Contents The PSUtils package contains psbook, psselect, pstops psnup, psresize, epsffit, getafm, showchar, fixdlsrps, fixfmps, fixmacps, fixpsditps , fixpspps, fixscribeps, fixtpps, fixwfwps, fixwpps, fixwwps, extractres , includeres, psmerge. Sometimes psnup and other utilities from this package produce PostScript files that don't conform to Adobe's DSC standard. CUPS may print them incorrectly. On the other hand, CUPS has builtin replacements for most commands from this package. For example, to print a document 2-up, you will issue this command: lp -o number-up=2 [filename] Description psbook psbook rearranges pages into signatures. psselect psselect selects pages and page ranges. pstops pstops performs general page rearrangements and selection. psnup psnup puts multiple pages per physical sheet of paper psresize psresize alters the document paper size. epsffit epsffit fits an EPSF file to a given bounding box scripts The remaining commands are scripts that perform specific functions described in their respective man pages.