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  • appendices/old/zlib/zlib-desc.xml

    r5e18c49c rc2ee009c  
    44<para>The zlib package contains the zlib library which is used by many
    5 programs for compression and uncompression functions.</para>
     5programs for compression and decompression functions.</para>
  • basicnet/djb/ucspi-tcp/ucspi-tcp-exp.xml

    r5e18c49c rc2ee009c  
    77mv hier.c~ hier.c</command></screen>
    88These commands change the installation directory to
    9 <filename>/usr/sbin</filename> from the default
    10 of <filename>/usr/local/bin</filename>. Since these tools are used in
    11 conjunction with daemons,
    12 they don't make much sense in general user directories. However, some of the
    13 example programs and the tcpclient program might be of use to non-root users.
     9<filename class="directory">/usr/sbin</filename> from the default
     10of <filename class="directory">/usr/local/bin</filename>. Since these tools
     11are used in conjunction with daemons, they don't make much sense in general
     12user directories. However, some of the example programs and the
     13<command>tcpclient</command> program might be of use to non-root users.
    1414If you wish to make these available, then we would suggest installing as above,
    1515and then executing the following commands:
  • basicnet/mailnews/other.xml

    r5e18c49c rc2ee009c  
    1717its installation along with notes for installing <application>Mozilla
    1818Thunderbird</application>, a mail/news client based on the
    19 <application>Mozilla</application> codebase.</para>
     19<application>Mozilla</application> code base.</para>
    2121<para><xref linkend="evolution"/> includes an <acronym>GTK</acronym>2
  • basicnet/netprogs/ncpfs/ncpfs-config.xml

    r5e18c49c rc2ee009c  
    3737<para>It should be noted that the ncpmount is not intended to mount
    38 individual volumes because each mountpoint creates a separate client
     38individual volumes because each mount point creates a separate client
    3939connection to the Novell server.  Mounting each individual volume
    4040separately would be unwise, as mounting all volumes on a server
  • basicnet/textweb/links/links-exp.xml

    r5e18c49c rc2ee009c  
    44<para><option>--enable-graphics</option>: Add this switch if you want to
    55use <application>Links</application> in graphics mode. You will also need to
    6 enable framebuffer support in your kernel and install <xref linkend="gpm"/>
     6enable frame buffer support in your kernel and install <xref linkend="gpm"/>
    77or install one of the supported graphics libraries.</para>
  • content/web/apache/apache-desc.xml

    r5e18c49c rc2ee009c  
    6767<para><command>logresolve</command> is a post-processing program to
    68 resolve <acronym>IP</acronym>-addresses in <application>Apache</application>'s access logfiles.</para></sect3>
     68resolve <acronym>IP</acronym>-addresses in <application>Apache</application>'s access log files.</para></sect3>
    7171<para><command>rotatelogs</command> is a simple program for use in
    72 conjunction with <application>Apache</application>'s piped logfile feature.</para></sect3>
     72conjunction with <application>Apache</application>'s piped log file feature.</para></sect3>
  • general/graphlib/directfb/directfb-desc.xml

    r5e18c49c rc2ee009c  
    3939and abstraction, integrated windowing system with support for
    4040translucent windows and multiple display layers on top of the Linux
    41 framebuffer device.</para></sect3>
     41frame buffer device.</para></sect3>
  • general/graphlib/directfb/directfb-intro.xml

    r5e18c49c rc2ee009c  
    22<title>Introduction to <application>DirectFB</application></title>
    4 <para><application>DirectFB</application> is a graphics library on top of the Linux framebuffer
     4<para><application>DirectFB</application> is a graphics library on top of the Linux frame buffer
    55device. It offers maximum hardware accelerated performance at a
    66minimum of resource usage and overhead.</para>
  • general/graphlib/lcms/lcms-desc.xml

    r5e18c49c rc2ee009c  
    2525<para><command>icclink</command> links two or more profiles into a
    26 single devicelink profile.</para></sect3>
     26single device link profile.</para></sect3>
    29 <para><command>icctrans</command> is a ColorSpace conversion
     29<para><command>icctrans</command> is a Color Space conversion
  • general/graphlib/libungif/libungif-intro.xml

