Contents Major programs in kdebase include kate, kcontrol, kdebugdialog, kdeprint, kdesu, kdm, kfind, khelpcenter, kicker, kinfocenter, kioslave, klipper, kmenuedit, konqueror, konsole, kpager, ksplashml, ksysguard, kwrite and kxkb. Description kate kate is a programmer's text editor for KDE. kcontrol kcontrol is KDE Control Center. kdebugdialog kdebugdialog is a dialog box for managing diagnostic messages at runtime. kdeprint kdeprint provides Print job administration. kdesu kdesu is a graphical front end for the Unix su command. kdm kdm is the KDE display manager (a replacement for xdm). kfind kfind is an utility to find files. khelpcenter khelpcenter is the KDE help tool. kicker kicker is the KDE control panel. kinfocenter kinfocenter provides a centralized and convenient overview of your KDE and system settings. klipper klipper is a clipboard utility. kmenuedit kmenuedit is an utility to rearrange or add items to the K-menu. konqueror konqueror is a filesystem and Web browser. konsole konsole is a highly configurable X terminal emulator. kpager kpager provides a thumbnail view of all virtual desktops. ksplashml ksplashml is a splash screen that shows the progress of an application that is loading. ksysguard ksysguard is a network enabled task manager and system monitor application, with the additional functionality of top. kwrite kwrite is a text editor for KDE. kxkb kxkb is a keyboard layout switching utility based on X11 xkb extension.