Contents The nfs-utils package contains getiversion, getkversion, locktest, nlmtest, rpcdebug, rpcgen, exportfs, lockd, mountd, nfsd, nfsstat, nhfsstone, rquotad, showmount, statd Description getiversiongetiversion tbd getkversiongetkversion tbd locktestlocktest tbd nlmtestnlmtest tbd rpcdebugrpcdebug tbd rpcgenrpcgen tbd exportfsexportfs Maintains a list of NFS exported directories. Works together with the kernel. lockdlockd The nfs lock manager mountdmountd The nfs mount daemon. Checks client-permissions. nfsdnfsd The user-level part of the NFS service. Main part of the work is done by the kernel. nfsstatnfsstat Print NFS statistics. nhfsstonenhfsstone NFS benchmark program rquotadrquotad The remote quota server. Works together with quota(1) showmountshowmount Shows mount information for an NFS server. statdstatd The NFS status monitor. Implements the NSM (Network Status Monitor) RPC protocol.