    r5e18c49c rc2ee009c  
    44<para>The libungif package contains libraries for reading all
    5 <acronym>GIF</acronym>s and writing uncompressed ones as well as programs for
     5<acronym>GIF</acronym>s and writing non-compressed ones as well as programs for
    66converting and working with <acronym>GIF</acronym> files.  The libraries are
    77useful for any graphics program wishing to deal with <acronym>GIF</acronym>
    99up images.</para>
    11 <para>The reason libungif only writes uncompressed <acronym>GIF</acronym>s
     11<para>The reason libungif only writes non-compressed <acronym>GIF</acronym>s
    1212is due to a legal issue with <acronym>LZW</acronym> compression (which Unisys
    1313claims a patent on). Reading <acronym>GIF</acronym>s is not a problem as the
    14 uncompression routines do not seem to be limited in this way.  Note that this
     14decompression routines do not seem to be limited in this way.  Note that this
    1515has in the past been disputed.  The best way to avoid this whole mess is to
    1616simply use libungif for looking at <acronym>GIF</acronym> images on the web,
  • general/graphlib/svgalib/svgalib-desc.xml

    r5e18c49c rc2ee009c  
    1919<sect3><title>libvgagl library</title>
    2020<para><filename class="libraryfile">libvgagl</filename> is a fast
    21 framebuffer-level graphics library based on libvga.</para></sect3>
     21frame buffer level graphics library based on libvga.</para></sect3>
  • general/sysutils/fcron/fcron-exp.xml

    r5e18c49c rc2ee009c  
    1313The first test will be whether to install a boot script in the <filename
    1414class="directory">/etc/rc.d/init.d</filename> directory with the
    15 appropriate symbolic links in runlevels 2, 3, 4, and 5. The second is to
     15appropriate symbolic links in run levels 2, 3, 4, and 5. The second is to
    1616stop any current fcron processes and start a new one. Since this is
    1717probably your first install and we want a boot script based upon the
  • general/sysutils/hdparm/hdparm-inst.xml

    r5e18c49c rc2ee009c  
    99<para>Note that by default, <command>hdparm</command> is installed in
    10 <filename>/sbin</filename> as some systems may require it on bootup
    11 before <filename>/usr</filename> is mounted.  If you wish to install
    12 <command>hdparm</command> under the <filename>/usr</filename> hierarchy, then replace the
    13 above commands with the following:</para>
     10<filename class="directory">/sbin</filename> as some systems may require it
     11during the boot process before <filename class="directory">/usr</filename>
     12is mounted.  If you wish to install <command>hdparm</command> under the
     13<filename class="directory">/usr</filename> hierarchy, then replace the above
     14commands with the following:</para>
    1516<screen><userinput><command>make &amp;&amp;
  • gnome/lib/gnomelib/libart_lgpl-desc.xml

    r5e18c49c rc2ee009c  
    1111<sect3><title>libart_lgpl libraries</title>
    1212<para><filename class="libraryfile">libart_lgpl</filename> library is
    13 used as the antialiased rendering engine for
     13used as the anti-aliased render engine for
  • introduction/welcome/conventions.xml

    r5e18c49c rc2ee009c  
    2828<para><ulink url=""></ulink></para>
    30 <blockquote><para>This form of text is used for hyperlinks, both within the
    31 book and to external pages such as HowTo's, download locations,
     30<blockquote><para>This form of text is used for hypertext links, both within
     31the book and to external pages such as HowTo's, download locations,
    3232websites, etc.</para></blockquote>
  • multimedia/libdriv/libmpeg3/libmpeg3-desc.xml

    r5e18c49c rc2ee009c  
    19 <para><command>mpeg3cat</command> concatenates elementary streams or demultiplexes a program
    20 stream.</para></sect3>
     19<para><command>mpeg3cat</command> concatenates elementary streams or
     20demultiplexes a program stream (separates components of the stream).</para></sect3>
  • multimedia/libdriv/libogg/libogg-desc.xml

    r5e18c49c rc2ee009c  
    1111<sect3><title>ogg libraries</title>
    12 <para><filename class="libraryfile">libogg</filename> libraries provide the functions for programs
    13 wishing to read or write <filename>OGG</filename> formatted bitstreams.</para>
     12<para><filename class="libraryfile">libogg</filename> libraries provide the
     13functions for programs wishing to read or write <filename>OGG</filename>
     14formatted bit streams.</para>
  • multimedia/libdriv/libogg/libogg-intro.xml

    r5e18c49c rc2ee009c  
    44<para>The <application>libogg</application> package contains the Ogg file
    55structure. This is useful for creating (encoding) or playing (decoding) a
    6 single physical bitstream.</para>
     6single physical bit stream.</para>
    88<sect3><title>Package information</title>
  • multimedia/libdriv/sdl/sdl-desc.xml

