Installation of <application>Mozilla</application> According to the financial institutions, the following hack makes your browser insecure. You have been warned. Many sites use an MS-IE specific tag (autocomplete=off) to prevent autocomplete from working in some forms. This tag is now supported in Mozilla to appease the financial institutions. As per the requirements of the financial institutions, they will not even accept a solution where this a preference option. However our opinion is that it should be in the hands of the user. To enable autocomplete to bypass this restriction, we need to make a slight modification in the code. Open the file extensions/wallet/src/wallet.cpp in the Mozilla source tree and search for the line: #define WALLET_DONT_CACHE_ALL_PASSWORDS Then delete or comment out the line. Now, if anyone tells you MS-IE is user friendly, give them this example! If you plan to install Enigmail, extract the ipc and enigmail tarballs in the extensions directory. Compile Mozilla by running the following commands: export MOZILLA_OFFICIAL="1" && export BUILD_OFFICIAL="1" && ./configure --prefix=/usr \ --with-default-mozilla-five-home=/usr/lib/mozilla \ --enable-default-toolkit=gtk2 \ --with-x --with-system-zlib \ --with-system-jpeg --with-system-png --with-system-mng \ --enable-xft --enable-crypto \ --disable-accessibility \ --disable-tests --disable-debug \ --disable-logging --enable-reorder \ --enable-strip --disable-pedantic \ --enable-cpp-rtti --enable-extensions=all && make If installing Enigmail, execute the following steps: cd extensions/ipc && ./makemake -r && make && cd ../enigmail && ./makemake -r && make && cd ../.. Install Mozilla as follows: make install && install -d /usr/include/mozilla-&mozilla-version;/nss && cp -Lf dist/private/nss/*.h dist/public/nss/*.h \ /usr/include/mozilla-&mozilla-version;/nss && ln -nsf mozilla-&mozilla-version; /usr/include/mozilla && ln -nsf mozilla-&mozilla-version; /usr/lib/mozilla Install Enigmail as follows: for i in components/enigmime.xpt \ components/ipc.xpt components/ components/enigmail.js \ components/enigmail.xpt chrome/enigmail.jar do install dist/bin/$i /usr/lib/mozilla-&mozilla-version;/$i done To enable multi-user operation, execute the following: cd /usr/lib/mozilla-&mozilla-version; && export LD_LIBRARY_PATH="/usr/lib/mozilla-&mozilla-version;" && export MOZILLA_FIVE_HOME="/usr/lib/mozilla-&mozilla-version;" && ./regxpcom && ./regchrome && touch `find /usr/lib/mozilla-&mozilla-version; -name *.rdf` Optional Extra Switches Each of these switches can be added to the configure line in order to have the described effect on the Mozilla compile. : Removes un-referenced strings from ELF shared objects generated during the build. Note that this option breaks build on alpha. : Disable the mail and news clients. : Disable LDAP Support, recommended if mail is disabled. : Build the calendar client. : This option is for enabling the xterm title with the current command when compiling. : Disable support for HTML editing. Do not use this switch if you are building the mail-news component. Additional build notes for <application>Mozilla Firebird</application> &firebird-version; Add the following env variable (The variable is named Phoenix since that was the original name for the Mozilla Firebird project): export MOZ_PHOENIX="1" Make sure that the following switches are passed to ./configure: and . We recommend installing in a separate prefix such as --prefix=/opt/firebird-&firebird-version; to prevent clashes with an installed Mozilla. The Mozilla Firebird executable is MozillaFirebird. Additional build notes for <application>Mozilla Thunderbird</application> &thunderbird-version; Add the following env variable: export MOZ_THUNDERBIRD="1" Make sure that the following switches is passed to ./configure: . We recommend installing in a separate prefix such as --prefix=/opt/thunderbird-&thunderbird-version; to prevent clashes with an installed Mozilla. The Mozilla Thunderbird executable is thunderbird.