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Noto-fonts: fix up the instructions for people who use the tarball.

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  • kde/kf5/noto-fonts.xml

    r89e01c0 r775039f  
    3333    <para>
    34       The <application>noto-fonts</application> package is a set of fonts
    35       used by KF5.
     34      The <application>noto-fonts</application> package ('No Tofu' i.e. avoiding
     35      boxes with dots [ hex digits ] when a glyph cannot be found) is a set of
     36      fonts which aim to cover <emphasis>every glyph in unicode, no matter how
     37      obscure</emphasis>. These fonts, or at least the Sans Serif fonts, are
     38      used by KF5 (initially only for gtk applications).
    3639    </para>
     41    <para>
     42      Some of these fonts began life as the libre Source Sans Pro fonts from
     43      adobe.
     44    </para>
     46    <note><para>As well as the full set, there is a slightly smaller and
     47    older set of fonts, with some extra fonts, at
     48    <ulink url="&noto-alternate;">&noto-alternate;</ulink> (19 MB). The
     49    installation procedures for those are listed separately. Unfortunately,
     50    the tarball does not provide the CJK fonts.</para></note>
    3852    &lfs79_checked;
    7286    </itemizedlist>
    74     <note><para>There is a smaller file that contains some of the most common
    75     Noto fonts at <ulink url="&noto-alternate;">&noto-alternate;</ulink>
    76     (19 MB).  The installation procedures are similar to the instructions
    77     below.  Just copy the .ttf files in the tarball to a directory
    78     in the /usr/share/fonts/ hierarchy.</para></note>
     88    <note><para>Almost nobody will ever encounter text for which some of these
     89    fonts can be used. Consult the wiki to see which fonts you might wish to
     90    delete.</para></note>
    8192    <bridgehead renderas="sect3">Noto Fonts Dependencies</bridgehead>
    8394    <bridgehead renderas="sect4">Required</bridgehead>
    8495    <para role="required">
    85       <xref linkend="unzip"/>
     96      <xref linkend="unzip"/> (for Noto-hinted.zip)
    8697    </para>
    96107    <note><para>Unlike most other packages there is no need to unpack the compressed
    97     noto package before installation.</para></note>
     108    Noto-hinted.zip package before installation.</para></note>
    100110    <para>
    101       Install the <application>Noto Fonts</application> by running the following
    102       commands as the <systemitem class="username">root</systemitem> user:
     111      To install <application>Noto Fonts</application> from the full Noto-hinted
     112      zip file, run the following commands as the
     113       <systemitem class="username">root</systemitem> user:
    103114    </para>
    105 <screen><userinput>install -d -m755         /usr/share/fonts/truetype/noto &amp;&amp;
    106 unzip Noto-hinted.zip -d /usr/share/fonts/truetype/noto &amp;&amp;
    107 chmod 0644               /usr/share/fonts/truetype/noto/*</userinput></screen>
     116<screen><userinput>install -d -m755         /usr/share/fonts/noto   &amp;&amp;
     117unzip Noto-hinted.zip -d /usr/share/fonts/noto   &amp;&amp;
     118chmod 0644               /usr/share/fonts/noto/* &amp;&amp;
     121    <para>
     122      Alternatively, to install a smaller set from the tarball, untar it
     123      as normal.  You will note that there are both
     124      <filename class="directory">hinted/</filename> and
     125      <filename class="directory">unhinted/</filename> directories, and
     126      the documentation suggests that linux users should install the
     127      hinted files.
     128    </para>
     130    <para>
     131      In fact, there are many other fonts in the <filename
     132      class="directory">unhinted</filename> directory, but all except one are
     133      historic. The exception is the Noto Sans Symbols font - if Noto Sans is
     134      your main font, you will probably want this because of the currency
     135      symbols it provides.
     136    </para>
     138    <para>
     139      In the <filename class="directory">hinted/</filename> directory there are
     140      also some duplicate TTC (TrueType Collection) files for NotoSans which do
     141      not provide anything useful and similarly some UI variants which were
     142      again a dead end.
     143    </para>
     145    <para>
     146      To install from the tarball, run the following commands as the
     147       <systemitem class="username">root</systemitem> user:
     148    </para>
     150<screen><userinput>install -d -m755         /usr/share/fonts/noto                                 &amp;&amp;
     151cp -v LICENSE hinted/*.ttf unhinted/NotoSansSymbols*.ttf /usr/share/fonts/noto &amp;&amp;
     152rm -v /usr/share/fonts/noto/Noto*UI*                                           &amp;&amp;
     153chmod 0644               /usr/share/fonts/noto/*                               &amp;&amp;
     156    <para>
     157      If you remove any of the fonts, remember to run 'fc-cache' (as root) to
     158      update fontconfig.
     159    </para>
    109161    <para>
    129181        </seg>
    130182        <seg>
    131           /usr/share/fonts/truetype/noto
     183          /usr/share/fonts/noto
    132184        </seg>
    133185      </seglistitem>
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