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  • general.ent

    rbdd29e4 rd977fb5  
    66<!ENTITY pubdate      "&year;-&month;-&day;"> <!-- metadata req. by TLDP -->
    77<!ENTITY blfs-version "6.0">                  <!-- cvs|[release #] -->
    8 <!ENTITY lfs-version  "development">          <!-- version|stable|testing|unstable|development] -->
     8<!ENTITY lfs-version  "6.0">                  <!-- version|stable|testing|unstable] -->
    99<!ENTITY last-commit  "$Date$"> <!-- Automatic update -->
    3333<!ENTITY cracklib-version             "2.7">   
    3434<!ENTITY Linux_PAM-version            "0.78"> 
    35 <!ENTITY shadow-version               "4.0.7"> 
     35<!ENTITY shadow-version               ""> 
    3636<!ENTITY iptables-version             "1.3.1">
    3737<!ENTITY gnupg-version                "1.4.0"> 
    4848<!-- Chapter 6 -->               
    4949<!ENTITY vim-version                  "6.3"> 
    50 <!ENTITY emacs-version                "21.4a"> 
     50<!ENTITY emacs-version                "21.4"> 
    5151<!ENTITY nano-version                 "1.2.4"> 
    5252<!ENTITY joe-version                  "3.1">
    6565<!ENTITY fam-version                  "2.7.0">
    6666<!ENTITY libxml-version               "1.8.17">
    67 <!ENTITY libxml2-version              "2.6.18">
    68 <!ENTITY libxslt-version              "1.1.13">
     67<!ENTITY libxml2-version              "2.6.17">
     68<!ENTITY libxslt-version              "1.1.12">
    6969<!ENTITY gmp-version                  "4.1.4">
    7070<!ENTITY gdbm-version                 "1.8.3">
    8484<!ENTITY LZO-version                  "1.08">
    8585<!ENTITY libpcap-version              "0.8.3">
    86 <!ENTITY libusb-version               "0.1.10a">
     86<!ENTITY libusb-version               "0.1.8">
    8888<!-- Chapter 9 -->                   
    8989<!ENTITY libjpeg-version              "6b">
    9090<!ENTITY libpng-version               "1.2.8">
    91 <!ENTITY libtiff-version              "3.7.2">
     91<!ENTITY libtiff-version              "3.7.1">
    9292<!ENTITY libungif-version             "4.1.3">
    9393<!ENTITY giflib-version               "4.1.3">
    9595<!ENTITY lcms-version                 "1.14">
    9696<!ENTITY freetype2-version            "2.1.9">
    97 <!ENTITY fontconfig-version           "2.3.1">
     97<!ENTITY fontconfig-version           "2.2.3">
    9898<!ENTITY libart_lgpl-version          "2.3.16">
    9999<!ENTITY librsvg-version              "2.8.1">
    111111<!ENTITY intltool-version             "0.32.1">
    112112<!ENTITY screen-version               "4.0.2">
    113 <!ENTITY tidy-version                 "050324">
     113<!ENTITY tidy-version                 "050305">
    114114<!ENTITY desktop-file-utils-version   "0.10">
    115115<!ENTITY xscreensaver-version         "4.19">
    121121<!ENTITY hdparm-version               "5.8">
    122122<!ENTITY which-version                "2.16">
    123 <!ENTITY unzip-version                "5.52">
     123<!ENTITY unzip-version                "5.51">
    124124<!ENTITY zip-version                  "2.31">
    125125<!ENTITY pciutils-version             "2.1.11">
    126 <!ENTITY pkgconfig-version            "0.16.0">
     126<!ENTITY pkgconfig-version            "0.15.0">
    127127<!ENTITY cpio-version                 "2.6">
    128128<!ENTITY mc-version                   "4.6.0">
    129 <!ENTITY sysstat-version              "5.1.5">
     129<!ENTITY sysstat-version              "5.0.6">
    130130<!ENTITY apache-ant-version           "1.6.2">
    132132<!-- Chapter 12 -->                 
    133 <!ENTITY Python-version               "2.4.1">
    134 <!ENTITY LFS-Perl-version             "5.8.6">
     133<!ENTITY Python-version               "2.4">
     134<!ENTITY LFS-Perl-version             "5.8.5">
    135135<!ENTITY Module-Info-version          "0.26">
    136136<!ENTITY Gtk-Perl-version             "0.7009">
    175175<!ENTITY j2sdk-src-version            "1.4.2">
    176176<!ENTITY ruby-version                 "1.8.2">
    177 <!ENTITY expect-version               "5.43.0">
     177<!ENTITY expect-version               "5.42.1">
    178178<!ENTITY dejagnu-version              "1.4.4">
    179 <!ENTITY gcc-version                  "3.4.3">
     179<!ENTITY gcc-version                  "3.4.1">
    180180<!ENTITY tcl-version                  "8.4.9">
    181181<!ENTITY tk-version                   "8.4.9">
    418418<!-- Part XII -->
    419419<!-- Chapter 37 -->
    420 <!ENTITY alsa-version                 "1.0.8">
     420<!ENTITY alsa-version                 "1.0.7">
    421421<!ENTITY alsa-lib-version             "&alsa-version;">
    422422<!ENTITY alsa-utils-version           "&alsa-version;"> 
    485485<!ENTITY sgml-common-version          "0.6.3">
    486486<!ENTITY sgml-dtd-3-version           "3.1">   
    487 <!ENTITY sgml-dtd-version             "4.4">   
     487<!ENTITY sgml-dtd-version             "4.3">   
    488488<!ENTITY opensp-version               "1.5.1">
    489489<!ENTITY openjade-version             "1.3.2">   
    490 <!ENTITY docbook-dsssl-version        "1.79">
     490<!ENTITY docbook-dsssl-version        "1.78">
    491491<!ENTITY docbook-utils-version        "0.6.14">
    493493<!-- Chapter 44 -->
    494 <!ENTITY DocBook-version              "4.4">
    495 <!ENTITY docbook-xsl-version          "1.68.1"> 
     494<!ENTITY DocBook-version              "4.3">
     495<!ENTITY docbook-xsl-version          "1.67.2"> 
    497497<!-- Chapter 45 -->
  • introduction/welcome/changelog.xml

    rbdd29e4 rd977fb5  
    2525<listitem><para>April 2nd, 2005 [bdubbs]: 6.0 Release.</para></listitem>
     27<listitem><para>April 2nd, 2005 [bdubbs]: Added note to XSL stylesheets about
     28"current" version.</para></listitem>
    2730<listitem><para>April 2nd, 2005 [bdubbs]: Updated emacs to 21.4a.</para></listitem>
    2932<listitem><para>April 2nd, 2005 [bdubbs]: Updated iptables to add
    30 bootscript installation.</para></listitem>
     33 bootscript installation.</para></listitem>
    3235<listitem><para>April 2nd, 2005 [bdubbs]: Updated 6.0 branch with
    3336vim security patch from SVN (randy).</para></listitem>
    35 <listitem><para>April 2nd, 2005 [randy]: Added which as a required dependency
    36 of DocBook-utils, reported by Andrew Benton.</para></listitem>
     38<listitem><para>March 17th, 2005 [dj]: Added sed in Linux-PAM
     39instructions to fix modules manpages install path.</para></listitem>
    3841<listitem><para>March 17th, 2005 [randy]: Changed cracklib from a required
    43 <listitem><para>April 1st, 2005 [randy]: Updated to DocBook XML DTD-4.4 and
    44 DocBook XSL Stylesheets-1.68.1.</para></listitem>
    46 <listitem><para>March 31st, 2005 [bdubbs]: Updated the install instructions
    47 for xinetd to use /etc/xinetd.d/ directory structure. Patch by John Gnew.
     46<listitem><para>March 16th, 2005 [igor]: Updated to
     47ImageMagick-6.2.0-7 contributed by John Gnew.</para></listitem>
     49<listitem><para>March 15th, 2005 [igor]: Updated to
     52<listitem><para>March 14th, 2005 [igor]: Courier: removed redundant
     53configure switches.</para></listitem>
     55<listitem><para>March 13th, 2005 [bdubbs]: Update apache to 2.0.53
    50 <listitem><para>March 31st, 2005 [randy]: Updated to libxml2-2.6.18 and
    51 libxslt-1.1.13.</para></listitem>
    53 <listitem><para>March 30th, 2005 [randy]: Updated to libusb-0.1.10a and
    54 Python-2.4.1.</para></listitem>
    56 <listitem><para>March 29th, 2005 [randy]: Updated to DocBook DSSSL
    57 Stylesheets-1.79 (with rewrite of instructions); fixed deprecated tar option
    58 in Vim instructions; added a note to the Fontconfig instructions to have the
    59 SGMLSpm Perl module installed if DocBook-utils is installed.</para></listitem>
    61 <listitem><para>March 28th, 2005 [randy]: Updated to DocBook-SGML-DTD-4.4;
    62 added manpage installation to OpenJade instructions, suggested by Andrew
     58<listitem><para>March 13th, 2005 [bdubbs]: Update xorg to 6.8.2.
     61<listitem><para>March 13th, 2005 [bdubbs]: Update dhcp patch to really
     62delete addresses when taking interface down.</para></listitem>
     64<listitem><para>March 13th, 2005 [randy]: Removed the instructions to create
     65a /dev/cdrom symlink from the kdemultimedia instructions, as the default LFS
     66Udev configuration creates it.</para></listitem>
     68<listitem><para>March 13th, 2005 [bdubbs]: Update firewalling
     71<listitem><para>March 10th, 2005 [bdubbs]: Update iptables to 1.3.1.
     74<listitem><para>March 10th, 2005 [bdubbs]: Added introductory comments to
     75Chapters 10, 13, and 29.</para></listitem>
     77<listitem><para>March 10th, 2005 [randy]: Fixed FTP download URL in
     78XSane instructions, pointed out by Archaic.</para></listitem>
     80<listitem><para>March 8th, 2005 [bdubbs]: Updated ProFTP instructions
     81and explainations.</para></listitem>
     83<listitem><para>March 7th, 2005 [bdubbs]: Removed obsolete DSSSL section
     84referring to the BLFS rendering process.</para></listitem>
     86<listitem><para>March 7th, 2005 [bdubbs]: Updated comments
     87on Multimedia.</para></listitem>
     89<listitem><para>March 7th, 2005 [randy]: Updated to HTML Tidy-030505;
     90added prevent_PRE_newlines patch to HTML Tidy instructions; updated the
     91Qpopper instructions to correctly update the syslog config file; added
     92Advisory ID: PSF-2005-001 patch to Python instructions.</para></listitem>
     94<listitem><para>March 7th, 2005 [bdubbs]: Updated dhcp to 3.0.2.
