Configuring qt Configuration Information As with most libraries, there is no configuration to do, save that the library directory /opt/qt/lib should appear in /etc/ so that ldd can find the shared libraries. The following command will add it if it is missing: cat >> /etc/ << "EOF" # Begin qt addition to /etc/ /opt/qt/lib # End qt addition EOF ldconfig You need to set a QTDIR environment variable which can be accomplished by putting the following in your ~/.bash_profile and/or ~/.bashrc: export QTDIR=/opt/qt export PATH=$PATH:$QTDIR/bin You need to add the path for the qt man pages to the man.conf file. This can be done with the following command: cat >> /etc/man.conf << "EOF" # Begin qt addition to man.conf MANPATH /opt/qt/doc/man # End qt addition to man.conf EOF