Introduction to <application>Mozilla</application> Mozilla is a browser suite, the Open Source sibling of Netscape. It includes the browser, composer, mail client, a calendar client and an IRC client. The Mozilla project also hosts two subprojects that aim to cater to the needs of users who don't need the complete browser suite or like to have seperate applications for browsing and e-mail. These subprojects are Mozilla Firebird, (a stand-alone browser based on the Mozilla source code) and Mozilla Thunderbird, (a stand-alone mail client based on the Mozilla source code). The build instructions for these two applications are discussed in this section instead of having a seperate section since the build instructions are very similar to those for Mozilla. In addition, because of the similarity, only the changes required with respect to the Mozilla instructions are mentioned. The source for these projects can be downloaded from their homepages mentioned above. Note that it is not possible to interchange the source, that is Mozilla Firebird or Mozilla Thunderbird cannot be built from Mozilla source code. Package information Download (HTTP): Download (FTP): Download size: &mozilla-size; Estimated Disk space required: &mozilla-buildsize; Estimated build time: &mozilla-time; <application>Mozilla</application> dependencies Required , , , and Recommended (for Enigmail extension) Additional downloads Enigmail Extension (Useful only if Mozilla Mail is built): Inter Process Communicaton Extension (Needed for Enigmail):