Contents The xmms package contains xmms, xmms-config, gnomexmss, wmxmms. Description xmms XMMS, which stands for X Multimedia System, is a program comparable in function with WinAMP. It's main function is playing audio files like wav and mp3. It can be extended with plugins to play a number of other audio or video formats. It's look can be customized with WinAMP style skins. xmms-config This script is used by other programs which need to link with xmms to retrieve the library and include paths XMMS was compiled with. gnomexmms This is an applet for the GNOME desktop environment that will dock into the GNOME panel. From the applet you can start and control xmms. wmxmms wmxmms is a dock applet for the Window Maker window manager. From the applet you ca start and control xmms.