    r5e18c49c rc2ee009c  
    1212<para>The Simple DirectMedia Layer is a generic <acronym>API</acronym> that
    1313provides low level access to audio, keyboard, mouse, joystick, 3D hardware via
    14 OpenGL, and 2D framebuffer across multiple platforms.</para></sect3>
     14OpenGL, and 2D frame buffer across multiple platforms.</para></sect3>
  • multimedia/videoutils/transcode/transcode-desc.xml

    r5e18c49c rc2ee009c  
    33 <para><command>tcdemux</command> demultiplexes audio/video input that contains
    34 multiple streams, e.g. <acronym>VOB</acronym> files.</para></sect3>
     33<para><command>tcdemux</command> demultiplexes (separates)  audio/video input
     34that contains multiple streams, e.g. <acronym>VOB</acronym> files..</para></sect3>
    7777<filename>RAW</filename> format, process <filename>RAW</filename> video and
    7878audio and convert <filename>RAW</filename> audio and video to other formats to
    79 be written into a filetype of choice. Read the documentation.</para></sect3>
     79be written into a file type of choice. Read the documentation.</para></sect3>
  • postlfs/filesystems/ext3.xml

    r5e18c49c rc2ee009c  
    2323<para>In the above line, replace
    2424<filename>/dev/hd<replaceable>XX</replaceable></filename> by the
    25 partition (e.g. <filename>/dev/hda2</filename>), <filename class="directory">
    26 /mnt_point</filename> by the mount point (e.g. <filename>/home</filename>). The
    27 <option>0</option> in the last field ensures that the partition will not be checked for
    28 consistency during bootup by the checkfs script. You may replace the ext3 fs
    29 type in the above by auto if you want to ensure that the partition is mounted
     25partition (e.g. <filename>/dev/hda2</filename>),
     26<filename class="directory">/mnt_point</filename> by the mount point (e.g.
     27<filename class="directory">/home</filename>). The <option>0</option> in the
     28last field ensures that the partition will not be checked for
     29consistency during the boot process  by the <command>checkfs</command> script.
     30You may replace the <option>ext3</option> fs type in the above by
     31<option>auto</option> if you want to ensure that the partition is mounted
    3032if you accidentally skip enabling the ext3 support in the kernel.</para>
  • postlfs/security/firewalling/busybox.xml

    r5e18c49c rc2ee009c  
    9999<para>These are only examples to show you some of the capabilities of the new
    100 firewalling-code in Linux-Kernel 2.4. Have a look at the man page of
     100firewall code in Linux-Kernel 2.4. Have a look at the man page of
    102102There you will find more of them. The port-numbers you'll need for this
    103103can be found in <filename>/etc/services</filename>, in case you didn't
    104 find them by trial and error in your logfile.</para>
     104find them by trial and error in your log file.</para>
    106106<para>If you add any of your offered or accessed services such as the above,
  • postlfs/security/firewalling/disclaimer.xml

    r5e18c49c rc2ee009c  
    1010is a complex issue that requires careful configuration.
    1111The scripts quoted here are simply intended to give examples as to how
    12 firewalling works, they are not intended to fit into any imaginable
     12a firewall works, they are not intended to fit into any imaginable
    1313configuration and may not prevent any imaginable attack.</para>
    1515<para>The purpose of this text is simply to give you a hint on how to get
    16 started with firewalling.</para>
     16started with a firewall.</para>
    1818<para>Customization of these scripts for your specific situation will
    1919be necessary for an optimal configuration, but you should make a serious
    20 study of the iptables documentation and firewalling in general before hacking
     20study of the iptables documentation and creating firewalls in general before hacking
    2121away.  Have a look at the list of <xref linkend="postlfs-security-fw-library"/> at the end
    2222of this section for more details.  Here you will find a list of URLs that
  • postlfs/security/firewalling/intro.xml

    r5e18c49c rc2ee009c  
    1111buffer-overflows and any other imaginable problem regarding its
    1212security, and where you trusted every user accessing your services
    13 to aim no harm, you wouldn't need to do firewalling
     13to aim no harm, you wouldn't need to do have a firewall
    1414In the real world however, daemons may be misconfigured,
    1515exploits against essential services are freely available, you
    4949To minimize the risk of compromising the firewall itself it
    5050should generally have only one role, that of protecting the intranet.
    51 Although not completely riskless, the tasks of doing the routing
     51Although not completely risk free, the tasks of doing the routing
    5252and eventually IP masquerading (rewriting IP-headers
    5353of the packets it routes from clients with private IP-addresses onto
  • postlfs/security/firewalling/kernel.xml