     95Also indexed and updated note about kernel configuration.</para></listitem>
     97<listitem><para>March 6th, 2005 [bdubbs]: Placed a warning in CDRtools
     98to not have a copy of the kernel in /usr/src/linux.</para></listitem>
     100<listitem><para>March 6th, 2005 [randy]: Updated download URLs to TeX-2.0.2
     101packages; updated to cURL-7.13.1, Glib-2.6.3, Pango-1.8.1 and
     104<listitem><para>March 5th, 2005 [randy]: Added a chmod command to the Glib-1
     105instructions to fix incorrect permissions on libgmodule.</para></listitem>
     107<listitem><para>March 4th, 2005 [randy]: Changed the order of a build
     108command in the AbiWord instructions to fix breakage, pointed out by
     109Andrew Benton; fixed Shadow download URL.</para></listitem>
     111<listitem><para>March 3rd, 2005 [randy]: Rearranged the note to build
     112dependencies and added OpenLDAP hooks to the Sendmail
     115<listitem><para>March 2nd, 2005 [randy]: Added 'status' option to the
     116portmap bootscript; updated to HTML Tidy-050301.</para></listitem>
     118<listitem><para>March 1st, 2005 [randy]: Fixed broken URL to libgcrypt in
     119libxslt instructions; modified Cyrus-SASL documentation installation
     120commands to include the version number.</para></listitem>
     122<listitem><para>February 28th, 2005 [randy]: Changed the tcp_wrappers
     123instructions to use a sed command instead of a GCC-34 patch; added more
     124MD5 sums and some additional commands/notes to the GCC
     127<listitem><para>February 27th, 2005 [randy]: Added dependencies and
     128instructions to run the test suite for GCC-3 and a minor update to J2SDK
     129dependencies description; added a cd command to the ALSA lib instructions to
     130prepare for installing the documentation.</para></listitem>
     132<listitem><para>February 26th, 2005 [randy]: Modified Linux-PAM and cracklib
     133instructions to correctly place the .so symlinks in /usr/lib; modified Courier
     134instructions to correctly identify the MySQL socket path; added a note to the
     135XFS instructions to ensure E2fsprogs or UUID is installed, suggested by
     136Stef Bon; added Linux-PAM configuration notes to Fcron.; updated to
     139<listitem><para>February 25th, 2005 [randy]: Updated to Leafnode-1.10.8;
     140added additional indexing tags to X Window Configuration
     143<listitem><para>February 24th, 2005 [randy]: Updated to Enigmail-0.90.1 in
     144Mozilla and Thunderbird instructions.</para></listitem>
     146<listitem><para>February 23rd, 2005 [randy]: Added direct links to
     147XFree86 programs and descriptions (used by Xorg) and the Samba SWAT
     148configuration section (used by Stunnel).</para></listitem>
     150<listitem><para>February 22nd, 2005 [randy]: Added additional installed
     151directories to Linux-PAM descriptions.</para></listitem>
     153<listitem><para>February 17th, 2005 [randy]: Updated to Xpdf-3.00pl3;
     154changed absolute URL to the LFS book to a relative URL.</para></listitem>
     156<listitem><para>February 16th, 2005 [randy]: Added md5sums to Chapter
     15745 and 46 package instructions; minor modification to sed command in a2ps
     158instructions; added a sentence to GSView instructions that you can
     159symlink /usr/bin/netscape to your preferred browser.</para></listitem>
     161<listitem><para>February 15th, 2005 [randy]: Added md5sums to Chapter
     16241-44 package instructions; updated to LPRng-3.8.28.</para></listitem>
     164<listitem><para>February 14th, 2005 [randy]: Added md5sums to Chapter 37
     165through 40 package instructions; updated essential codecs to 20050115 in
     166MPlayer instructions; added a missing backslash to a command in the
     167compressdoc script, reported by Devan Lippman.</para></listitem>
     169<listitem><para>February 13th, 2005 [randy]: Added md5sums to AbiWord,
     170GnuCash, ALSA and Chapter 35-36 package instructions.</para></listitem>
     172<listitem><para>February 12th, 2005 [randy]: Added md5sums to Chapters 22
     173through 27 package instructions; fixed download URL's in PostgreSQL
     174instructions; added hack to Configuring GNOME Packages section to properly
     175display all the panel icons; added new Xpdf security patch to kdegraphics
     178<listitem><para>February 11th, 2005 [bdubbs]: Rewrote bootdisk page.</para>
     181<listitem><para>February 11th, 2005 [randy]: Added md5sums to Chapter 18,
     18219, 20 and 21 package instructions; changed FTP download URL in NcFTP and Pine
     183instructions; added a note about using --enable-yydebug to libpcap
     186<listitem><para>February 10th, 2005 [larry]: Updated to emacs-21.4 and
     189<listitem><para>February 10th, 2005 [larry]: Added more descriptions to
     190MIT Kerberos and added db to PAM's dependancies.</para></listitem>
     192<listitem><para>February 10th, 2005 [randy]: Updated to WvStreams-4.0.1;
     193Fixed broken download URLs in RP-PPPoE instructions; added md5sums to
     194Chapter 17 packages.</para></listitem>
     196<listitem><para>February 9th, 2005 [larry]: Updated MIT krb5 to krb-1.4,
     197incorporated offical patches for autofs and moved cracklib to required in
     200<listitem><para>February 9th, 2005 [randy]: Added md5sums and index tags to
     203<listitem><para>February 8th, 2005 [randy]: Added md5sums to Chapter 12
     206<listitem><para>February 7th, 2005 [randy]: Added md5sums to Chapter 9, 10
     207and 11 packages.</para></listitem>
     209<listitem><para>February 4th, 2005 [larry]: Updated to
     212<listitem><para>February 4th, 2005 [randy]: Added MD5sums to OpenSSL,
     213iptables, Tripwire-portable, Shadow, Linux-PAM, cracklib, MIT krb5, Heimdal,
     214Cyrus SASL, Stunnel, ReiserFS, XFS, Emacs, Vim, nano, JOE, Ed, ASH, popt,
     215slang, FAM, libxml2, libxslt, GMP and GDBM instructions; fixed MIT krb5 and
     216ZSH download URLs.</para></listitem>
     218<listitem><para>February 3rd, 2005 [bdubbs]: Added index items to
     221<listitem><para>February 3rd, 2005 [bdubbs]: Added index items to
     224<listitem><para>February 3rd, 2005 [bdubbs]: Added index items to
     227<listitem><para>February 3rd, 2005 [dj]: Added index items to
     230<listitem><para>February 3rd, 2005 [randy]: Updated to
     233<listitem><para>February 2nd, 2005 [dj]: Added TLS patch to Postfix and
     234added section "configuring the build".  Corrected PostgreSQL download
     235locations and added mention of --with-ldap in Cyrus-SASL
     238<listitem><para>February 2nd, 2005 [randy]: Updated to cURL-7.13.0 and
     241<listitem><para>February 1st, 2005 [randy]: Added MD5 sums to GCC-3.3.4,
     242GCC-3.4.1, Python and Nmap instructions; split long sed command in the Tcl
     243instructions to fit on the PDF book.</para></listitem>
     245<listitem><para>January 31st, 2005 [randy]: Updated to
     248<listitem><para>January 30th, 2005 [dj]: Fixed cracklib_dict_path check
     249in Linux_PAM configure.  Added change to
     252<listitem><para>January 30th, 2005 [randy]: Separated root installation
     253commands from build commands in packages already indexed; modified sed
     254in Xorg and XFree86 instructions to only comment out virgin
     257<listitem><para>January 29th, 2005 [randy]: Added vulnerability fix patch to
     258Bind instructions and bumped version entities to 9.3.0p1; added MD5 sum to
     259DocBook-utils instructions; added program and library descriptions to
     260Apache Ant.</para></listitem>
     262<listitem><para>January 28th, 2005 [randy]: Updated to hdparm-5.8,
     263Mozilla-1.7.5 and Nail-11.20; updated Enigmail version in Thunderbird
     266<listitem><para>January 27th, 2005 [randy]: Updated to Heimdal-0.6.3 and
     267Ethereal-0.10.9; updated Glossary; added new Index division, "Kernel
     268Configuration"; added Autotools reconfiguration to
     269libusb instructions.</para></listitem>
     271<listitem><para>January 26th, 2005 [randy]: Updated J2SDK binary version to
     2721.4.2_07; updated J2SDK build entities; added download location and build
     273entities to Shadow instructions.</para></listitem>
     275<listitem><para>January 26th, 2005 [bdubbs]: Added directory reference
     276for xorg downloads.</para></listitem>
     278<listitem><para>January 26th, 2005 [bdubbs]: Fixed policy command line in
     281<listitem><para>January 25th, 2005 [randy]: Modified dependency list and added
     282patches to Cdrdao so that the gcdmaster program will build; updated to
