Contents The Exim package contains exim, exim_dumpdb, exim_fixdb, exim_tidydb, exinext, exiwhat, exim_dbmbuild, exicyclog, exigrep, eximstats, exiqsumm, exiqgrep, exim_lock and exim_checkaccess. Description exim exim is the Mail Transport Agent daemon. exim_dumpdb exim_dumpdb writes the contents of exim databases to the standard output. exim_fixdb exim_fixdb modifies data in exim databases. exim_tidydb exim_tidydb removes old records from exim databases. exinext exinext queries remote host retry times. exiwhat exiwhat queries running exim processes. exim_dbmbuild exim_dbmbuild creates and rebuilds exim databases. exicyclog exicyclog cycles exim log files. exigrep exigrep searches exim log files. eximstats eximstats generates mail statistics from exim log files. exiqsumm exiqsumm produces a summary of the messages on the mail queue. exiqgrep exiqgrep is an utility for selective queue listing. exim_lock exim_lock locks a mailbox file. exim_checkaccess exim_checkaccess states whether a given recipient address from a given host is acceptable or not.