Contents The PostgreSQL package contains clusterdb, createdb, createlang, createuser, dropdb, droplang, dropuser, ecpg, initdb, initlocation, ipcclean, pg_config, pg_controldata, pg_ctl, pg_dump, pg_dumpall, pg_encoding, pg_id, pg_resetxlog, pg_restore, pgtclsh, pgtksh, pltcl_delmod, pltcl_listmod, pltcl_loadmod, postgres, postmaster, psql, vacuumdb, libecpg, libpgtcl, libpgtypes, libpq and various charset modules. Description clusterdb clusterdb is a utility for reclustering tables in a PostgreSQL database. createdb createdb creates a new PostgreSQL database. createlang createlang defines a new PostgreSQL procedural language. createuser createuser defines a new PostgreSQL user account. dropdb dropdb removes a PostgreSQL database. droplang droplang removes a PostgreSQL procedural language. dropuser dropuser removes a PostgreSQL user account. ecpg ecpg is the embedded SQL preprocessor. initdb initdb create a new database cluster. initlocation initlocation creates a secondary database storage area. ipcclean ipcclean removes share memory and semaphores left over by an aborted database server. pg_config pg_config retrieves PostgreSQL version information. pg_controldata pg_controldata returns information initialized during initdb, such as the catalog version and server locale. pg_ctl pg_ctl controls stopping and starting the database server. pg_dump pg_dump dumps database data and metadata into scripts which are used to recreate the database. pg_dumpall pg_dumpall recursively calls pg_dump for each database in a cluster. pg_resetxlog pg_resetxlog clears the write-ahead log and optionally resets some fields in the pg_control file. pg_restore pg_restore creates databases from dump files created by pg_dump. pgtclsh pgtclsh is a Tcl shell interface extended with PostgreSQL database access functions. pgtksh pgtksh is a Tcl/Tk shell interface extended with PostgreSQL database access functions. postgres postgres is a single user database server, generally used for debugging. postmaster postmaster is the multi-user database daemon. psql psql is a console based database shell. vacuumdb vacuumdb compacts databases and generates statistics for the query analyzer.