     285<listitem><para>January 24th, 2005 [randy]: Updated to
     286HTML Tidy-050120.</para></listitem>
     288<listitem><para>January 23rd, 2005 [randy]: Updated to
     291<listitem><para>January 22nd, 2005 [bdubbs]: Updated to libpopt-1.7-5
     292and updated download locations.</para></listitem>
     294<listitem><para>January 20th, 2005 [randy]: Updated to MPlayer-1.0pre6a,
     295xine Libraries-1.0 and xine User Interface-0.99.3.</para></listitem>
     297<listitem><para>January 19th, 2005 [randy]: Added installation of
     298HTML documentation to the FFmpeg instructions; added commands to create
     299symlinks to the moved libstdc++ library in the GCC3
     302<listitem><para>January 17th, 2005 [randy]: Updated to
     305<listitem><para>January 16th, 2005 [dj]: Updated to
     308<listitem><para>January 16th, 2005 [randy]: Clarified libao and cURL
     309dependencies in the Vorbis Tools instructions.</para></listitem>
     311<listitem><para>January 15th, 2005 [randy]: Updated to Doxygen-1.4.1 and
     314<listitem><para>January 13th, 2005 [bdubbs]: Fixed sed command
     315in tripwire.</para></listitem>
     317<listitem><para>January 13th, 2005 [randy]: Shortened line lengths in various
     318package instructions to fit in the viewable area of a PDF version of the
     319book; updated to Whois-4.6.26 and HTML Tidy-050110.</para></listitem>
     321<listitem><para>January 12th, 2005 [igor]: Updated to
     322lcms-1.14 and GIMP-2.2.2.</para></listitem>
     324<listitem><para>January 12th, 2005 [randy]: Moved OpenSSL instructions from
     325Chapter 8 to Chapter 4, suggested by Torsten Vollmann; shortened line lengths
     326in the compressdoc script.</para></listitem>
     328<listitem><para>January 11th, 2005 [randy]: Moved libgtkhtml, GNOME-Doc-Utils
     329and Yelp from GNOME-Addons to GNOME-Core; added Cdrtools to Nautilus-CD-Burner
     330dependencies, suggested by David Rosal; updated to
     333<listitem><para>January 10th, 2005 [larry]: Updated to mit
     336<listitem><para>January 10th, 2005 [igor]: Updated to
     337OpenLDAP-2.2.20 and Berkeley DB-4.3.27.</para></listitem>
     339<listitem><para>January 10th, 2005 [randy]: Updated to Sendmail-8.13.2;
     340added index tags to the ASH, ZSH, Tcsh, TeX and JadeTeX
     341instructions; fixed broken download links and added index tags to GCC3
     344<listitem><para>January 9th, 2005 [larry]: Updated to
     347<listitem><para>January 9th, 2005 [igor]: Updated to
     350<listitem><para>January 9th, 2005 [randy]: Updated to Manuel's newest PDF
     351stylesheets; updated Glossary; added new package FOP-0.20.5.</para></listitem>
     353<listitem><para>January 7th, 2005 [larry]: new links to cracklib
     354worklists, website no longer allows direct links.</para></listitem>
     356<listitem><para>January 6th, 2005 [randy]: Added new security patches
     357to kdelibs and kdegraphics instructions.</para></listitem>
     359<listitem><para>January 6th, 2005 [larry]: Updated to fluxbox-0.9.11,
     360commented out second index entry- breaks pdf - for now.</para></listitem>
     362<listitem><para>January 6th, 2005 [igor]: Updated to Python-2.4,
     363libglade-2.4.1, XScreenSaver-4.19, Subversion-1.1.2 and
     366<listitem><para>January 5th, 2005 [igor]: Updated to GLib-2.6.0,
     367Pango-1.8.0, ATK-1.9.0, libtiff-3.7.1, GTK+-2.6.0 and
     370<listitem><para>January 5th, 2005 [randy]: Updated to
     373<listitem><para>January 4th, 2005 [randy]: Updated to HTML Tidy-041214
     374and cURL-7.12.3.</para></listitem>
     376<listitem><para>January 4th, 2005 [larry]: Updated to
     379<listitem><para>January 4th, 2005 [igor]: Updated to
     382<listitem><para>January 3rd, 2005 [randy]: Updated to GnuCash-1.8.10;
     383added a patch to the Guppi instructions.</para></listitem>
     385<listitem><para>January 3rd, 2005 [larry]: Updated to DocBook-xsl-1.67.2
     386and added alternative methods of using other versions.</para></listitem>
     388<listitem><para>January 3rd, 2005 [randy]: Updated GNOME-1.4 package
     389dependencies and build entities.</para></listitem>
     391<listitem><para>January 2nd, 2005 [randy]: Added commands to Imlib2
     392instructions to install documentation, suggested by David Jensen; updated
     393GNOME Print-0.37 instructions; added parameters to the make command in the
     394DB-3 instructions to properly link the pthread library; fixed broken FTP
     395link in the libdvdcss instructions; changed gst-plugins from an optional to
     396a required dependency in the GNOME Media instructions, reported by
     397Peter Steiger.</para></listitem>
     399<listitem><para>January 1st, 2005 [randy]: Added LWP, Date::Manip and
     400Finance::Quote Perl modules (dependencies of GnuCash); added FTP download
     401location and configuration information to the libao and Vorbis Tools
     404<listitem><para>December 31st, 2004 [randy]: Moved PDL Perl bundle to its
     405own BLFS page.</para></listitem>
     407<listitem><para>December 30th, 2004 [dj]: Simplified OOo instructions,
     408suggested by Anderson Lizardo.</para></listitem>
     410<listitem><para>December 30th, 2004 [randy]: Updated to
     413<listitem><para>December 29th, 2004 [dj]: Fixed desktop-file-utils
     414update instructions in openoffice installation and added a mention about
     415font permissions to x components.</para></listitem>
     417<listitem><para>December 27th, 2004 [randy]: Updated to Exim-4.43; modified
     418Exim bootscript to dispatch a queue runner every 15 minutes, instead of
     419every minute.</para></listitem>
     421<listitem><para>December 26th, 2004 [dj]: Updated to OpenOffice 1.1.4
     422and added iprout2 patch for rp-pppoe.</para></listitem>
     424<listitem><para>December 26th, 2004 [randy]: Updated dependencies, build
     425entities and MD5 sums to G-Wrap, GNOME Libraries-1.4.2, GDK Pixel
     426Buffer-0.22.0 and libxml-1.8.17.</para></listitem>
     428<listitem><para>December 25th, 2004 [randy]: Updated to
     429Transcode-0.6.14; added a command to the Avifile instructions to fix a
     430broken pkgconfig file.</para></listitem>
     432<listitem><para>December 24th, 2004 [randy]: Updated to
     435<listitem><para>December 22nd, 2004 [randy]: Updated to Gnumeric-1.4.1,
     436Dillo-0.8.3 and Avifile-0.7.41.</para></listitem>
     438<listitem><para>December 22nd, 2004 [igor]: Updated GCC-3.3.x to
     441<listitem><para>December 21st, 2004 [bdubbs]: Updated tripwire.</para></listitem>
     443<listitem><para>December 21st, 2004 [randy]: Updated to KOffice-1.3.5 and
     444cpio-2.6; added MD5 sums and updated dependencies to GNOME-1.4 packages;
     445spelling, grammar, tag and excessive whitespace corrections to various
     446package instructions.</para></listitem>
     448<listitem><para>December 20th, 2004 [bdubbs]: Updated license of book to
     449make compatible with OSI.</para></listitem>
     451<listitem><para>December 20th, 2004 [dj]: Fixed openoffice-gcc patch
     452name and added nptl patch.</para></listitem>
     454<listitem><para>December 20th, 2004 [igor]: Updated to
     457<listitem><para>December 19th, 2004 [dj]: Added gcc-3.3.3-linkonce patch
     458and updated to OpenOffice-1.1.3 and associated patches.</para></listitem>
     460<listitem><para>December 19th, 2004 [randy]: Updated FontConfig HTTP
     461download link.</para></listitem>
     463<listitem><para>December 18th, 2004 [randy]: Updated to LessTif-0.94.0;
     464updated Xpdf freetype patch.</para></listitem>
     466<listitem><para>December 15th, 2004 [randy]: Updated to KDE-3.3.2 and
     467Samba-3.0.9, added configuration section to desktop-file-utils; added
     468instruction to GNOME core configuration to run
     471<listitem><para>December 14th, 2004 [randy]: Updated to Mozilla-1.7.3,
     472Thunderbird-1.0 and Galeon-1.3.18; modified Firefox
     475<listitem><para>December 13th, 2004 [randy]: Added two acronyms
     476(NSS and NSPR) to the Glossary.</para></listitem>
     478<listitem><para>December 10th, 2004 [randy]: Added OpenSSL as an optional
     479dependency of the BIND Utilities; updated to Balsa-2.2.6.</para></listitem>
     481<listitem><para>December 9th, 2004 [randy]: Added a chown command to the
     482GStreamer instructions to fix incorrect permissions on installed
     483documentation; added Net::DNS Perl Module (and dependency modules); modified
     484BIND server instructions to build shared libraries and multi-threaded
     485binaries, install additional documentation, removed BDB dependency and
