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#5379 fixed efibootmgr-17, efivar-37, and grub-2.06~rc1 with EFI Xi Ruoyao nullity

The original description, leave here for "historical" reference:

this is an extremely useful utility for those of us with uefi; especially on a multi-boot machine. i've compiled it on a blfs system with no (okay, a few very tiny) problems. though i use the git master, they have releases available, too.

project address:

last release:

Merge lfs-uefi hint into BLFS:

#11807 fixed epiphany-3.32.2 Xi Ruoyao Bruce Dubbs

New minor version.

#11858 fixed gnupg-2.2.15 Xi Ruoyao Douglas R. Reno

New point version

Noteworthy changes in version 2.2.15

  * sm: Fix --logger-fd and --status-fd on Windows for non-standard
    file descriptors.

  * sm: Allow decryption even if expired keys are configured.  [#4431]

  * agent: Change command KEYINFO to print ssh fingerprints with other
    hash algos.

  * dirmngr: Fix build problems on Solaris due to the use of reserved
    symbol names.  [#4420]

  * wkd: New commands --print-wkd-hash and --print-wkd-url for


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