rc2.d rc2.d symlinks Number Title Link Explanation K05 gdm ../init.d/gdm Shut down GNOME display manager Daemon: K10 gpm ../init.d/gpm Shut down General Purpose Mouse Daemon: K25 postfix ../init.d/postfix Shut down Postfix MTA: K26 mysql ../init.d/mysql Shut down MySQL Daemon: K26 postgresql ../init.d/postgresql Shut down PostgreSQL Daemon: K28 apache ../init.d/apache Shut down Apache Daemon: K30 sshd ../init.d/sshd Shut down Secure Shell Daemon: K46 ntp ../init.d/ntp Stop NTP daemon: K47 netfs ../init.d/netfs Unmount network filesystems: K48 samba ../init.d/samba Stop network file system: K48 NFS ../init.d/nfs Stop network file system: K49 adsl ../init.d/adsl Stops the ADSL client: K49 portmap ../init.d/portmap Stop Forwarding RPC requests: K49 xinetd ../init.d/xinetd Stop Internet services daemon: K49 bind ../init.d/bind Stop named services daemon (DNS): K59 firewall ../init.d/firewall Unset firewall settings: K90 network ../init.d/network Shut down networking: Part of LFS base. S10 sysklogd ../init.d/sysklogd Start system and kernel logging: Part of LFS base. S25 random ../init.d/random Restore random seed: S40 alsa ../init.d/alsa Start up sound system: S40 fcron ../init.d/fcron Start Cron Daemon: S99 cups ../init.d/cups Start the Common Unix printing system: S99 lprng ../init.d/lprng Start the LPR print spooler: