Introduction to libungif Download location (HTTP): Download location (FTP): Version used: &libungif-version; Package size: &libungif-size; Estimated Disk space required: &libungif-buildsize; Estimated build time: &libungif-time; The libungif package contains libraries for reading all gifs and writing uncompressed ones as well as programs for converting and working with gif files. The libraries are useful for any graphics program wishing to deal with gif files while the programs are useful for conversion purposes as well as cleaning up images. The reason libungif only writes uncompressed gifs is due to a legal issue with LZW compression (which Unisys claims a patent on). Reading gifs is not a problem as the uncompression routines do not seem to be limited in this way. Note that this has in the past been disputed. The best way to avoid this whole mess is to simply use libungif for looking at gif images on the web, whilst in any pages which you design, use the open source png format instead (which uses, not surprisingly, the libpng library) which has no patent issues at all.