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#1341 fixed fluxbox-0.9.13 djensen@… Berndt.Matthias@…

version increment to 0.9.13 ===

  • fixes many bugs
  • added some features
  • ripped out some slow things

=== Upgrading from 4.2.4 should not cause any incompatibilities, but still untested. === source:

#2121 duplicate Xorg 7.1 utilities - util-macros - .m4 files installed in the wrong place blfs-book@… Bryan Kadzban

In the installation instructions for Xorg 7.1 (modular), in the Xorg Utilities section, the last package installed is util-macros.

Since $XORG_CONFIG contains --datadir=$XORG_PREFIX/lib, the configure script for util-macros is passed that parameter. It proceeds to install two .m4 files (custom automake macros) into /usr/lib/aclocal. But aclocal does not look in /usr/lib/aclocal, it only looks in /usr/share/aclocal (its ${datadir}/aclocal).

The easiest fix is to add --datadir=$XORG_PREFIX/share to the end of the util-macros configure script invocation (overriding $XORG_CONFIG).

But this isn't an issue unless someone develops software that (1) uses automake, and (2) requires these custom Xorg macros. (Well, and (3) doesn't add -I$XORG_PREFIX/lib/aclocal to their invocation of aclocal. But no other package uses e.g. /usr/lib/aclocal, so adding this will certainly not be common.) It's likely a fairly minor problem because of that.

#2123 fixed luit sed not required? dnicholson@… Bryan Kadzban

The incorrect /usr/X11R6 path isn't actually coded into any of the binaries created by luit, even though it shows up in the parser.h header file. The code in that header looks like this:

#define LOCALE_ALIAS_FILE "/usr/X11R6/lib/X11/locale/locale.alias"

It only sets the wrong alias file path when nothing is already defined. But when luit is compiled, all the compilation commands look like this (rewrapped for clarity):

          -DLOCALE_ALIAS_FILE=\"/usr/lib/X11/locale/locale.alias\" \
          -g -O2 -MT luit-sys.o -MD -MP -MF ".deps/luit-sys.Tpo" \
          -c -o luit-sys.o `test -f 'sys.c' || echo './'`sys.c

which already defines LOCALE_ALIAS_FILE (on the second line). So the sed should not be required, because the incorrect #define from the header will never be used.

As a test, I tried compiling luit with and without the sed. Results:

$ sed <whatever>
$ patch <whatever>
$ ./configure $XORG_CONFIG
<blah blah blah>
$ make
<blah blah blah>
$ mv luit ../luit-sed
$ <blow away the luit-1.0.1 directory and reextract>
$ patch <whatever>
$ ./configure $XORG_CONFIG
<blah blah blah -- same as last time>
$ make
<blah blah blah -- same as last time>
$ mv luit ../luit-nosed
$ cd ..
$ strings luit-sed | grep X11
$ strings luit-nosed | grep X11

No /usr/X11R6 to be seen in either file.

(Now, yes, upstream should probably change that header file. But it does work.)

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