Installation command explanations gzip -dc ../tetex-texmf-&tex-version;.tar.gz \ | (umask 0; cd /usr/share/texmf; tar xvf -) Untar the TeX fonts and macro libraries. --with-x=no: This switch will avoid any XFree86 dependencies. TeX can be compiled with XFree86 support, notably for xdvi. If this is desired, remove this configure option. --exec-prefix=/usr --bindir=/usr/bin: This switch will ensure that TeX binaries will be installed in /usr/bin. : A default LFS installation already has the texinfo package installed; we will avoid overwriting it with the included texinfo package. : This switch specifies using the already installed libncurses library. : LFS Systems starting with version 4.0 have zlib installed as part of the base operating system; we can avoid building it here. texconfig dvips paper letter: This command sets the default paper size for TeX. texconfig font rw: This command specifies writable fonts.