Kernel Configuration Enable the following options in the kernel configuration and recompile the kernel if neccessary: File systems: Network File Systems: NFS File System Support: M or Y NFS Server Support: M or Y Select the appropriate sub-options that appear when the above options are selected. Installation of nfs-utils Before you compile the program, you need to be sure the "nobody" user and "nogroup" group are available. You can add these with the following commands: groupadd -g 65534 nogroup && useradd -c nobody -d /home -g nogroup -s /bin/bash -u 65534 nobody Install nfs-utils by running the following commands: ./configure --prefix=/usr --sysconfdir=/etc && make && make install If your /usr directory is NFS mounted, you should install the executables in /sbin by passing an additional parameter --sbindir=/sbin to the above ./configure command.