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New gimp-help snapshot, but note that building it lost links to some images between BLFS-8.1 and BLFS-8.2, so prefer the online help.

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  • general/prog/perl-modules.xml

    r3ffdac24 r9c105eb  
    158158 Also, for external modules where we link to CPAN without a current version,
    159  prefer to use if that works, rather
    160  than pointing to a maintainers home directory : the maintainer for a package
    161  sometimes changes.  Also,  use '-' rather than '::'  because '-' will go
    162  directly to the page instead of providing a list of possible matches.
     159 prefer to go to, find the module and link to it.
    164161 Where a dependency is used by multiple other modules on this page, but not by
    215212      using the CPAN automated install you should check when the current version
    216213      was released. If it is recent you should review its 'Changes' and
    217       'Dependencies' links at in case the dependencies
    218       have altered.</para>
     214      'Dependencies' links at in case the dependencies
     215      have altered. The BLFS editors cannot keep the details of these 'external'
     216      modules up to date, some change frequently. But the links below go to
     217      specific versions which are known to build with BLFS-8.3</para>
    219218    </note>
    245244MD5 sum: &Archive-Zip-md5sum;</literallayout>
    246245        <itemizedlist>
    247           <listitem><literallayout><ulink url="">Test::MockModule</ulink> - This uses the <xref linkend="perl-build-install"/>
    248 (</literallayout>
     246          <listitem><literallayout><ulink url="">Test::MockModule</ulink> - This uses the <xref linkend="perl-build-install"/>
    249248            <itemizedlist>
    250249              <listitem> <literallayout><ulink url="">SUPER</ulink>
  • introduction/welcome/changelog.xml

    r3ffdac24 r9c105eb  
    4545      <para>August 22nd, 2018</para>
    4646      <itemizedlist>
     47        <listitem>
     48          <para>[ken] - gimp-help: recommend gvfs to access online help,
     49          use new snapshot for local help but explain the issues. Addresses
     50          <ulink url="&blfs-ticket-root;11007">#11007</ulink>.</para>
     51        </listitem>
    4752        <listitem>
    4853          <para>[bdubbs] - Update to plasma-5.13.4. Fixes
  • xsoft/other/gimp.xml

    r3ffdac24 r9c105eb  
    1414  <!-- pro-tem, a pull of gimp-help,
    1515  git archive \-\-format=tar \-\-prefix=${DIRNAME}/ HEAD | xz >../${DIRNAME}.tar.xz -->
    16   <!ENTITY gimp-help-version    "2018-05-19-f8fb93ed2">
    17   <!ENTITY gimp-help-download   ";.tar.xz">
    18   <!ENTITY gimp-help-md5sum     "f420eccb087d797936738b62e066e0a6">
    19   <!ENTITY gimp-help-size       "159 MB">
    20   <!ENTITY gimp-help-buildsize  "From 350 MB (en only) to 1429 MB (all 18
    21                                  languages), average of 52 MB per translation">
    22   <!ENTITY gimp-help-time       "1.9 SBU (en only), average of 2.4 SBU per
    23                                  translation (measured with 5 languages), 14
    24                                  SBU, with parallelism=4, for all languages">
     16  <!ENTITY gimp-help-version    "2018-08-21">
     17  <!ENTITY gimp-help-download   "&sources-anduin-http;/gimp-help-&gimp-help-version;.tar.xz">
     18  <!ENTITY gimp-help-md5sum     "4557d7450f0867b4a55190e6525065dc">
     19  <!ENTITY gimp-help-size       "172 MB">
     20  <!ENTITY gimp-help-buildsize  "From 352 MB (en only) to 1.6 GB (all 18
     21                                 languages)">
     22  <!ENTITY gimp-help-time       "1.9 SBU (en only), 13 SBU, with parallelism=4,
     23                                 for all languages">
    9897    <itemizedlist spacing="compact">
    9998      <listitem>
    100         <para>
    101           The optional help files for 2.10 are still being updated. In the
    102           meantime, here is a git pull:
     99        <note>
     100          <para>
     101           The creation of local html files with recent versions of the necessary
     102           packages is somewhat broken (some png images are not sourced by the
     103           generated HTML, only their captions are visible).
     104          </para>
     105        </note>
     106        <para>
     107          The updating of the help files is still WIP, with large parts of the
     108          text for many languages not yet translated. Here is a git pull:
    103109          <ulink url="&gimp-help-download;"/>
    104110        </para>
    106112      <listitem>
    107113        <para>
    108           The downloads may have been updated since this version of the
    109           book was committed. For the gimp-help-&gimp-help-version; tarball,
    110           the MD5 sum is: &gimp-help-md5sum; and other sums may be in the <ulink
    111           url="">README</ulink> file in
    112           the same directory.
    113         </para>
    114       </listitem>
    115       <listitem>
    116         <para>
    117114          Download size: &gimp-help-size;
     115        </para>
     116        <para>
     117          Download md5sum: &gimp-help-md5sum;
    118118        </para>
    119119      </listitem>
    156156      <xref linkend="dbus-glib"/>,
    157157      <xref linkend="gs"/> (with libgs installed),
     158      <xref linkend="gvfs"/> (to access the online help),
    158159      <xref linkend="iso-codes"/>,
    159160      <xref linkend="libgudev"/>,
    166167      <xref linkend="aalib"/>,
    167168      <xref linkend="alsa-lib"/>,
    168       <xref linkend="gvfs"/> (to access the online help),
    169169      <xref linkend="libmng"/>,
    170170      <xref linkend="libwebp"/>,
    183183    </para>
    185     <bridgehead renderas="sect4">Optional, for optimizing the PNG files in the
    186     help system</bridgehead>
     185    <bridgehead renderas="sect4">Optional, for building the help system</bridgehead>
    187186    <para role="optional">
     187      <ulink url="">dblatex</ulink> (for PDF docs),
    188188      <ulink url="">pngnq</ulink> and
    189189      <ulink url="">pngcrush</ulink>
     190      to optimize the png files, but see the note on the help download above
    190191    </para>
    229230    <para>
    230231      The <filename>gimp-help</filename> tarball contains images and English
    231       text help for help files, together with translations.
    232     </para>
    234     <para>
    235       If you downloaded the <filename>gimp-help</filename> tarball, unpack
    236       it and change into the root of the newly created source tree. Prepare for
     232      text help for help files, together with translations. Because of the
     233      issues mentioned in the note above, you are recommended to use the online
     234      help, either by building against <xref linkend="gvfs"/> so that 'help'
     235      can open the latest XML files in your browser, or else you can manually
     236      open the html in your browser by going to <ulink
     237      url=""></ulink>
     238      (change the language code if desired).
     239    </para>
     241    <para>
     242      If you nevertheless wish to install local copies of the help files to read
     243      offline, unpack the <filename>gimp-help</filename> tarball
     244      and change into the root of the newly created source tree. Prepare for
    237245      the build with the following command:
    238246    </para>
    240 <screen><userinput>ALL_LINGUAS=&quot;ca da de el en en_GB es fi fr it ja ko nl nn pt_BR ru zh_CN&quot; \
     248<screen><userinput>ALL_LINGUAS=&quot;ca da de el en en_GB es fi fr it ja ko nl nn pt_BR ro ru zh_CN&quot; \
    241249./ --prefix=/usr &amp;&amp;</userinput></screen>
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