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qt 3.3.2+restructuring+added alternative build method; broke out window manager intro to separate section

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    1212SRCDIR = $(PWD)
    14 all: blfs-old
     14all: blfs
    1616blfs-old: index.xml
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    33                        "/usr/share/docbook/docbookx.dtd" [
    5 <!ENTITY version "CVS-20040506">
    6 <!ENTITY releasedate "May 6th, 2004">
    7 <!ENTITY pubdate "2004-05-06">
     5<!ENTITY version "CVS-20040507">
     6<!ENTITY releasedate "May 7th, 2004">
     7<!ENTITY pubdate "2004-05-07">
    88<!ENTITY blfs-version "cvs">
  • introduction/welcome/changelog.xml

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     14<listitem><para>May 7th, 2004 [bdubbs]: updated to qt-3.3.2. 
     15Change to the xml structure.  Added md5sum.  Explained alternative
     16build procedures.</para></listitem>
     18<listitem><para>May 7th, 2004 [bdubbs]: separated the introduction to
     19window managers to a separate section.</para></listitem>
    1421<listitem><para>May 6th, 2004 [larry]: updated udftools fro 2.4.26
  • x/lib/qt.xml

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    5 &qt-intro;
    6 &qt-inst;
    7 &qt-exp;
    8 &qt-config;
    9 &qt-desc;
     6<title>Introduction to <application>Qt</application></title>
     8<para>The <application>Qt</application> package contains a
     9<application>C++</application> <acronym>GUI</acronym> library. This is useful
     10for creating graphical applications or executing graphical applications that
     11are dynamically linked to the <application>Qt</application> library. One of the
     12major users of <application>Qt</application> is <application>KDE</application>.</para>
     14<sect3><title>Package information</title>
     15<itemizedlist spacing='compact'>
     16<listitem><para>Download (HTTP): <ulink url="&qt-download-http;"/></para></listitem>
     17<listitem><para>Download (FTP): <ulink url="&qt-download-ftp;"/></para></listitem>
     18<listitem><para>MD5 Sum: &qt-md5sum;</para></listitem>
     19<listitem><para>Download size: &qt-size;</para></listitem>
     20<listitem><para>Estimated Disk space required: &qt-buildsize;</para></listitem>
     21<listitem><para>Estimated build time: &qt-time;</para></listitem></itemizedlist>
     24<sect3><title><application>Qt</application> dependencies</title>
     26<para><xref linkend="x-installing"/></para>
     29<para><xref linkend="libjpeg"/> and <xref linkend="libmng"/>.</para>
     33<para><xref linkend="nas"/>, <xref linkend="cups"/>, <xref linkend="mysql"/>,
     34<xref linkend="postgresql"/>, <ulink url="">Firebird</ulink>,
     35and <ulink url="">unixODBC</ulink>.</para>
     41<title>Installation of <application>Qt</application></title>
     43<para>There are several ways to install a complicated package such as <application>Qt</application>.
     44The files are not completely position independent.  Installation procedures execute the
     45program <filename>pkg-config</filename> to determine the location of package executables, libraries,
     46headers, and other files.  For <application>Qt</application>, <filename>pkg-config</filename> will
     47look for the file <filename>lib/pkgconfig/qt-mt.pc</filename> which must be modified if relocating the
     48package.  This file is set up correctly by the build process.</para>
     50<para>The default installation places the files in <filename class='directory'>/usr/local/qt/</filename>.
     51Many commercial distributions place the files in the system's
     52<filename class='directory'>/usr</filename> hierarchy.  The package can also be installed
     53in an arbitrary directory.</para>
     55<para>This section will demonstrate two different methods.</para>
     58<note><para>The build time for <application>Qt</application> is quite long.  If you want to
     59save some time and don't want the tutorials and examples, change the first make line to:</para>
     61<para><userinput><command>make sub-tools</command></userinput></para>
     65<title>Method 1 - Installing in the <filename class='directory'>/usr</filename> hierarchy</title>
     67<para>The advantage of this method is that no updates to the <filename>/etc/</filename>
     68or <filename>/etc/man.conf</filename> files are required. The package files
     69are distributed within several subdirectories of the <filename class='directory'>/usr</filename>
     70hierarchy.  This is the method that most commercial distributions use.</para>
     73<screen><userinput><command>sed -i "s:cp -f:install:" mkspecs/linux-g++/qmake.conf &amp;&amp;
     75export PATH=$PWD/bin:$PATH &amp;&amp;
     76export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$PWD/lib &amp;&amp;
     77./configure -prefix /usr -docdir /usr/share/doc/qt \
     78    -headerdir /usr/include/qt -plugindir /usr/lib/qt/plugins \
     79    -datadir /usr/share/qt -translationdir /usr/share/qt/translations \
     80    -sysconfdir /etc/qt -qt-gif -system-zlib \
     81    -no-exceptions -thread -plugin-imgfmt-png -system-libpng &amp;&amp;
     82make &amp;&amp;
     83find -type f -name Makefile | xargs sed -i "s@-Wl,-rpath,/usr/lib@@g" &amp;&amp;
     84make install &amp;&amp;
     85ln -sf /usr/lib/ &amp;&amp;
     86cp -r doc/man /usr/share &amp;&amp;
     87cp -r examples /usr/share/doc/qt &amp;&amp;
     93<title>Method 2 - Installing in  <filename class='directory'>/opt</filename></title>
