Contents The Pine package contains pine, pico, pilot, imapd, ipop2d, ipop3d, mtest, rpload and rpdump. Description pine pine is the Pine mail user agent. pico pico is a stand-alone editor, similar to the Pine internal message composer. pilot pilot is a file and directory navigator and browser. imapd imapd is the IMAP server daemon. ipop2d ipop2d is an IMAP to POP2 conversion server. ipop3d ipop3d is an IMAP to POP3 conversion server. mtest mtest is a minimal IMAP mail user agent, used for debugging. rpload rpload is the Pine remote data utility, used to convert local Pine configuration files or address books into remote configurations or address books. rpdump rpdump is used to copy data from remote Pine configuration files or address books into a local file.