     486instructions to run the full test suite.</para></listitem>
     488<listitem><para>December 8th, 2004 [igor]: Changed ProFTPD login shell
     489to /usr/lib/proftpd/proftpdshell as suggested by Nathan
     492<listitem><para>December 8th, 2004 [randy]: Updated to
     495<listitem><para>December 7th, 2004 [randy]: Fixed hicolor-icon-theme
     496and desktop-file-utils download locations; added FTP download location to
     497FontConfig, hicolor-icon-theme and shared-mime-info instructions; added DAG
     498as an optional dependency to the libpcap instructions; updated to
     499Nmap-3.75, Nail-11.17 and Ethereal-0.10.7.</para></listitem>
     501<listitem><para>December 5th, 2004 [igor]: Updated to
     504<listitem><para>December 5th, 2004 [bdubbs]: Modified /etc/bashrc to
     505source and</para></listitem>
     507<listitem><para>December 4th, 2004 [randy]: Added a sed command to the VTE
     508instructions to fix broken Home and End keys in the xterm termcap file,
     509contributed by David Jensen.</para></listitem>
     511<listitem><para>December 3rd, 2004 [randy]: Added MD5 sum entity to the GDM
     512instructions; added a sed command to the libbonoboui instructions to fix a
     513broken path; added a symlink to the GAIL instructions to satisfy a GTK+
     514requirement; added new package libgail-gnome-1.1.0.</para></listitem>
     516<listitem><para>December 2nd, 2004 [randy]: Added new package
     517Java Access Bridge-1.4.2; added --disable-gtk-doc to the librsvg build
     518instructions which was inadvertently removed; updated to GNOME Speech-0.3.5,
     519Gnopernicus-0.9.18 and GOK-0.11.16; added MD5 sum entity to the GnomeMeeting
     522<listitem><para>December 1st, 2004 [randy]: Added a note to the
     523Apache Ant instructions to optionally build the Junit testing library
     524during the build.</para></listitem>
     526<listitem><para>November 30th, 2004 [randy]: Added new package
     527Apache Ant-1.6.2; removed note about a specific version of Bison from
     528OpenOffice instructions as LFS-6.0-testing's version is now
     531<listitem><para>November 29th, 2004 [randy]: Added command to AbiWord
     532instructions to fix incorrect permissions on help file directories;
     533added --localstatedir parameter to libgnome instructions to sync with GNOME
     534Games and properly record high scores, suggested by Nico Roeser;
     535updated to GPdf-2.8.0, GNOME Games-2.8.1, Zenity-2.8.1, AT SPI-1.6.0 and
     536GNOME Magnifier-0.11.10.</para></listitem>
     538<listitem><para>November 28th, 2004 [dj]: Added default logging lines to
     539named.conf, corrected IP for B.ROOT-SERVERS.NET and added note about
     540Internic's current copy of named.root; updated to Linux-PAM-0.78 and
     541added a note to the Shadow instructions to test the
     542installation; added command to disable root logins with ssh.</para></listitem>
     544<listitem><para>November 28th, 2004 [randy]: Updated to AbiWord-2.2.0,
     545GNOME Utilities-2.8.1, GNOME System Monitor-2.8.0, GNOME Media-2.8.0,
     546Nautilus Media-0.8.1, GNOME Netstatus-2.8.0, Epiphany-1.4.5,
     547gcalctool-4.4.20 and Nautilus CD Burner-2.8.5.</para></listitem>
     549<listitem><para>November 27th, 2004 [dj]: Added nptl patch to j2sdk
     550instructions and did minor cleanups on the instructions and
     553<listitem><para>November 26th, 2004 [randy]: Updated to GConf Editor-2.8.2,
     554GGV-2.8.0, File Roller-2.8.3 and gucharmap-1.4.2.</para></listitem>
     556<listitem><para>November 26th, 2004 [igor]: Updated to
     559<listitem><para>November 25th, 2004 [randy]: Added a note to create an
     560environment variable in the libgnomeui instructions; added new package
     561GNOME Doc Utils-0.1; updated to Evolution-2.0.2, Yelp-2.6.4, bug-buddy-2.8.0,
     562gtksourceview-1.1.1, gedit-2.8.1, EOG-2.8.1 and
     563GNOME2 User Docs-2.8.1.</para></listitem>
     565<listitem><para>November 24th, 2004 [randy]: Added new package
     568<listitem><para>November 23rd, 2004 [randy]: Added new packages
     569libgnomecups-0.1.13 and Evolution Data Server-1.0.2; updated to
     570libgnomeprint-, libgnomeprintui-2.8.0, GAL-2.2.3, GtkHTML-3.2.3 and
     573<listitem><para>November 22nd, 2004 [randy]: Changed GConf dependency in
     574Metacity instructions to required, reported by Denis
     577<listitem><para>November 22nd, 2004 [randy]: Updated to ORBit2-2.12.0,
     578libbonobo-2.8.0, GConf-2.8.1, GNOME MIME Data-2.4.1, GNOME VFS-2.8.3,
     579libgnome-2.8.0, libgnomecanvas-2.8.0, libbonoboui-2.8.0,
     580GNOME Icon Theme-2.8.0, gnome-keyring-0.4.0, libgnomeui-2.8.0,
     581GNOME Themes-2.8.1, GNOME Desktop-2.8.1, libwnck-2.8.1, GNOME Panel-2.8.1,
     582GNOME Session-2.8.1, GNOME Terminal-2.8.0, libgtop-2.8.1, GAIL-1.8.0,
     583GNOME Applets-2.8.1, EEL-2.8.2, Nautilus-2.8.2 and
     584Control Center-2.8.1.</para></listitem>
     586<listitem><para>November 21st, 2004 [igor]: Applied a bunch of fixes to
     587XScreenSaver, contributed by Randy.</para></listitem>
     589<listitem><para>November 21st, 2004 [igor]: NTP: removed setclock
     590symlinks in the install-ntp bootscripts target and provided the command
     591in the book instead.</para></listitem>
     593<listitem><para>November 21st, 2004 [igor]: Updated to
     596<listitem><para>November 20th, 2004 [igor]: Downgraded to
     597LessTif-0.93.95b due to segmentation faults.</para></listitem>
     599<listitem><para>November 20th, 2004 [igor]: Added a sed command to
     600suppress Xorg messing with /etc, contributed by Anderson
     603<listitem><para>November 20th, 2004 [igor]: Updated to LessTif-0.93.97
     604and Xpdf-3.00pl1.</para></listitem>
     606<listitem><para>November 20th, 2004 [randy]: Updated to
     607Metacity-2.8.6; added recode as a requirement to the fortune-mod dependency
     608in the XScreenSaver instructions.</para></listitem>
     610<listitem><para>November 19th, 2004 [randy]: Updated to
     611GStreamer-0.8.7 and gst-plugins-0.8.5 and moved both packages from the
     612GNOME-2 section to Chapter 37 - Multimedia Libraries and
     613Drivers; updated to libxklavier-1.11.</para></listitem>
     615<listitem><para>Nobember 19th, 2004 [igor]: MPlayer: removed instructions for shared postprocessing
     616library as it's not needed, reported by Reimar Döffinger.</para></listitem>
     618<listitem><para>November 19th, 2004 [igor]: Updated to MySQL-4.1.7,
     619CVS-1.11.18 and ALSA-1.0.7.</para></listitem>
     621<listitem><para>November 18th, 2004 [igor]: Updated to
     622Subversion-1.1.1, libxslt-1.1.12 and HTML Tidy-041026.</para></listitem>
     624<listitem><para>November 17th, 2004 [igor]: Removed /bin/false from
     625/etc/shells and modified ProFTPD instructions to add its own login shell
     626instead, suggested by Nico R.</para></listitem>
     628<listitem><para>November 17th, 2004 [randy]: Updated to
     629FFmpeg-0.4.9-pre1 and xine-libs-1-rc7.</para></listitem>
     631<listitem><para>November 17th, 2004 [igor]: Updated to
     632libxml2-2.6.16 and added XScreenSaver-4.18.</para></listitem>
     634<listitem><para>November 17th, 2004 [igor]: Reverted to Berkeley
     635DB- due to API change.</para></listitem>
     637<listitem><para>November 16th, 2004 [igor]: Updated to Berkeley
     640<listitem><para>November 16th, 2004 [randy]: Removed id3lib and added
     641DocBook-utils to FLAC dependencies.</para></listitem>
     643<listitem><para>November 16th, 2004 [igor]: Enabled building Xprint
     644libraries since some precompiled binaries are linked against them,
     645reported by Thomas Trepl.</para></listitem>
     647<listitem><para>November 16th, 2004 [igor]: OpenSSL: added a sed command
     648fixing non-existent libfips installation, contributed by David
     651<listitem><para>November 15th, 2004 [igor]: Added freeglut-2.2.0 and
     652updated to Firefox-1.0.</para></listitem>
     654<listitem><para>November 15th, 2004 [randy]: Added NASM and Dmalloc
     655as optional dependencies of LZO; added MD5 sum and minor updates to the
     656VTE instructions.</para></listitem>
     658<listitem><para>November 15th, 2004 [igor]: Updated to
     661<listitem><para>November 14th, 2004 [randy]: Added MD5 sum, updated
     662dependencies and minor corrections to ScrollKeeper
     663instructions; updated to startup-notification-0.8.</para></listitem>
     665<listitem><para>November 14th, 2004 [igor]: Removed obsolete SCSI
     666information on MPlayer page, reported by Alexander E.
