Command explanations mkdir /home/cvsroot: Create the CVS repository directory. chmod 1777 /home/cvsroot: Set sticky bit permissions for CVSROOT. export CVSROOT=/home/cvsroot: Specify new CVSROOT for all cvs commands. cvs init: Initialize the new CVS repository. cvs import -m "repository test" cvstest vendortag releasetag: All source code modules must be imported into the CVS repository before use, with the cvs import command. The -m flags specifies an initial descriptive entry for the new module. The "cvstest" parameter is the name used for the module in all subsequent cvs commands. The "vendortag" and "releasetag" parameters are used to further identify each CVS module and are mandatory whether used or not. (grep anonymous /etc/passwd || useradd anonymous -s /bin/false): Check for an existing anonymous user and create one if not found. echo anonymous: > /home/cvsroot/CVSROOT/passwd : Add the anonymous user to the CVS passwd file, which is unused for anything else in this configuration. echo anonymous > /home/cvsroot/CVSROOT/readers: Add the anonymous user to the CVS readers file, a list of users who have read only access to the repository.