Contents The qmail package contains bouncesaying, condredirect, except, forward, maildir2mbox, maildirmake, maildirwatch, mailsubj, preline, qbiff, qreceipt, qmail-clean, qmail-inject, qmail-local, qmail-pop3d, qmail-popup, qmail-qstat, qmail-send, qmail-smtpd and qmail-start. Description bouncesaying bouncesaying processes, possibly bouncing, incoming messages. condredirect condredirect processes, possibly redirecting incoming messages. except except reverses the exit code of a program. forward forward forwards new mail to one or more addresses. maildir2mbox maildir2mbox moves current email from an maildir-format directory to an mbox-format file. maildirmake maildirmake create a maildir format directory for incoming mail. maildirwatch maildirwatch watches a users maildir and prints a new mail summary every 30 seconds. mailsubj mailsubj sends a mail message with a subject supplied on the command line. The body of the message is read from standard input. preline preline prepends lines to a message. qbiff qbiff announces new mail as soon as it arrives. qreceipt qreceipt responds to delivery notice requests. qmail-clean qmail-clean cleans up the queue directory. qmail-inject qmail-inject preprocesses and sends a mail message. qmail-local qmail-local delivers or forwards mail messages. qmail-pop3d qmail-pop3d accesses users' pop3 mail accounts. qmail-popup qmail-popup reads pop3 usernames and passwords. qmail-qstat qmail-qstat summarizes mail queue statistics. qmail-send qmail-send delivers mail from the message queue. qmail-smtpd qmail-smtpd receives mail via SMTP. qmail-start qmail-start enables mail delivery services, spawning qmail-send, qmail-lspawn, qmail-rspawn, and qmail-clean.