Contents The MIT krb5 package contains compile-et, ftp, ftpd, gss-client, gss-server, k5srvutil, kadmin, kadmin.local, kadmind, kadmind4, kdb5_util kdestroy, kinit, klist, klogin, klogind, kpasswd, kpasswdd, kprop, kpropd, krb5-send-pr, krb5-config, krb524d, krb524init, krb5kdc, kshd, ksu, ktutil, kvno, login.krb5, rcp, rlogin, rsh, rshd, rxtelnet, rxterm, sclient, sim_client, sim_server, sserver, telnet, telnetd, uuclient, uuserver, v5passwd, v5passwdd, libcom_err, libdes425, libgssapi, libgssrpc, lib5crypto, libkadm5clnt, libkadm5srv, libkdb5, libkrb4, libkrb5. Description compile_et compile_et k5srvutil k5srvutil kadmin kadmin is an utility used to make modifications to the Kerberos database. kadmind kadmind is a server for administrative access to Kerberos database. kinit kinit is used to authenticate to the Kerberos server as principal and acquire a ticket granting ticket that can later be used to obtain tickets for other services. krb5kdc kdc is a Kerberos 5 server. kdestroy kdestroy removes the current set of tickets. kdb5_util kdb5_util klist klist reads and displays the current tickets in the credential cache. klogin klogin klogind klogind kpasswd kpasswd is a program for changing Kerberos 5 passwords. kpasswdd kpasswdd is a Kerberos 5 password changing server. kprop kprop takes a principal database in a specified format and converts it into a stream of Heimdal database records. kpropd kpropd receives a database sent by hprop and writes it as a local database. krb5-config krb5-config gives information on how to link programs against libraries. kshd kshd ktutil ktutil is a program for managing Kerberos keytabs. kvno kvno