Contents The daemontools package contains svscanboot, svscan, supervise, svc, svok, svstat, fghack, pgrphack, readproctitle, multilog, tai64n, tai64nlocal, setuidgid, envuidgid, envdir, softlimit and setlock. More detailed descriptions of these commands may be found at . Description svscanboot svscanboot is simply a script that calls svscan and pipes its output to readproctitle. svscan svscan checks the service directory for daemons to run and starts a supervise process for each run script that it finds. supervise supervise runs the run script passed to it by svscan and monitors the process the script starts so that if it dies, supervise restarts it. svc svc sends signals to processes being run under supervise. svok svok checks to see that supervise is running in the directory passed to it. svstat svstat prints the status of processes monitored by supervise. fghack fghack prevents processes from putting themselves into the background. pgrphack pgrphack runs a process in a separate process group. readproctitle readproctitle displays log entries in the output of ps. multilog multilog is a logging program. It takes output from a daemon and appends it to any number of logs. tai64n tai64n is a timestamp generating program. tai64nlocal tai64nlocal converts output of tai64n into a human readable format. setuidgid setuidgid runs a specified program under a given account's UID and GID. envuidgid envuidgid performs the same function as setuidgid, but sets environment variables UID and GID equal to the UID and GID of the account specified. envdir envdir runs a given program with environment variables specified by files in a directory. softlimit softlimit allows resource limits to be set for a given program. setlock setlock locks a file and runs a program.