Contents XFS contains fsck.xfs, mkfs.xfs, xfs_admin, xfs_bmap, xfs_check, xfs_copy, xfs_db, xfs_freeze, xfs_growfs, xfs_info, xfs_io, xfs_logprint, xfs_mkfile, xfs_ncheck, xfs_repair and xfs_rtcp. Description fsck.xfs fsck.xfs simply exits with a zero status, since XFS partitions are checked at mount time. mkfs.xfs mkfs.xfs constructs an XFS file system. xfs_admin xfs_admin changes the parameters of an XFS file system. xfs_bmap xfs_bmap prints block mapping for an XFS file. xfs_check xfs_check checks XFS file system consistency. xfs_copy xfs_copy copies the contents of an XFS file system to one or more targets in parallel. xfs_db xfs_db is used to debug an XFS file system. xfs_freeze xfs_freeze suspends access to an XFS file system. xfs_growfs xfs_growfs expands an XFS file system. xfs_info xfs_info is equivalent to invoking xfs_growfs, but specifying that no change to the file system is to be made. xfs_io xfs_io is a debugging tool like xfs_db, but is aimed at examining the regular file I/O path rather than the raw XFS volume itself. xfs_logprint xfs_logprint prints the log of an XFS file system. xfs_mkfile xfs_mkfile creates an XFS file, padded with zeroes by default. xfs_ncheck xfs_ncheck generates pathnames from inode numbers for an XFS file system. xfs_repair xfs_repair repairs corrupt or damaged XFS file systems. xfs_rtcp xfs_rtcp copies a file to the real-time partition on an XFS file system.