Contents The GDM package contains gdm, gdm-binary, gdmXnest, gdmXnestchooser, gdmchooser, gdmflexiserver, gdmgreeter, gdmlogin, gdmphotosetup, gdmsetup, gdmthemetester, gdm-restart, gdm-safe-restart, gdm-stop, gdmconfig, gdmopen and gdmtranslate. Description gdm gdm is a wrapper script to execute the GDM binary, the configurable GNOME based login prompt. gdmchooser gdmchooser is an application for selecting XDMCP enabled hosts on the local network. gdmsetup gdmsetup is a graphical interface to edit the gdm.conf. gdm-restart and gdm-safe-restart gdm-restart sends the HUP signal and gdm-safe-restart sends the USR1 signal to the daemon so that it restarts. They are used after the config file is edited. gdmconfig gdmconfig is an application for managing the configuration of the entire GDM applications suite. It handles look and feel, security, XDMCP, GDMchooser and more.