Contents The j2sdk package contains appletviewer, extcheck, idlj, jar, jarsigner, java, javac, javadoc, javah, javap, jdb, keytool, native2ascii, orbd, policytool, rmic, rmid, rmiregistry, rmiregistry, serialver, servertool and tnameserv. Description appletviewer appletviewer runs Java applets outside of the context of a browser. extcheck extcheck checks a specified jar file for title and version conflicts with any extensions installed in the JDK software. idlj idlj generates Java bindings from a given IDL file. jar jar combines multiple files into a single JAR archive file. jarsigner jarsigner signs JAR (Java ARchive) files and verifys the signatures and integrity of a signed JAR. java java launches a Java application by starting a Java runtime environment, loading a specified class and invoking that class's main method. javac javac reads class and interface definitions, written in the Java programming language, and compiles them into bytecode class files. javadoc javadoc parses the declarations anddocumentation comments in a set of Java source files and produces a corresponding set of HTML pages describing the classes, interfaces, constructors, methods, and fields. javah javah generates C header and source files that are needed to implement native methods. javap javap disassembles a Java class file. jdb jdb is a simple command-line debugger for Java classes. keytool keytool is a key and certificate management utility. native2ascii native2ascii converts files that contain non-supported character encoding into files containing Latin-1 or Unicode-encoded charaters. orbd orbd is used to enable clients to transparently locate and invoke persistent objects on servers in the CORBA environment. policytool policytool creates and manages a policy file graphically. rmic rmic generates stub and skeleton class files for remote objects from the names of compiled Java classes that contain remote object implementations. rmid rmid starts the activation system daemon. rmiregistry rmiregistry creates and starts a remote object registry on the specified port on the current host. serialver serialver returns the serialVersionUID for one or more classes in a form suitable for copying into an evolving class. servertool servertool provides an ease-of-use interface for application programmers to register, unregister, startup and shutdown a server. tnameserv tnameserv starts the Java IDL name server.