     669<listitem><para>November 14th, 2004 [randy]: Updated to
     670desktop-file-utils-0.10 as reported by Syaodzir; added MD5 sum
     671to GTK-Engines instructions.</para></listitem>
     673<listitem><para>November 13th, 2004 [randy]: Updated to
     674ImageMagick-6.1.3-7; added commands to ESPGS instructions to install
     675interface headers so that packages can link to; corrected
     676SANE instructions to properly identify the saned daemon start method
     677as suggested by Alexander Patrakov.</para></listitem>
     679<listitem><para>November 12th, 2004 [randy]: Updated to
     680Enscript-1.6.4 and SANE-1.0.15.</para></listitem>
     682<listitem><para>November 11th, 2004 [randy]: Moved librsvg instructions to
     683Chapter 9 - Graphics and Font Libraries; changed GAIL from a required to an
     684optional dependency, modified build entities and added MD5 sum to the
     685libgtkhtml instructions; updated to GIMP-2.0.6.</para></listitem>
     687<listitem><para>November 10th, 2004 [randy]: Added new package
     688desktop-file-utils-0.9; removed GNOME dependencies and the reference to
     689gnomexmms from the XMMS instructions.</para></listitem>
     691<listitem><para>November 10th, 2004 [randy]: Updated to
     694<listitem><para>November 9th, 2004 [randy]: Added a note to the EsounD
     695instructions to optionally install the package documentation; updated build
     696entities for libogg and libvorbis; added pkgconfig as an optional dependency
     697of libvorbis.</para></listitem>
     699<listitem><para>November 9th, 2004 [randy]: Added optional dependencies and
     700additional instructions to Alsa Library; added PCM to the
     703<listitem><para>November 8th, 2004 [randy]: Updated to libglade-2.4.0 and
     704moved the instructions to Chapter 8 - General Libraries.</para></listitem>
     706<listitem><para>November 8th, 2004 [larry]: Edited /etc/vimrc,~/.vimrc
     707page to reflect new /etc/vimrc in LFS.</para></listitem>
     709<listitem><para>November 8th, 2004 [randy]: Removed redundant
     710'make install-links' command from slang instructions.</para></listitem>
     712<listitem><para>November 7th, 2004 [randy]: Updated to
     713shared-mime-info-0.15; inserted a chmod command into the CDParanoia
     714instructions to turn on the execution bits for the shared
     715libraries; moved libgsf to Chapter 8 - General Libraries.</para></listitem>
     717<listitem><para>November 6th, 2004 [randy]: Updated intltool to 0.32.1 and
     718moved the instructions to Chapter 10 - General Utilities; added expat as
     719a dependency of the XML::Parser Perl Module.</para></listitem>
     721<listitem><para>November 6th, 2004 [randy]: Moved libart_lgpl to Chapter 9 -
     722Graphics and Font Libraries, libcroco and libIDL to Chapter 8 -
     723General Libraries and GTK-Doc to Chapter 10 -
     724General Utilities.</para></listitem>
     726<listitem><para>November 5th, 2004 [larry]: Corrected link errors in
     727krb5 install instructions.</para></listitem>
     729<listitem><para>November 4th, 2004 [randy]: Updated bootscript version
     730entity to create a new bootscript tarball.</para></listitem>
     732<listitem><para>November 3rd, 2004 [larry]: Updated to esound-0.2.35,
     733ALSA-1.06, where appropriate, and added md5sum for audiofile.</para></listitem>
     735<listitem><para>November 2nd, 2004 [randy]: Changed OpenSSL to a
     736required dependency in the Cyrus-SASL instructions as suggested
     737by Thomas Pegg.</para></listitem>
     739<listitem><para>November 2nd, 2004 [larry]: Updated to
     742<listitem><para>October 31st, 2004 [igor]: Updated to
     745<listitem><para>October 30th, 2004 [randy]: Added new package
     748<listitem><para>October 30th, 2004 [igor]: Updated to
     751<listitem><para>October 29th, 2004 [randy]: Added chmod command to
     752libmng instructions.</para></listitem>
     754<listitem><para>October 29th, 2004 [larry]: Updated to
     757<listitem><para>October 29th, 2004 [randy]: Updated to
     760<listitem><para>October 28th, 2004 [larry]: Updated to
     763<listitem><para>October 28th, 2004 [randy]: Added GCC to librep
     764dependencies; added additional parameters to configure and added dependencies
     765to Ruby instructions.</para></listitem>
     767<listitem><para>October 28th, 2004 [randy]: Updated to
     770<listitem><para>October 27th, 2004 [randy]: Added new package
     773<listitem><para>October 25th, 2004 [igor]: Added aspell, pkgconfig, HTML
     774Tidy, Net-SNMP, SQLite, Cyrus SASL and Dmalloc dependencies and a
     775configure switch utilizing readline to PHP instructions, thanks to
     776Randy's research.</para></listitem>
     778<listitem><para>October 25th, 2004 [randy]: Updated to
     781<listitem><para>October 25th, 2004 [randy]: Updated to
     784<listitem><para>October 24th, 2004 [igor] : Changed Screen socket
     785directory to /var/run/screen.</para></listitem>
     787<listitem><para>October 24th, 2004 [randy]: Updated to
     788CUPS-1.1.21; added Ada back to the GCC instructions.</para></listitem>
     790<listitem><para>October 23rd, 2004 [randy]: Updated to
     793<listitem><para>October 23rd, 2004 [igor]: Removed DirectFB and
     796<listitem><para>October 23rd, 2004 [randy]: Updated to
     799<listitem><para>October 21st, 2004 [randy]: Updated to
     802<listitem><para>October 20th, 2004 [igor]: Added giflib-4.1.3 and
     803updated to libungif-4.1.3 and Imlib-1.9.15.</para></listitem>
     805<listitem><para>October 20th, 2004 [randy]: Renamed libtiff patch as suggested
     806by Nico Roeser; added optional dependencies to TeX; updated build entities
     807for MySQL and Glib2; added program descriptions to Glib2.</para></listitem>
     809<listitem><para>October 20th, 2004 [dj]: Updated to bind-9.3.0;
     810moved subversion to use FSFS backend; added PRINTIP and PRINTALL
     811to dhcpcd config file.</para></listitem>
     813<listitem><para>October 20th, 2004 [randy]: Updated to
     816<listitem><para>October 19th, 2004 [igor]: Updated to
     819<listitem><para>October 19th, 2004 [randy]: Rearranged build order in
     820Thunderbird instructions to correct a minor build problem; updated to
     823<listitem><para>October 19th, 2004 [larry]: Updated to
     824xfs-2.6.25, reiserfs-3.6.19, nano-1.2.3 and krb5-1.3.5.</para></listitem>
     826<listitem><para>October 18th, 2004 [randy]: Added optional dependency
     827to HTML Tidy; updated to Apache-2.0.52.</para></listitem>
     829<listitem><para>October 18th, 2004 [randy]: Updated to
     830DocBook XSL Stylesheets-1.66.1; modified DocBook-utils, FontConfig and
     831libusb instructions to account for the removal of the OpenSP SGML catalog
     832definitions; modified sed commands in JadeTeX instructions; removed
     833redundant copy command from DSSSL Stylesheets; updated OpenJade and
     834OpenSP build entities; removed chmod command which installed incorrect
     835permissions from SGML 3.1 and 4.3 DTD instructions.</para></listitem>
     837<listitem><para>October 18th, 2004 [larry]: Added autofs-4.1.3 to
     840<listitem><para>October 18th, 2004 [igor]: Updated to
     843<listitem><para>October 18th, 2004 [igor]: Removed redundant PCRE make
     844variables for Postfix installation, reported by Stefan
     847<listitem><para>October 17th, 2004 [igor]: Updated to
     850<listitem><para>October 17th, 2004 [igor]: Added OpenLDAP and PostgreSQL
     851to Postfix dependencies.</para></listitem>
     853<listitem><para>October 16th, 2004 [larry]: Updated to
     854proftpd-1.2.10 and fluxbox-0.9.10.</para></listitem>
     856<listitem><para>October 16th, 2004 [igor]: Updated to libogg-1.1.2 and
     859<listitem><para>October 15th, 2004 [randy]: Updated to
     860GMP-4.1.4 and OpenSSH-3.9p1; removed instructions to install/update
     861SGML catalogs from OpenSP.</para></listitem>
     863<listitem><para>October 15th, 2004 [randy]: Updated to
     864libxml2-2.6.14 and libxslt-1.1.11; added optional dependency to
     867<listitem><para>October 15th, 2004 [igor]: Updated to
     870<listitem><para>October 14th, 2004 [igor]: Updated to GLib-2.4.7,
     871Pango-1.6.0, ATK-1.8.0, GTK+-2.4.13 and libIDL-0.8.4.</para></listitem>
     873<listitem><para>October 14th, 2004 [randy]: Updated optional dependencies
     874and package entities for Lynx; syncronized configure commands between
     875different build methods and added additional command explanation to
     876Qt instructions as suggested by Nico Roeser (bug #1008).</para></listitem>
     878<listitem><para>October 13th, 2004 [randy]: Updated to
     879Tcl-8.4.7, Tk-8.4.7, HTML Tidy-041005, Sendmail-8.13.1
     880and Nail-11.11.</para></listitem>
     882<listitem><para>October 13th, 2004 [igor]: Added a patch for XFree86
     883which fixes libXpm security vulnerability, reported by Alexander E.
     886<listitem><para>October 13th, 2004 [igor]: Updated to
     889<listitem><para>October 13th, 2004 [igor]: Updated to
     890blfs-bootscripts-20041013 (NTP corrections).</para></listitem>
     892<listitem><para>October 12th, 2004 [igor]: Changed MySQL instructions to
     893compile without NPTL patch.</para></listitem>
     895<listitem><para>October 12th, 2004 [igor]: Updated mouse configuration
     896for XFree86 and removed information about installing XFree86's DRI
     899<listitem><para>October 12th, 2004 [dj]: Updated to
     902<listitem><para>October 11th, 2004 [igor]: Updated to
     905<listitem><para>October 11th, 2004 [igor]: Reverted to ALSA-1.0.4 to
     906match the LFS-testing kernel drivers. Removed ALSA Driver
     909<listitem><para>October 10th, 2004 [igor]: Added download locations for
     910TrueType fonts and a note about editing font.alias file for i18n users,