    r5e18c49c rc2ee009c  
    11<sect2 id="postlfs-security-fw-kernel" xreflabel="getting a firewalling-enabled Kernel">
    2 <title>Getting a firewalling-enabled Kernel</title>
     2<title>Getting a firewall enabled Kernel</title>
    4 <para>If you want your Linux-Box to do firewalling you must first ensure
     4<para>If you want your Linux-Box to have a firewall, you must first ensure
    55that your kernel has been compiled with the relevant options turned on
    6 <!-- <footnote><para>If you needed assistance howto configure, compile and install
     6<!-- <footnote><para>If you needed assistance how to configure, compile and install
    77a new kernel, refer back to chapter VIII of the LinuxFromScratch book,
    88<ulink url="">Installing a kernel</ulink>
    3434<table frame='none'>
    35 <title>Essential config-options for a firewalling-enabled Kernel</title>
     35<title>Essential config-options for a firewall enabled Kernel</title>
    3737<tgroup cols='5'>
    122122<entry><userinput>Fast switching</userinput></entry>
    123123<entry>Make sure to disable it because it would setup a bypass around
    124 your firewalling-rules.</entry>
     124your firewall rules.</entry>
  • postlfs/security/firewalling/library.xml

    r5e18c49c rc2ee009c  
    11<sect3 id="postlfs-security-fw-library" xreflabel="Links for further reading">
    2 <title>Where to start with further reading on firewalling.</title>
     2<title>Where to start with further reading on firewalls.</title>
  • postlfs/security/firewalling/masqrouter.xml

    r5e18c49c rc2ee009c  
    2626echo "of the quoted configuration rules."
    2727echo "You can find some quite comprehensive information"
    28 echo "about firewalling in Chapter 4 of the BLFS book."
    29 echo ""
     28echo "about firewalls in Chapter 4 of the BLFS book."
     29echo ""
  • postlfs/security/firewalling/stop.xml

    r5e18c49c rc2ee009c  
    4 <para>If you need to turn firewalling off, this script will do it:</para>
     4<para>If you need to turn the firewall off, this script will do it:</para>
    66<screen><userinput><command>cat &gt; /etc/rc.d/init.d/firewall.stop &lt;&lt; "EOF"</command>
  • postlfs/security/iptables.xml

    r5e18c49c rc2ee009c  
    5 <para>The next part of this chapter deals with firewalling.  The
    6 principle firewalling tool for Linux, as of the 2.4 kernel series, is
     5<para>The next part of this chapter deals with firewalls.  The
     6principle firewall tool for Linux, as of the 2.4 kernel series, is
    77<application>iptables</application>.  It replaces
    88<application>ipchains</application> from the 2.2 series and
    99<application>ipfwadm</application> from the
    10102.0 series. You will need to install <application>iptables</application> if
    11 you intend on using any form of firewalling.</para>
     11you intend on using any form of a firewall.</para>
  • postlfs/security/iptables/iptables-intro.xml

    r5e18c49c rc2ee009c  
    22<title>Introduction to <application>iptables</application></title>
    4 <para>To use firewalling, as well as installing
     4<para>To use a firewall, as well as installing
    55<application>iptables</application>, you will need
    66to configure the relevant options into your kernel.  This is discussed
  • server/other/openldap/openldap-exp.xml

    r5e18c49c rc2ee009c  
    1111<para><option>--enable-ldbm</option>: Build <command>slapd</command>
    12 with primary database backend using either <application>Berkeley
     12with primary database back end using either <application>Berkeley
    1313DB</application> or
    1414<application><acronym>GNU</acronym> Database Manager</application>.</para>
  • x/installing/xfree86-setup.xml

    r5e18c49c rc2ee009c  
    147147normally set up in <filename>/etc/inittab</filename>.  Most of the information
    148148you need to customize <command>xdm</command> is found in its man page.  To
    149 execute <command>xdm</command> during bootup, change the initdefault level to 5 and
    150 add the following lines to
    151 <filename>/etc/inittab</filename>:</para>
     149execute <command>xdm</command> during bootup, change the initdefault level to 5 and add the following lines to <filename>/etc/inittab</filename>:</para>
    153151<para><screen><userinput># Run xdm as a separate service
  • xsoft/suites/openoffice/openoffice-inst.xml

    r5e18c49c rc2ee009c  
    3636bash -c "source; dmake"</command></userinput></screen>
    38 <para>If you have downloaded localized helpcontent zip files, you will need
     38<para>If you have downloaded localized help content zip files, you will need
    3939to unzip them to the appropriate directory as mentioned below and then recreate
    4040the installation set.</para>
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