Configuring LPRng Config files /etc/printcap Configuration Information There is no generic printcap for all printers. A sample printcap is loaded into the etc directory which can be some help. Information is also available at and . Create the symbolic links to the lprng init script in the relevant rc.d directories with the following commands: cd /etc/rc.d/init.d && ln -sf ../init.d/lpd ../rc0.d/K00lprng && ln -sf ../init.d/lpd ../rc1.d/K00lprng && ln -sf ../init.d/lpd ../rc2.d/S99lprng && ln -sf ../init.d/lpd ../rc3.d/S99lprng && ln -sf ../init.d/lpd ../rc4.d/S99lprng && ln -sf ../init.d/lpd ../rc5.d/S99lprng && ln -sf ../init.d/lpd ../rc6.d/K00lprng