Contents The db-&db-3.3-version; package contains db_archive, db_checkpoint, db_deadlock, db_dump, db_load, db_printlog, db_recover, db_stat, db_upgrade and db_verify. Description db_archive db_archive prints the pathnames of log files that are no longer in use. db_checkpoint db_checkpoint is a daemon process uses to monitor and checkpoint database logs. db_deadlock db_deadlock is used to abort lock requests when deadlocks are detected. db_dump db_dump converts database files to a flat file format readable by db_load. db_load db_load is used to create database files from flat files created with db_dump. db_printlog db_printlog converts database log files to human readable text. db_recover db_recover is used to restore a database to a consistent state after a failure. db_stat db_stat displays database environment statistics. db_upgrade db_upgrade is used to upgrade database files to a newer version of Berkeley DB. db_verify db_verify is used to run consistency checks on database files.