     911contributed by Alexander E. Patrakov.</para></listitem>
     913<listitem><para>October 10th, 2004 [igor]: Updated to
     916<listitem><para>October 9th, 2004 [igor]: Updated to libmng-1.0.8,
     917libgsf-1.10.1, librsvg-2.8.1 and GIMP-2.0.5.</para></listitem>
     919<listitem><para>October 8th, 2004 [igor]: Updated to Cdrtools-2.01 and
     920UDFtools-1.0.0b3 and removed obsolete kernel configuration for CD
     921writing section.</para></listitem>
     923<listitem><para>October 8th, 2004 [randy]: Updated to
     926<listitem><para>October 7th, 2004 [igor]: Added a patch which links
     927CVS against system zlib library.</para></listitem>
     929<listitem><para>October 7th, 2004 [randy]: Updated Zip and Unzip HTTP
     930download URL's as suggested by Stefan Morrell.</para></listitem>
     932<listitem><para>October 7th, 2004 [igor]: Updated to
     935<listitem><para>October 7th, 2004 [igor]: Added G_FILENAME_ENCODING
     936environment variable to i18n startup file and lang archive to Vim page,
     937suggested by Alexander E. Patrakov (bug 909).</para></listitem>
     939<listitem><para>October 7th, 2004 [randy]: Modified configure switches
     940in Inetutils instructions to match LFS and added an optional dependency;
     941shortened sed command in XFree86 and Xorg instructions.</para></listitem>
     943<listitem><para>October 6th, 2004 [igor]: Updated to
     946<listitem><para>October 5th, 2004 [igor]: Updated to
     949<listitem><para>October 4th, 2004 [igor]: Fixed replaceable tags and
     950removed a redundant CVSROOT export on the cvsserver
     953<listitem><para>October 2nd, 2004 [dj]: Added net-tools as a dependency
     954for RP-PPPoE.  Made iproute2 patch optional for dhcp.</para></listitem>
     956<listitem><para>September 27th, 2004 [randy]: Modified Ethereal
     957configuration instructions as suggested by Bruce Dubbs; modified
     958iptables id entity.</para></listitem>
     960<listitem><para>September 26th, 2004 [randy]: Modified chown command in
     961Apache instructions to change ownership of more files.</para></listitem>
     963<listitem><para>September 26th, 2004 [randy]: Added new package
     966<listitem><para>September 24th, 2004 [larry]: Updated to
     967PCRE-5.0 and Postfix-2.1.5.</para></listitem>
     969<listitem><para>September 24th, 2004 [randy]: Updated to
     972<listitem><para>September 22nd, 2004 [randy]: Updated to
     975<listitem><para>September 21st, 2004 [randy]: Updated to
     976Apache-2.0.51; modified commands in Thunderbird instructions to fit on a
     977printed page.</para></listitem>
     979<listitem><para>September 20th, 2004 [randy]: Updated to
     982<listitem><para>September 19th, 2004 [randy]: Updated to
     983Firefox-1.0 Preview Edition.</para></listitem>
     985<listitem><para>September 19th, 2004 [randy]: Added new package
     986HTML Tidy.</para></listitem>
     988<listitem><para>September 14th, 2004 [randy]: Updated DB-4 download location
     989and chown command as suggested by Nico Roeser.</para></listitem>
     991<listitem><para>September 13th, 2004 [randy]: Added an optional
     992dependency and a note to the Firefox build instructions.</para></listitem>
     994<listitem><para>September 12th, 2004 [dj]: Updated sizes and times for
     995xinetd, tcpwrappers, portmap and nfs-utils.</para></listitem>
     997<listitem><para>September 11th, 2004 [randy]: Updated to
     1000<listitem><para>September 10th, 2004 [randy]: Corrected OpenSP instructions 
     1001to fix hard-coded version (replaced with version entity) as suggested by
     1002Nico Roeser; added optional dependencies and a note to fix a build problem
     1003to the libsoup instructions.</para></listitem>
     1005<listitem><para>September 10th, 2004 [randy]: Added gcc34 patch to
     1006GNOME-Terminal to fix an LFS-6.0 build problem; added required
     1007dependencies to GNOME-Print-0.37.</para></listitem>
     1009<listitem><para>September 10th, 2004 [randy]: Updated to
     1012<listitem><para>September 9th, 2004 [randy]: Updated gcc patch
     1013in SVGAlib instructions.</para></listitem>
     1015<listitem><para>September 8th, 2004 [randy]: Updated to
     1016SLIB-3a1; cleaned up G-Wrap dependencies; changed install to
     1017cp -d in UnZip instructions as suggested by David Jensen.</para></listitem>
     1019<listitem><para>September 8th, 2004 [larry]: Updated to
     1020gnupg-1.2.6 and libpng-1.2.6.</para></listitem>
     1022<listitem><para>September 8th, 2004 [randy]: Added optional dependencies,
     1023entity updates and minor corrections to the GnuCash instructions.</para>
     1026<listitem><para>September 7th, 2004 [randy]: Added optional dependencies
     1027and a gcc34 patch to Soup and GtkHTML-1.1.7 instructions.</para></listitem>
     1029<listitem><para>September 7th, 2004 [randy]: Added gcc34 patch to Guppi
     1030instructions to fix a GCC-3.4.x related build issue.</para></listitem>
     1032<listitem><para>September 6th, 2004 [randy]: Updated to
     1033Nmap-3.70 and Gnumeric 1.2.13.</para></listitem>
     1035<listitem><para>September 5th, 2004 [randy]: Added optional dependencies
     1036and build/functionality fix patches to transcode instructions; updated
     1037SDL gcc34 patch.</para></listitem>
     1039<listitem><para>September 5th, 2004 [randy]: Added gcc34 patch to
     1040libFAME instructions to fix broken library if compiled with
     1043<listitem><para>September 4th, 2004 [randy]: Updated to
     1044Whois-4.6.21 as suggested by Jeremy Utley; Updated to
     1047<listitem><para>September 4th, 2004 [dj]: Added instructions to create
     1048/etc/sysconfig/nfs-server to NFS Server instructions.</para></listitem>
     1050<listitem><para>September 3rd, 2004 [larry]: Removed /etc/inputrc from
     1051BLFS (moved to LFS). Bash Shell Startup Files, like vimrc is expansive to
     1052the LFS chapter.</para></listitem>
     1054<listitem><para>September 2nd, 2004 [larry]: Added a page for GCC-3.3 to
     1055allow j2sdk to be built. Stop Gap measure until patches
     1058<listitem><para>September 2nd, 2004 [randy]: Updated to
     1061<listitem><para>September 1st, 2004 [randy]: Added patches (fixes build
     1062problems) and optional dependencies to Avifile.</para></listitem>
     1064<listitem><para>September 1st, 2004 [randy]: Added sed command to
     1065fix an LFS-6.0 build problem, modified existing sed commands to
     1066in-place edits, added optional dependencies, enabled building
     1067shared library and added program descriptions to a2ps
     1070<listitem><para>August 31th, 2004 [igor]: Changed location of
     1071the CVS repository as suggested by FHS 2.3.</para></listitem>
     1073<listitem><para>August 31th, 2004 [randy]: Updated to
     1074cURL-7.12.1 and xine-UI-0.99.2; modified sed command in PSUtils
     1075instructions (better readability).</para></listitem>
     1077<listitem><para>August 31th, 2004 [randy]: Added gcc34 patch (fixes
     1078LFS-6.0 build problem) and optional dependencies to FFmpeg.</para>
     1081<listitem><para>August 30th, 2004 [randy]: Updated to
     1082libxklavier-1.03 and Imlib2-1.1.1; minor wording changes about
     1083dependencies in the GCC instructions.</para></listitem>
     1085<listitem><para>August 30th, 2004 [randy]: Added tcpwrappers as an
     1086optional dependency of GNOME session.</para></listitem>
     1088<listitem><para>August 29th, 2004 [randy]: Added new package
     1089DejaGnu-1.4.4; added instructions to DocBook-utils to create alternate
     1090names for the scripts; added linkonce patch to GCC instructions.</para>
     1093<listitem><para>August 29th, 2004 [randy]: Updated to
     1096<listitem><para>August 28th, 2004 [randy]: Removed kernel_2.6 patch from
     1097cdrtools; removed build_fix patch from iptables.</para></listitem>
     1099<listitem><para>August 27th, 2004 [randy]: Added kernel_2.6 patch to
     1100cdrtools to fix a build problem; added mii_ioctl patch to net-tools
     1101to fix the mii-tool program.</para></listitem>
     1103<listitem><para>August 27th, 2004 [randy]: Updated to
     1106<listitem><para>August 26th, 2004 [randy]: Added new package Expect-5.42.1;
     1107added libpaper as an optional dependency of Xpdf; added instructions to Lynx
     1108to correct improper file ownership.</para></listitem>
     1110<listitem><para>August 26th, 2004 [randy]: Modified libusb instructions
     1111as suggested by Alexander Patrakov.</para></listitem>
     1113<listitem><para>August 24th, 2004 [randy]: Added instructions to
     1114PostgreSQL and DB-3.3 to correct improper ownership of documentation
     1117<listitem><para>August 24th, 2004 [igor]: Updated to PHP-5.0.1.</para></listitem>
     1119<listitem><para>August 22nd, 2004 [randy]: Updated to
     1120Qt-3.3.3 and KDE-3.3.0.</para></listitem>
     1122<listitem><para>August 22nd, 2004 [randy]: Added gcc34 patch to libmpeg3
     1123to fix an LFS-6.0 build problem.</para></listitem>
     1125<listitem><para>August 19th, 2004 [randy]: Updated to
     1128<listitem><para>August 19th, 2004 [randy]: Updated to AbiWord-2.0.10;
     1129added gcc34 patch to fix an LFS-6.0 build problem and added additional
     1130optional dependencies to kdegraphics.</para></listitem>
     1132<listitem><para>August 18th, 2004 [randy]: Added gcc34 patch to GNOME
     1133VFS-1 to fix an LFS-6.0 build problem.</para></listitem>
     1135<listitem><para>August 18th, 2004 [randy]: Added fhs_docs patch, fixed
     1136guile-tools script and added Tex as an optional dependency to the
     1137Guile instructions.</para></listitem>
     1139<listitem><para>August 17th, 2004 [larry]: Updated to
     1142<listitem><para>August 17th, 2004 [randy]: Modified the usbfs mounting
     1143instructions in the libusb configuration as suggested by Alexander E.
