsync-buildsize "6.4 MB">
    87<!ENTITY rsync-version "2.5.6">
    98<!ENTITY rsync-download-http ";.tar.gz">
    109<!ENTITY rsync-download-ftp ";.tar.gz">
    1110<!ENTITY rsyncd-size "571 KB">
     11<!ENTITY rsync-buildsize "6.4 MB">
    1212<!ENTITY rsyncd-time "0.65 SBU">
  • server/other/samba/samba.ent

    r4e2fb270 r71c83f3  
    33<!ENTITY samba-inst SYSTEM "samba-inst.xml">
    44<!ENTITY samba-exp SYSTEM "samba-exp.xml">
     5<!ENTITY samba-config SYSTEM "samba-config.xml">
    56<!ENTITY samba-config-exp SYSTEM "samba-config-exp.xml">
    67<!ENTITY samba-desc SYSTEM "samba-desc.xml">
    7 <!ENTITY samba-config SYSTEM "samba-config.xml">
    8 <!ENTITY samba-buildsize "43 MB">
    98<!ENTITY samba-version "2.2.8a">
    109<!ENTITY samba-download-http ";.tar.bz2">
    1110<!ENTITY samba-download-ftp "">
    1211<!ENTITY samba-size "4.4 MB">
     12<!ENTITY samba-buildsize "43 MB">
    1313<!ENTITY samba-time "5.40 SBU">
  • server/other/xinetd/xinetd.ent

    r4e2fb270 r71c83f3  
    33<!ENTITY xinetd-inst SYSTEM "xinetd-inst.xml">
    44<!ENTITY xinetd-exp SYSTEM "xinetd-exp.xml">
    5 <!ENTITY xinetd-config-exp SYSTEM "xinetd-config-exp.xml">
     5<!ENTITY xinetd-config SYSTEM "xinetd-config.xml">
    66<!ENTITY xinetd-desc SYSTEM "xinetd-desc.xml">
    7 <!ENTITY xinetd-config SYSTEM "xinetd-config.xml">
    8 <!ENTITY xinetd-buildsize "6.5 MB">
    97<!ENTITY xinetd-version "2.3.12">
    108<!ENTITY xinetd-download-http ";.tar.gz">
    119<!ENTITY xinetd-download-ftp "">
    1210<!ENTITY xinetd-size "285 KB">
     11<!ENTITY xinetd-buildsize "6.5 MB">
    1312<!ENTITY xinetd-time "0.14 SBU">
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