     95<para>This is the method recommended by the <application>Qt</application> developers.  It
     96has the advantage of keeping all the package files consolidated in a dedicated directory
     97hierarchy.  By using this method, an update can be made without overwriting a previous
     98installation and users can easily back up to a previous version by changing one symbolic
     101<para>The <application>Qt</application> developers use a default location of
     102<filename class='directory'>/usr/local/qt/</filename>, however this procedure puts the files
     103in <filename class='directory'>/opt/qt-&qt-version;/</filename> and then creates a
     104symbolic link to <filename>/opt/qt/</filename>.</para>
     108export QTDIR=$PWD &amp;&amp;
     109export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$PWD/lib &amp;&amp;
     110export PATH=$PWD/bin:$PATH &amp;&amp;
     111./configure -prefix /opt/qt-&qt-version; -qt-gif -system-libpng \
     112&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;-system-libmng -system-zlib -system-libjpeg -no-exceptions \
     113&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;-thread -plugin-imgfmt-png &amp;&amp;
     114make &amp;&amp;
     115make install &amp;&amp;
     116ln -sfn qt-&qt-version; /opt/qt &amp;&amp;
     117ln -s /opt/qt/lib/ &amp;&amp;
     118cp -r doc/man /opt/qt/doc &amp;&amp;
     119cp -r examples /opt/qt/doc
     125<para>For Method 2 only, update the <filename>/etc/</filename> and 
     126<filename>/etc/man.conf</filename> files.</para>
     129<screen><userinput><command>cat &gt;&gt; /etc/ &lt;&lt; "EOF"
     130# Begin qt addition to /etc/
     134# End qt addition
     138cat &gt;&gt; /etc/man.conf &lt;&lt; "EOF"
     139# Begin qt addition to man.conf
     141MANPATH /opt/qt/doc/man
     143# End qt addition to man.conf
     150<title>Command explanations</title>
     152<para><command>sed -i "s:cp -f:install:" mkspecs/linux-g++/qmake.conf</command>:
     153<command>install</command> is safer than <command>cp</command> when
     154libraries are in use.</para>
     156<para><command>bash</command>: This command enters a sub-shell to isolate
     157environment changes.</para>
     159<para><command>export QTDIR=$PWD</command>: This command
     160defines where the root of the Qt directory is located.</para>
     162<para><command>export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$PWD/lib</command>: This command
     163sets up the location of libraries for the build process.</para>
     165<para><command>export PATH=$PWD/bin:$PATH</command>: This command
     166allows the build process to find supporting executables.</para>
     168<para><parameter>-qt-gif</parameter>: This switch adds support for gif
     169files to the libraries.</para>
     171<para><parameter>-system-zlib -system-libpng</parameter>: This switch
     172forces the library to use the shared libraries that are on your system
     173instead of recreating its own set of support libraries for these
     176<para><parameter>-no-exceptions</parameter>: This switch disables
     177the exceptions coding generated by the <application>C++</application> compiler.</para>
     179<para><parameter>-thread</parameter>: This switch adds
     180support for multi-threading.</para>
     182<para><command>find -type f -name Makefile | xargs sed -i "s@-Wl,-rpath,/usr/lib@@g"</command>:
     183This command removes hardcoded run-time path, else
     184<command>uic</command> tries to run with system installed Qt
     187<para><command>ln -s /usr/lib/</command>: This
     188command allows configure scripts
     189to find a working <application>Qt</application> installation.</para>
     191<para><command>cp -r doc/man /usr/share (or /opt/qt/doc)</command>: This command
     192installs the man pages which are missed by <command>make install</command>.</para>
     194<para><command>cp -r examples /usr/share/doc/qt (or /opt/qt/doc)</command>: This command
     195installs the examples which are missed by <command>make install</command>.</para>
     197<para><command>exit</command>: This command returns to the parent shell
     198and eliminates environment variables set earlier.</para>
     202<title>Configuring <application>Qt</application></title>
     204<sect3><title>Configuration Information</title>
     214<para>The <application>Qt</application>/<application>X11</application>
     215library contains <acronym>API</acronym>'s necessary to use
     216programs based on Qt <acronym>GUI</acronym> toolkit.</para>
     218<para>The <application>Qt</application> package contains
     228<command>uic</command>, and the
     229<filename class="libraryfile">libqt-mt</filename> and
     230<filename class="libraryfile">libqui</filename> libraries.</para>
  • x/wm/wm.xml

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    22<?dbhtml filename="wm.html" ?>
    33<title>Window Managers</title>
     5<sect1 id="Introduction"> 
    58<para>Window Mangers and Desktop Environments are the primary user
    3235presented.  Later in the book, both <application><acronym>KDE</acronym></application> and
    3336<application><acronym>GNOME</acronym></application> have their own Parts.</para>
  • x/x.ent

    r5778f24 r972150e7  
    1414<!ENTITY x-lib SYSTEM "lib/lib.xml">
    1515<!ENTITY % lesstif SYSTEM "lib/lesstif/lesstif.ent">
    16 <!ENTITY % qt SYSTEM "lib/qt/qt.ent">
     16<!ENTITY % qt SYSTEM "lib/qt.ent">
    1717<!ENTITY % gtk SYSTEM "lib/gtk/gtk.ent">
    1818<!ENTITY % atk SYSTEM "lib/atk/atk.ent">
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