     1146<listitem><para>August 16th, 2004 [randy]: Updated to
     1147GIMP-2.0.4 and ImageMagick-6.0.5-2.</para></listitem>
     1149<listitem><para>August 16th, 2004 [randy]: Updated to
     1150Sysstat-5.0.6; minor modifications to libgsf and libcroco
     1153<listitem><para>August 15th, 2004 [randy]: Bumped portmap-compilation_fixes
     1154patch to -3 version as suggested by Kevin Fleming; added gcc34 patch to
     1155OpenQuicktime instructions; added documentation build instructions to
     1156Fontconfig and libusb as suggested by Nico R.</para></listitem>
     1158<listitem><para>August 15th, 2004 [randy]: Added GPM as an optional
     1159dependency to AAlib.</para></listitem>
     1161<listitem><para>August 13th, 2004 [randy]: Minor modifications to
     1162kdeadmin and kdepim.</para></listitem>
     1164<listitem><para>August 13th, 2004 [randy]: Minor modifications to
     1165kdebase and kdenetwork.</para></listitem>
     1167<listitem><para>August 12th, 2004 [randy]: Updated to
     1168KDE-3.2.3 (note: not all package download and build sizes, SBUs
     1169and ancillary instructions have been updated); updated Glossary.</para>
     1172<listitem><para>August 11th, 2004 [randy]: Fixed typo in libmikmod
     1173instructions as suggested by Nico R.; updated to
     1174xine Libraries-1-rc5</para></listitem>
     1176<listitem><para>August 11th, 2004 [randy]: Added gcc34 patch and
     1177optional dependencies to SDL; clarified need for kernel patch in
     1178Net-tools instructions; modified passing LIBS=-lm and added
     1179optional dependencies to FLAC.</para></listitem>
     1181<listitem><para>August 10th, 2004 [randy]: Added patches to
     1182CDParanoia to build against LFS-6.0; updated to LAME-3.96.1.</para></listitem>
     1184<listitem><para>August 8th, 2004 [randy]: Minor corrections to
     1185Perl Modules instructions; added ESP Ghostscript to Sendmail
     1186optional dependencies; added FTP download location and minor changes
     1187to ESP Ghostscript.</para></listitem>
     1189<listitem><para>August 7th, 2004 [randy]: Updated to
     1192<listitem><para>August 7th, 2004 [randy]: Minor changes to Fam
     1195<listitem><para>August 6th, 2004 [randy]: Updated to
     1196OpenLDAP-2.2.13 and Speex-1.0.4; added patches and modified build
     1197instructions for Net-tools; updated Glossary.</para></listitem>
     1199<listitem><para>August 5th, 2004 [igor]: Updated to
     1202<listitem><para>August 5th, 2004 [bdubbs]: Updated to libpng-1.2.6rc1
     1203for security problem.</para></listitem>
     1205<listitem><para>August 5th, 2004 [archaic]: Added pcre as optional dep for
     1208<listitem><para>August 5th, 2004 [randy]: Added new package
     1209Cyrus SASL-2.1.19.</para></listitem>
     1211<listitem><para>August 4th, 2004 [archaic]: Many textual changes to postfix and
     1212addition of mysql as opt. dep for postfix.</para></listitem>
     1214<listitem><para>August 4th, 2004 [dj]: Updated to dhcp-3.0.1 and added
     1215patch for dhclient to use iproute2.</para></listitem>
     1217<listitem><para>August 4th, 2004 [randy]: Added optional dependencies to
     1218PostgreSQL and Qt; added additional configuration information to Qt.</para>
     1221<listitem><para>August 3rd, 2004 [dj]: Gramar cleanups in svnserver and
     1222added note about running svnserve if unneeded. Also fixed lfs-root
     1225<listitem><para>August 3rd, 2004 [randy]: Removed erroneously added optional
     1226dependency 'pkgconfig' from various packages.</para></listitem>
     1228<listitem><para>August 3rd, 2004 [archaic]: Added 'LOCKINGTEST=/tmp' to procmail
     1229make command.</para></listitem>
     1231<listitem><para>August 2nd, 2004 [archaic]: Dropped 'BASENAME=/usr' from the
     1232procmail make command.</para></listitem>
     1234<listitem><para>August 1st, 2004 [randy]: Changed sed command in traceroute
     1235instructions to in-place edit; updated to Whois-4.6.19 and Nmap-3.55; added
     1236FTP download location to libpcap.</para></listitem>
     1238<listitem><para>August 1st, 2004 [randy]: Added pkgconfig as an optional
     1239dependency of libxml and Imlib; added configuration file information to
     1240Imlib; added sed command to enable finding PAM headers and added optional
     1241dependencies to CUPS.</para></listitem>
     1243<listitem><para>July 31th, 2004 [randy]: Added pkgconfig as an optional
     1244dependency of GTK+, Audio File, EsoundD, libogg and libvorbis; changed Sysstat
     1245instructions to use the BLFS bootscripts; corrections and modifications to
     1246libvorbis instructions; added ALSA as an optional dependency and added chmod
     1247command to libmikmod instructions.</para></listitem>
     1249<listitem><para>July 31th, 2004 [randy]: Added Lynx as an optional dependency
     1250and added command descriptions to LessTif; added patch to iptables to fix a
     1251build problem; updated Glossary; removed bison patch, added init script and
     1252added commands and descriptions to NAS.</para></listitem>
     1254<listitem><para>July 30th, 2004 [igor]: Updated to PHP-5.0.0.</para></listitem>
     1256<listitem><para>July 30th, 2004 [randy]: Updated to Mozilla-1.7.1 and
     1257GnuPG-1.2.5 and added patches to both packages to fix various build
     1258problems; fixed DocBook-utils build problem; added pkgconfig as an optional
     1259dependency of lcms; added configuration information and updated package
     1260contents for Pango.</para></listitem>
     1262<listitem><para>July 29th, 2004 [bdubbs]: Updated svn bootscripts
     1265<listitem><para>July 28th, 2004 [dj]: Changed instructions surrounding
     1266network scripts to match the new networking setup.</para></listitem>
     1268<listitem><para>July 28th, 2004 [randy]: Added flex patch and required
     1269dependency 'ed' to TeX instructions to build against LFS >5.1.1.</para>
     1272<listitem><para>July 28th, 2004 [randy]: Fixed MySQL instructions to
     1273build against NPTL and added optional dependencies and command
     1276<listitem><para>July 27th, 2004 [randy]: Added pkgconfig as an optional
     1277dependency of GTK-Doc, Glib-1.2.10 and ORBit; added tcpwrappers as an
     1278optional dependency of ORBit.</para></listitem>
     1280<listitem><para>July 27th, 2004 [randy]: Added 'Contents', 'Description' and
     1281a note about setting environment variables to the Tk instructions; added
     1282pkgconfig as an optional dependency of libxml2 and libxslt; added chown
     1283command to DocBook XML DTD and DocBook XSL Stylesheets (files are installed
     1284owned by the user unpacking the tarball); added FTP download location to
     1285DocBook XSL Stylesheets.</para>
     1288<listitem><para>July 27th, 2004 [randy]: Added FTP download location to
     1289OpenSP; changed FTP download location and removed redundant sed command
     1290in DocBook-DTD-3.1 instructions; added UnZip as a required dependency and
     1291changed sed commands to in-place edits in DocBook-DTD instructions; added
     1292missing tags to OpenJade instructions; added FTP download location and
     1293added UnZip as a required dependency to DocBook XML DTD.</para>
     1296<listitem><para>July 27th, 2004 [randy]: Added pkgconfig as an optional
     1297dependency of XFree86 and Xorg; added gcc34 patch to OpenSP and Glib-1.2.10
     1298to fix a build problem with GCC-3.4.x.</para></listitem>
     1300<listitem><para>July 25th, 2004 [randy]: Fixed patch name in ed
     1303<listitem><para>July 25th, 2004 [randy]: Added instructions to remove
     1304linux/config.h includes from source video driver files and made various
     1305fixes to XFree86 and Xorg.</para></listitem>
     1307<listitem><para>July 24th, 2004 [randy]: Added instructions to install
     1308unformatted man pages and added a 'Command explanations' section to
     1311<listitem><para>July 24th, 2004 [randy]: Added pkgconfig as an optional
     1312dependency to libpng, Freetype2 and Fontconfig; clarified "Command
     1313explanations" section of libtiff; added check-0.8.4 as an optional
     1314dependency for expat.</para></listitem>
     1316<listitem><para>July 23nd, 2004 [randy]: Updated to Nail-10.8 and added an
     1317optional dependency and additional configuration instructions to Sendmail.
     1320<listitem><para>July 22nd, 2004 [randy]: Updated Berkeley DB size entities
     1321and provided instructions to change ownership of the installed files to the
     1322root user.</para></listitem>
     1324<listitem><para>July 21st, 2004 [dj]: Added 'background=YES' to vsftpd
     1325config file and fixed transposed manpages. Updated to subversion-1.0.6,
     1326added expat and pkgconfig to optional dependencies, and mentioned
     1327specific version of neon required.</para></listitem>
     1329<listitem><para>July 21st, 2004 [randy]: Changed cp command to install for
     1330UnZip library installation; added optional dependencies to OpenSSL; added
     1331'Contents', 'Description' and a note about setting environment variables to
     1332the Tcl instructions.</para>
     1335<listitem><para>July 21st, 2004 [randy]: Added kernel_headers patch and
     1336additional optional dependencies to inetutils instructions. Added DARPA to
     1337the glossary. Added tcp_wrappers to xinetd optional dependencies.</para>
     1340<listitem><para>July 21st, 2004 [randy]: Fixed Shadow instructions: build
     1341using GCC-3.4.x, moving /usr/bin/passwd and added cracklib notes.
     1344<listitem><para>July 21st, 2004 [randy]: Added sgmltools-lite to Linux-PAM
     1345optional dependencies.</para></listitem>
     1347<listitem><para>July 20th, 2004 [randy]: Fixed ambiguous path to cracklib
     1348word list installation instructions.</para></listitem>
     1350<listitem><para>July 20th, 2004 [randy]: Fixed tcp_wrappers instructions to
     1351build using GCC-3.4.x.</para></listitem>
     1353<listitem><para>July 18th, 2004 [archaic]: Added vsFTPD
     1356<listitem><para>July 18th, 2004 [dj]: Added svn server
     1359<listitem><para>July 15th, 2004 [igor]: Updated to
     1360Firefox-0.9.2, Apache-2.0.50 and PostgreSQL-7.4.3.</para></listitem>
     1362<listitem><para>July 14th, 2004 [randy]: Removed moving and symlinking the
     1363libcomm_err libraries in the MIT Kerberos and Heimdal instructions as the
     1364current LFS installation puts these libraries in /lib.</para></listitem>
     1366<listitem><para>July 14th, 2004 [larry]: Modified --sysconfig on librsvg
     1367to prevent second gdk-pixbuf.loaders file found by Andrew
    65 <listitem><para>March 27th, 2005 [randy]: Updated to libtiff-3.7.2,
    66 pkgconfig-0.16.0 and ALSA-1.0.8.</para></listitem>
    68 <listitem><para>March 26th, 2005 [randy]: Updated to HTML Tidy-050324 and
    69 UnZip-5.52</para></listitem>
