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Fix various typos/wordings

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  • general/genlib/js38.xml

    rc9d977e8 raf8a78d  
    162162    <para>
    163       <command>autoconf213</command>: This command regenerates the configure
     163      <command>autoconf2.13</command>: This command regenerates the configure
    164164      script with the changes from the patch.
    165165    </para>
    167167    <para>
    168168      <parameter>--with-*</parameter>: These parameters allow the build system
    169       to use system versions of the above libriares. These are required for
     169      to use system versions of the above libraries. These are required for
    170170      stability.
    171171    </para>
  • general/prog/perl-modules.xml

    rc9d977e8 raf8a78d  
    898898      <!-- Params-Validate -->
    899899      <listitem><literallayout><ulink url="">Params::Validate</ulink>
    900 (http::/ - uses <xref linkend="perl-build-install"/></literallayout>
     900( - uses <xref linkend="perl-build-install"/></literallayout>
    901901         <!-- deps for Params::Validate:
    902902         Module::Build is a dep of Module::Implementation via Module::Runtime,
    17571757    <para>The SGMLSpm module is a <application>Perl</application> library
    17581758      used for parsing the output from James Clark's SGMLS and NSGMLS
    1759       parsers. This modules uses the standard
     1759      parsers. This module uses the standard
    17601760    <xref linkend="perl-standard-install"/>.</para>
  • general/prog/python3.xml

    rc9d977e8 raf8a78d  
    161161      The test suite must be run separately from the build, either before or
    162162      after the package is built and installed. Do not run
    163       <command>make install</command>, after running the test suite. To build
     163      <command>make install</command> after running the test suite. To build
    164164      and install the package, you need to start with a fresh or clean source
    165165      tree. For the test, you also need a clean source code, so either start by
  • general/sysutils/acpid.xml

    rc9d977e8 raf8a78d  
    140140      Unfortunately, not every computer labels ACPI events in the same way. To
    141141      determine how your buttons are recognized, use the
    142       <command>acpi_listen</command> tool. Also, look in package documentation's
    143       samples directory for more examples.
     142      <command>acpi_listen</command> tool. Also, look in the <filename
     143      class="directory">samples</filename> directory under <filename
     144      class="directory">/usr/share/doc/acpid-&acpid-version;</filename>
     145      for more examples.
    144146    </para>
  • general/sysutils/hdparm.xml

    rc9d977e8 raf8a78d  
    3232    <para>
    3333      The <application>Hdparm</application> package contains a utility that
    34       is useful for controlling ATA/IDE controllers and hard drives both to
     34      is useful for obtaining information about, and controlling ATA/IDE
     35      controllers and hard drives. It allows to
    3536      increase performance and sometimes to increase stability.
    3637    </para>
  • general/sysutils/pm-utils.xml

    rc9d977e8 raf8a78d  
    3232    <para>
    33       The <application>Power Management Utilities</application> is a small
    34       collection of scripts to suspend and hibernate a computer that can be used
    35       to run user supplied scripts on suspend and resume.
     33      The <application>Power Management Utilities</application> provide
     34      simple shell command line tools to suspend and hibernate the computer.
     35      They can be used to run user supplied scripts on suspend and resume.
    3636    </para>
    191191      In order to use hibernation with <application>GRUB</application> and a
    192192      swap partition, you need to add kernel parameter
    193       <literal>resume=<replaceable>swap_partition</replaceable></literal> (i.e.
     193      <literal>resume=<replaceable>swap_partition</replaceable></literal> (e.g.
    194194      <literal>resume=/dev/sda1</literal>) to the kernel line in the
    195195      <filename>/boot/grub/grub.cfg</filename> configuration file.
  • networking/netlibs/curl.xml

    rc9d977e8 raf8a78d  
    164164      </para>
    166       <para>Current versions of LFS does not strip /lib/ but
     166      <para>Current versions of LFS do not strip /lib/ but
    167167      previous versions of LFS stripped these debugging symbols at the end of
    168       Chapter 6. To get this library on oldeer systems, glibc must be rebuilt
     168      Chapter 6. To get this library on older systems, glibc must be rebuilt
    169169      with the current
    170170      glibc version using the same compiler that was used to build LFS. The
  • postlfs/config/devices.xml

    rc9d977e8 raf8a78d  
    179179    <title>Devices for DVD Drives</title>
    181     <para>If the initial boot process doe not set up the
     181    <para>If the initial boot process does not set up the
    182182    <systemitem>/dev/dvd</systemitem> device properly, it can
    183183    be installed using the following modification to the default udev rules.
  • postlfs/config/firmware.xml

    rc9d977e8 raf8a78d  
    268268      family):</para>
    270 <screen><userinput>cp -v /lib/firmware/amd_ucode/&lt;MYCONTAINER&gt; kernel/x86/microcode/AuthenticAMD.bin</userinput></screen>
     270<screen><userinput>cp -v /lib/firmware/amd-ucode/&lt;MYCONTAINER&gt; kernel/x86/microcode/AuthenticAMD.bin</userinput></screen>
    272272      <para>Or for an Intel machine copy the appropriate blob using this command:</para>
  • postlfs/filesystems/lvm2.xml

    rc9d977e8 raf8a78d  
    195195    <para>
    196       Those tests do not implement the <quote>expected fail</quote> possibility,
     196      The tests do not implement the <quote>expected fail</quote> possibility,
    197197      and a small number of test failures is expected by upstream. More
    198198      failures may happen because some kernel options are missing. For example,
  • postlfs/filesystems/mdadm.xml

    rc9d977e8 raf8a78d  
    140140    <para>
    141       <parameter>--logdir=test-logs</parameter>: Defines that the directory
     141      <parameter>--logdir=test-logs</parameter>: Defines the directory
    142142      where test logs are saved.
    143143    </para>
  • postlfs/filesystems/parted.xml

    rc9d977e8 raf8a78d  
    118118    <para>If you wish to run the test suite, first remove a test that normally
    119     fails in BLFS, because it needs a locale C.UTF-8:</para>
     119    fails in BLFS (because it needs a locale C.UTF-8):</para>
    121121<screen><userinput>sed -i '/' tests/Makefile</userinput></screen>
  • postlfs/security/polkit.xml

    rc9d977e8 raf8a78d  
    3939    &lfs81_checked;
    41     <note><para>Due to lack of relases, a tarball has been generated for use by
     41    <note><para>Due to lack of releases, a tarball has been generated for use by
    4242    BLFS, which includes a git checkout at ref 2919920, and a pending patch to
    4343    use js38. The patch is included in the tarball for review.</para></note>
  • server/mail/exim.xml

    rc9d977e8 raf8a78d  
    302302        settings to suit your needs. Note that the default configuration
    303303        assumes that the <filename class="directory">/var/mail</filename>
    304         directory is world writable, but has the stiky bit set. If you want
     304        directory is world writable, but has the sticky bit set. If you want
    305305        to use the default configuration, issue as the <systemitem
    306306        class="username">root</systemitem> user:
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