Contents The GCC package contains c++, c++filt, cpp, g++, g77, gcc, gccbug, gcov, glob, gnat, gnatbind, gnatbl, gnatchop, gnatfind, gnatkr, gnatlink, gnatls, gnatmake, gnatprep, gnatpsta, gnatpsys, gnatxref and GCC libraries. Description The programs and libraries whose descriptions are missing here have been described in the LFS GCC-&gcc-version; page. g77 g77 is the Fortran compiler invoked by gcc. add2line add2line converts the ASCII form of the 2-line orbital elements in a file to binary form and appends them to the orbdata files. gcov gcov is a test coverage program. gdb gdb is the GNAT debugger. gnatbind gnatbind is used to bind compiled objects. gnatbl gnatbl is the Ada linker. gnatchop gnatchop is useful for renaming files to meet the standard Ada default file naming conventions. gnatelim gnatelim is used to detect and eliminate unused subprograms in an Ada partition. gnatfind gnatfind is the GNAT definition/use finder. gnatgcc gnatgcc is the compiler. converts Ada source files to HTML for viewing in Web browsers. gnatkr gnatkr is used to determine the crunched name for a given file, when crunched to a specified maximum length. gnatlink gnatlink is used to link programs and build an executable file. gnatls gnatls is the compiled unit browser. gnatemake gnatmake is an automatic make facility. gnatmem gnatmem is the GNAT utility that monitors dynamic allocation and deallocation activity in a program. gnatprep gnatprep is the GNAT external preprocessor. gnatpsta gnatpsta determines the values of all the relevant parameters in Standard and outputs to stdout. gnatpsys gnatpsys determines the values of all the relevant parameters in System and outputs to stdout. gnatstub gnatstub is a generator of body stubs. gnatxref gnatxref is the GNAT cross-referencer. gvd gvd is the GNU Visual Debugger.