    71 <listitem><para>March 25th, 2005 [randy]: Updated to
    72 GCC-3.4.3.</para></listitem>
    74 <listitem><para>March 24th, 2005 [randy]: Updated to Sysstat-5.1.5,
    75 Fontconfig-2.3.1 and Expect-5.43.0; added a note the the Tk instructions
    76 about running the test suite.</para></listitem>
    78 <listitem><para>March 23rd, 2005 [randy]: Updated to Shadow-4.0.7; added
    79 security patch to Vim instructions; added daemon fixes patch to Inetutils
    80 instructions.</para></listitem>
    82 <listitem><para>March 22nd, 2005 [randy]: Added the installation of
    83 documentation to the Linux-PAM instructions.</para></listitem>
    85 <listitem><para>March 21st, 2005 [larry]: Updated to
    86 emacs-21.4a.</para></listitem>
    88 <listitem><para>March 18th, 2005 [randy]: Added a sed command to the Zip
    89 instructions to fix an installation problem, suggested by Matthew
    90 Burgess.</para></listitem>
    92 <listitem><para>March 17th, 2005 [bdubbs]: Released Version
    93 6.0-pre1.</para></listitem>
     1370<listitem><para>July 14th, 2004 [igor]: Removed readline and all
     1371references in packages' dependencies, passed switches for readline
     1372support where it's not on by default.</para></listitem>
     1374<listitem><para>July 13th, 2004 [larry]: Updated to MIT
     1377<listitem><para>July 13th, 2004 [randy]: Added a note to the dhcpcd
     1378instructions advising the builder that dhcpcd will overwrite existing
     1379/etc configuration files.</para></listitem>
     1381<listitem><para>July 13th, 2004 [randy]: Updated to
     1382libdv-0.102; updated Glossary.</para></listitem>
     1384<listitem><para>July 12th, 2004 [randy]: Updated to
     1387<listitem><para>July 11th, 2004 [dj]: Added -lpthread to make line for db4
     1388to fix build against NPTL.</para></listitem>
     1390<listitem><para>July 11th, 2004 [larry]: Updated to eel-2.6.2,
     1391gail-1.6.6, gnome-applets-2.6.2, gnome-desktop-2.6.2,
     1392gnome-icon-theme-1.2.3, gnome-media-2.6.2, gnome-netstatus-2.6.2,
     1393gnome-session-2.6.2, gnome-themes-2.6.2, gstreamer-0.8.3,
     1394libbonoboui-2.6.1, libcroco-0.6.0, libgsf-1.10.0, libgtkhtml-2.6.2,
     1395libwnck-2.6.2, nautilus-2.6.3 and vte-0.11.11.</para></listitem>
     1397<listitem><para>July 11th, 2004 [igor]: Updated to WvStreams-3.75.0,
     1398WvDial-1.54.0, Postfix-2.1.4 and CVS-1.11.17.</para></listitem>
     1400<listitem><para>July 10th, 2004 [igor]: Updated to FreeType-2.1.9,
     1401added FreeType patch to Firefox.</para></listitem>
     1403<listitem><para>July 9th, 2004 [igor]: Added shrink compression
     1404method to UnZip.</para></listitem>
     1406<listitem><para>July 8th, 2004 [larry]: Update to GConf-2.6.2,
     1407ORBit2-2.10.2 and libbonobo-2.6.2.</para></listitem>
     1409<listitem><para>July 8th, 2004 [igor]: Described how to add LZW
     1410compression support to libtiff, suggested by Dan
     1413<listitem><para>July 8th, 2004 [igor]: Added switches to GTK+2 configure
     1414script to prevent it from stopping with an error if libtiff and libjpeg
     1415aren't installed, report by Miguel Bazdresch.</para></listitem>
     1417<listitem><para>July 8th, 2004 [igor]: Migrated Ed and Net-tools
     1418from LFS to BLFS.</para></listitem>
     1420<listitem><para>July 8th, 2004 [igor]: Added a note about optional
     1421Subversion switches to prevent overwriting of APR from
     1422Apache installation.</para></listitem>
     1424<listitem><para>July 7th, 2004 [igor]: Updated to
     1427<listitem><para>July 7th, 2004 [igor]: Added an optional command for
     1428installing PostgreSQL server-side headers.</para></listitem>
     1430<listitem><para>July 6th, 2004 [randy]: Added X as an optional dependency
     1431of libungif-4.1.0b1 as mentioned by Thomas Pegg; modified optional Java
     1432parameter in DB-4 instructions; updated to libxml2-2.6.11; updated to Perl
     1433module PDL-2.4.1; added additional dependencies for Perl module
     1436<listitem><para>July 5th, 2004 [randy]: Updated to
     1439<listitem><para>July 4th, 2004 [randy]: Updated to Perl module
     1440XML-Writer-0.510; changed ldconfig command in GPM instructions as
     1441suggested by Kevin Fleming.</para></listitem>
     1443<listitem><para>July 2nd, 2004 [randy]: Added new package
     1446<listitem><para>July 2nd, 2004 [randy]: Created an entity for the LFS Perl
     1447version and replaced hard-coded version in Perl modules
     1450<listitem><para>July 2nd, 2004 [randy]: Added new package
     1453<listitem><para>July 2nd, 2004 [randy]: Added optional dependencies and
     1454updated the package entities for TeX.</para></listitem>
     1456<listitem><para>July 2nd, 2004 [randy]: Added Tk-804.027 Perl module
     1457(dependency of TeX).</para></listitem>
     1459<listitem><para>July 1st, 2004 [igor]: Moved Fontconfig
     1460/etc/fonts/local.conf setup to X Components page.</para></listitem>
     1462<listitem><para>July 1st, 2004 [randy]: Added SGMLSpm-1.03ii Perl module 
     1463(dependency of docbook-utils).</para></listitem>
     1465<listitem><para>July 1st, 2004 [randy]: Minor modifications to Heimdal;
     1466added IANA to Glossary.</para></listitem>
     1468<listitem><para>June 30th, 2004 [randy]: Minor clean-up to GnuPG and
     1471<listitem><para>June 30th, 2004 [randy]: Updated to iptables-1.2.11; added
     1472missing tags in various package instructions.</para></listitem>
     1474<listitem><para>June 29th, 2004 [randy]: Added "Additional downloads" section
     1475to aspell instructions.</para></listitem>
     1477<listitem><para>June 29th, 2004 [dj]: Removed duplicate dep in
     1480<listitem><para>June 29th, 2004 [randy]: Added i18n section to Bash Shell 
     1481Startup Files as suggested by Alexander E. Patrakov.</para></listitem>
     1483<listitem><para>June 28th, 2004 [randy]: Changed hardcoded version numbers
     1484to entities in various packages.</para></listitem>
     1486<listitem><para>June 28th, 2004 [randy]: Renamed OpenOffice JDK
     1489<listitem><para>June 27th, 2004 [randy]: Modified Sysstat bootscript
     1492<listitem><para>June 27th, 2004 [randy]: Updated optional dependencies for
     1493Apache-2.0.49 and Lynx-2.8.5.</para></listitem>
     1495<listitem><para>June 26th, 2004 [randy]: Added new package Sysstat-5.0.5,
     1496updated Glossary.</para></listitem>
     1498<listitem><para>June 26th, 2004 [igor]: Linked libFLAC with libm
     1499(fixes kdemultimedia FLAC detection) as suggested by Ryan
     1502<listitem><para>June 25th, 2004 [randy]: Clarified and repaired the Enigmail
     1503instructions in the Mozilla-1.7 section.</para></listitem>
     1505<listitem><para>June 25th, 2004 [randy]: Updated to
     1508<listitem><para>June 25th, 2004 [randy]: Added patch instructions and
     1509command explanations for DB-3.</para></listitem>
     1511<listitem><para>June 25th, 2004 [igor]: Added Screen-4.0.2,
     1512contributed by Andreas Pedersen.</para></listitem>
     1514<listitem><para>June 24th, 2004 [randy]: Added RW to the
     1517<listitem><para>June 24th, 2004 [randy]: Fixed redundant "Command Explanations"
     1518section in WVSteams.</para></listitem>
     1520<listitem><para>June 24th, 2004 [randy]: Renamed several package's patch names
     1521to conform with the patch naming guidelines.</para></listitem>
     1523<listitem><para>June 24th, 2004 [randy]: Fixed gcc-2.95.3
     1526<listitem><para>June 23rd, 2004 [bdubbs]: Updated to mozilla 1.7.</para></listitem>
     1528<listitem><para>June 23rd, 2004 [randy]: Updated to
     1531<listitem><para>June 23rd, 2004 [randy]: Added missing download locations to
     1532aspell, XFS, libxml2, GMP and FAM; renamed Tripwire patch.</para></listitem>
     1534<listitem><para>June 22nd, 2004 [dj]: Changed Subversion deps and separated
     1535for client and server.  Added template for Subversion server, and changed
     1536xreflabel for cvsserver to match page title.</para></listitem>
     1538<listitem><para>June 22nd, 2004 [randy]: Updated to
     1541<listitem><para>June 22nd, 2004 [bdubbs]: Fixed test for files in profile
     1544<listitem><para>June 22nd, 2004 [dj]: Added Subversion-1.0.5 cleint
     1547<listitem><para>June 22nd, 2004 [randy]: Updated to
     1550<listitem><para>June 20th, 2004 [bdubbs]: Fixed profile script to initialize
     1551PATH properly.</para></listitem>
     1553<listitem><para>June 20th, 2004 [randy]: Added FTP download location to
     1556<listitem><para>June 19th, 2004 [bdubbs]: Fixed css to display navigational links
     1559<listitem><para>June 19th, 2004 [bdubbs]: Updated foreword and acknowledgements.
     1562<listitem><para>June 19th, 2004 [randy]: Added HTML download location to
     1565<listitem><para>June 19th, 2004 [randy]: Updated to
     1568<listitem><para>June 19th, 2004 [randy]: Misc. corrections and
     1571<listitem><para>June 18th, 2004 [randy]: Updated to
     1574<listitem><para>June 18th, 2004 [larry]: Updated to GLib-2.4.2 and
     1577<listitem><para>June 18th, 2004 [randy]: Updated to
     1580<listitem><para>June 18th, 2004 [randy]: Renamed Python patch.</para></listitem>
     1582<listitem><para>June 18th, 2004 [randy]: Updated to lcms-1.13.</para></listitem>
     1584<listitem><para>June 18th, 2004 [randy]: Fixed link to FreeType patch,
     1585reported by Jeremy Utley</para></listitem>
     1587<listitem><para>June 17th, 2004 [randy]: updated to
     1590<listitem><para>June 17th, 2004 [randy]: replaced all non-breaking spaces
     1591(&amp;nbsp;) with regular spaces inside &lt;pre&gt; tags.</para></listitem>
     1593<listitem><para>June 17th, 2004 [randy]: updated to
     1596<listitem><para>June 17th, 2004 [randy]: updated to vim-6.3.</para></listitem>
     1598<listitem><para>June 17th, 2004 [randy]: updated Glossary to include
     1601<listitem><para>June 17th, 2004 [randy]: updated to
     1604<listitem><para>June 16th, 2004 [larry]: updated to libxml2-2.6.10 and
     1605libxslt-1.1.7; returned 'make validate' to checking entities.</para></listitem>
     1607<listitem><para>June 16th, 2004 [dj]: updated to xine-lib-1-rc4a and
     1608xine-ui-0.99.1.  Added GPMOPTS to gpm config file.</para></listitem>
     1610<listitem><para>June 15th, 2004 [dj]: updated to alsa packages to version 1.0.5.</para></listitem>
     1612<listitem><para>June 12th, 2004 [dj]: added end quotes to EOFs when creating
     1613courier's pam.d config files.</para></listitem>
     1615<listitem><para>June 11th, 2004 [larry]: added our new co-editor;
     1616updated to Joe-3.1 and ReeiserFS-3.6.17.</para></listitem>
     1618<listitem><para>June 6th, 2004 [bdubbs]: Misc grammar corrections.</para></listitem>
     1620<listitem><para>June 6th, 2004 [bdubbs]: Removed spaces from .bash_profile variable
     1625<para>5.1 - June 5th, 2004</para>
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