Contents The Inetutils package contains network clients and servers. Description ftp ftp is a ARPANET file transfer client. logger logger make entries in the system log. ping ping sends ICMP ECHO_REQUEST packets to network hosts. rcp rcp is a remote file copy client. rlogin rlogin is a remote login client. rsh rsh is a remote shell client. syslogd syslogd logs systems messages. talk talk allows communication between users. telnet telnet is a user interface to the TELNET protocol. tftp tftp is an Internet Trivial File Transfer Protocol. whois whois is a client for the whois directory service. ftpd ftpd is a DARPA Internet File Transfer Protocol server. inetd inetd is a Internet super-server. rexecd rexcd is a remote execution server. rlogind rlogind is a remote login server. rshd rshd is a remote shell server. talkd talkd is a remote user communication server. telnetd telnetd is a DARPA TELNET protocol server. tftpd tftpd is a Internet Trivial File Transfer Protocol server. uucpd uucpd is the server for supporting UUCP connections over networks.